This Angel Is Whose?

Author: Nitrowugs

Rating: PG

Pairings: B/A W/O

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Disclaimer: I do not own anything associated with BtVS and AtS. (Characters, plots, and dialogue from the shows are borrowed with no infringement intent whatsoever.)

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Chapter 1 Written: 08/06/2009

Summary: Buffy is lured to a remote building on the UC Sunnydale campus, severely beaten, dumped on Giles's lawn and left for dead. Was this a random demon attack or was there a sinister plot involved? Were demons and humans working together to kill the slayer? Are Angel and Angelus becoming one being?

A/N1: I have taken some liberties in this story, like Angel's concern about flying, I have assumed that Angelus has sired childer other than Drusilla and Spike and that Darla also has other surviving childer. I have borrowed the concept of Angel and Angelus being able to carry on a conversation with one another from other stories that I've read and the idea of cloaking is borrowed from Star Trek.

A/N2: I don't like to go into explicit descriptions of gore or sexual encounters. I merely hint at it and let the reader use his/her imagination. I hope this doesn't detract from the story.

A/N3: Thoughts are in single quotes (' ')

Chapter 1

Angel sat straight up in bed. Something was wrong, terribly wrong. "Oh, no. Buffy." He could feel his mate's pain gnawing at his insides. He had to get to her, but how? The clock on his bedside table said 2:03 p.m. He had to know what was wrong. The bed comforter fell to the floor forgotten as he reached for the telephone.

"Giles," he growled as he dialed the number. It seemed to take forever for someone to answer the phone. Before Giles could complete the word 'Hello', Angel demanded, "What's wrong with Buffy? What has happened to her?"

"Angel? How did you…"

"What has happened to her, Giles?" Angel demanded again impatiently.

Giles tried to explain. "She's been badly injured and is barely conscious, but she refuses to go to the hospital."


"She was lured to a remote building on the UC Sunnydale campus and severely beaten. She was then dumped on my front lawn in broad daylight and left for dead. She has been in and out of consciousness since I found her. How did you know she was hurt?"

"I could hear her in my sleep calling me for help. Even now I can feel her pain. I will be there shortly. "

"But Angel it's 2 in the afternoon, how will you…" Giles heard the dial tone before he could finish the question.

"That was Angel?" Willow asked.

"Yes. He's on his way here. He said he'd be here shortly."

"But how? It's still daylight."

"I don't know, Willow. I'm just telling you what he said."

Angel hung up the phone and paced impatiently. David Nabbit's helicopter would be on the roof of the Hyperion hotel in less than 15 minutes. Angel had called the only person that he knew who could get him to Sunnydale within the hour. He dressed quickly then put on the all-over sun proof gear he had had made for himself. He would be uncomfortable, but he would be completely protected from the sun.

Angel could feel Angelus near the surface clawing to get out. He too could feel Buffy's pain. No one hurt his mate and lived – no one. Angel hesitated only briefly. He was seriously considering letting Angelus loose, but he clamped down on the mental reins that held the demon securely within himself and proceeded toward the roof.

He didn't stop when he heard Cordy's voice. "Angel what is that get-up you're wearing and where in the hell are you going? You know, of course, that it is bright and sunny outside?" At the sound of the helicopter on the roof Angel ran up the stairs without answering. Cordelia continued, "Oh, don't tell me. Something's happened to Buffy. Nothing else would make you take off like a bat out of hell except dear little Buffy," she said sarcastically.

End of Chapter 1