Turn Right
Chapter 7: Yellow Caution Flag
By: Pink-Green-White-4ever
Series Started: August 6, 2009
Chapter Last Revised: February 5, 2010

Summary: Dillon's musings in the aftermath of the wedding fiasco reveal more than he ever really wanted to acknowledge…
Setting: Post "Ranger Yellow" Pt. 2
Ship: If you have been watching RPM, you should know

AN: I personally believe there's more going on behind the scenes of RPM then we get to see each episode. This story is my interpretation of what was going on between the Rangers, how they were living their lives when Venjix wasn't attacking, and how some people got as close as they did.

Dedication: Enigmaforum, dearest little sister. Thank you sooo much for the song that inspired my PR muse to get back on her horse and try again. This story is all for you! Shawn, Ang, Liz and Rapunzl – I love you dearly, thank you for the love and support.


Pick up all your tears
Throw 'em in your backseat
Leave without a second glance
Somehow I'm to blame
For this never-ending racetrack you call life
-- Turn Right, Jonas Brothers --

Turn right
Into my arms
Turn right
You won't be alone
You might
Fall off this track sometimes
Hope to see you on the finish line

Driving all your friends
At a speed they cannot follow
Soon you will be on your own
Somehow I'm to blame
For this never-ending racetrack you call life

Turn right (turn right)
Into my arms
Turn right (turn right)
You won't be alone
You might (you might)
Fall off this track sometimes
Hope to see you at the finish line

I did all I could
And I gave
But you had to go your way
And that road was not for me

Turn right
Into my arms
Turn right
You won't be alone
You might (you might)
Fall off this track sometimes
Hope to see you at the finish line


"That's enough!"

"Dillon! That's Summer's family!"

"I don't care who they are! No one comes in here and tells Summer what to do!"

"Listen, that's between her and them. If she's promised them…I don't know…that's she'll go to school, or go back home…"

"Or get married."


"I promised them I'd get married."

-- Dillon, Scott and Summer, Ranger Yellow Pt. 1 --


I made a complete idiot of myself the last couple of days. I hate admitting that, but I did. I can even justify my actions. Honestly I can.

We almost lost Summer.

I can tell I'm still pissed over it, because my teeth are grinding and the muscles in my jaw are starting to tick again. Other than Ziggy, I can truly say Summer's my best friend. I've never let anyone close enough – at least that I can remember. But in the span of a few short months, both Summer and Ziggy have come to mean a great deal to me. As much as I had to admit it, Summer's wormed her way inside of my heart, and I don't think she's going to be leaving anytime soon. Just the thought of her parents making her marry that weenie Chaz for his family money gives me a sour taste in my mouth. No one should have that life changing decision made for them, leas of all Summer. I don't care what she promised her parents. Being a Ranger is important, and they were trying to put the entire city and the last of the human race at stake for money and family honor.

"If you squeeze that bottle any harder, you're going to break the glass."

Turning my head, I see Scott sitting next to me at the breakfast bar. He's still in his suit, just like the rest of us. I'd still like to pummel the Red Ranger too, for siding with her parents earlier, but the anger from that is slowly fading. "Why do you care?"

I almost smirk when he grinds his teeth before taking a large swallow from the beer in his hand. "Contrary to what you think, I didn't want her marrying him either."

I glare at him before turning back to my own drink. Chaz and his family have finally left the garage, taking Brie with them. THANK GOD. Summer headed upstairs earlier with her parents, but they just left a few minutes ago, and the rest of us have been sitting here, cleaning up the mess, drinking, and eating cake.

"You are so gone," Scott mutters, his voice almost so low I don't hear him.

"Excuse me?"

"You're a gonner," he utters. "I wasn't sure earlier, but now I am."

"Look," I growl, turning to face him. "I didn't want to be a part of this to begin with, but I'll be damned if you're kicking me out for standing up against Summer's high horsed, idiotic parents!"

I'm confused as hell when Scott just shakes his head at me and finishes his beer. Normally, by now, we'd have been screaming at each other. "I'm not talking about you being a Ranger, Dillon. I'm talking about you being in love with Summer."

Wha? Narrowing my eyes, I stare at him, my head shaking back in forth in complete shock. "Did you hit your head last battle? I am not in…"

"YES you are. Deny anything else, but don't deny that. Summer deserves the best."

"And I'm it?"

Scott's eyebrows are twitching while he sneers at me. "No, but I'm not blind. She loves you back, she just doesn't know it."

"You're crazy."

I can only watch him smirk before he calls out to Flynn and Ziggy that it's probably time to head to head to bed. I can't be in love with Summer; I don't even know the meaning of love. Besides, we barely know each other. It doesn't matter that I spend all my free time with her, or that in battle we're constantly at each other's side, or when she smiles it makes me fell lighter somehow. That doesn't mean I'm…

She's standing in front of me, looking as beautiful as ever. "Summer?"

"I…uh…wanted to talk to you guys, but I guess the others headed up already?" she starts, gesturing to the very empty garage.

I have a little difficulty swallowing as I nod at her. "Scott…"

Damn it all. She's still dressed in the wedding dress, looking knockout gorgeous. I think I'm going to swallow my tongue if she continues standing there staring at me. "Dillon?"


Okay, Summer, you really have to stop biting your lip like that, because I'm acutely aware all of a sudden of the blood rushing to certain parts of my anatomy. "Thank you," she all but whispers.

"Huh? What for?"

She's smiling at my confusion and making the weird feeling in my stomach increase with each passing second. "For standing up for me, with my parents. It meant a lot to know you and the others were behind me all the way."

"We're your teammates," I start, and then emphasize, "Your friends."

She just nods but I can see there's more she wants to say and is debating on whether or not she should. "Well, I guess it's time for me to go back up and head to bed."


"Night Dillon."

Watching her walk away, I'm both relieved and disappointed. Summer's fun to be with, and thanks to Scott, I'm noticing what I'd tried to ignore before – my teammate is a beautiful, smart, courageous person and I'm falling for her.

I fucking hate Scott for being right.

I don't know a damn thing about being in love with someone, especially someone like Summer.