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"I really don't care what you say, you are coming with me!" Joannie insisted.

"Joannie, I love you and all but I can think of a better way to spend my Saturday night then at a boring hockey game." Miley sighed into her phone.

"It's my father's first game as the new head coach! Please for moral support?"

"I really don't want to."

"Oh c'mon Miles! Plus we get to go the private party for press and players afterwards. You'll get to meet new love interest."

"Sorry Joannie, but I really don't care what guy you're going to have sex with after the party. Plus if I am correct, I believe you were dragging me to a woman's hockey game…is there something you're not sharing with me Joannie?" Miley teased.

"Haha very funny Miles, we both know the ladies are your department." Joannie giggled. "I'm am actually going for the assistant coach, he is Canadian!"

"Yea yea, they are always foreign. Why don't you go for American players?"

"Because, I like to hear them shout my name in their native tongue."

"I'd love to meet your new Romeo, but I have some Hannah stuff to do..."

"Miley Ray Stewart, you're twenty-five years old. You need to get into the dating world, and out of that good girl act! Do you realize that your chances of finding Mrs. Right are getting married get slimmer every passing year?"

"Thanks for reminding me Joannie." Miley laughed, "You're the best friend a girl could ask for."

"Listen you're coming. I'll pick you up at 6:30 sharp, be ready!" Joannie informed before she hung up the phone.

Miley looked over at her best friend, they've been there for ten minutes and she was already bored. She could really care less for the game of hockey, god, she didn't even know what the NWHL stood for. She knew Joannie was loving every second of it though, growing up in a hockey family you didn't really have a choice. Plus she had a very erotic interest in the assistant coach. Miley looked around and suddenly felt very out of place, everyone had on jerseys, sweatshirts, or tee-shirts of the team, even Joannie. And then there was her, in very nice outfit, hers being a baby blue sweater with tight fitting white pants.

"You're sitting next to the penalty box." Joannie informed her.

Miley looked to her right, there was a piece of glass between her and a small bench. Penalty box? What the hell was that?

"Look there's my dad!" Joannie pointed across the ice to the players bench.

Mr. Palumbo was surround by thirty freakishly strong woman. They were huge! She watched as one skated right past her, she had to be seven feet tall. Maybe this would be interesting after all.

"Ladies and Gentleman, the starting line up for your Malibu Ice." The loud announcer declared.

There was a roar of applause. Miley missed the first three names.

"Number fifteen, and playing left wing is Sarah Chase." The voice of the arena boomed.

Miley strained her neck to see the action. The arena went dark, and a loud booming song started. Everyone got quiet, Miley was completely lost. She noticed a spot light appeared on the ice.

"And last but not least. Number nine and playing right wing, the team captain….Lilly Truscott." The voiced raised with every word.

Miley had to cover her ears, the screaming was intense. She really struggled to see this girl, everyone made a huge deal about her. She didn't appear to be any different then the other players, she was actually smaller. She skated to the center of the ice and lifted her stick briefly, then skated right back to the bench.

After everything calmed down, Miley tapped Joannie on the shoulder.

"Who's that girl?" She asked cluelessly.

"Only the best woman's hockey player in the world! She has like, broke a thousand records or something. Plus she has one hell of a body!" Joannie exclaimed causing the other girl to lit her eyebrow accusingly. "What? She was number four in the top one hundred most attractive woman. Not everyone is gay Miley." Joannie smirked at her best friend.

Miley nodded slowly, she'd have to watch this Lilly… Truscott was it?

It was the middle of the second period, and the score was 2-2. That Truscott girl had scored both goals for her team. Miley didn't even get a glimpse of her, when she did skate past her, she was going so fast it was like a blur. While looking down at her watch, the audience erupted with screams and applause. Miley's head shot up and noticed a fight in the opposite corner from where she was sitting. Both players were furiously throwing punches left and right, gloves and helmets went flying in all directions. After about five minutes, the referees finally broke them apart. She noticed that they were skating towards her. She listened intently to the next announcement.

"Ice Penalty, Lilly Truscott two minutes for roughing and an additional two minutes for instigating."

Miley watched as she entered the box next to her violently. She threw her gloves off and was swearing and yelling every which way, to anybody who would listen. Miley actually was afraid to look at her in fear she would bite her head off, so she didn't. She did however notice the other girl, she was taken off the ice. It appeared she needed stitches above her left eye, it happened all the time she was told.

Lilly had quieted down, she couldn't help it. Her breath was taken away by the beautiful creature sitting next to her, actually they were separated by glass. That really didn't matter, she was still the most beautiful thing she's ever seen. As soon as she noticed her she calmed down, her face was too angelic to be swearing around. Lilly noticed she was with the coach's daughter, hopefully she'd be at the party. What the hell was she thinking? She's needed to get her head back into the game. Oh well, it was a nice thought for the moment.

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