This Angel Is Whose?

Chapter 16

Author: Nitrowugs

Chapter 16 Started: 08/18/2009

Angel and Buffy agreed that she would not accompany him to LA. He was going to meet with the remaining AI team members and discuss the future of the business and the move to Sunnydale. He also had to apologize to Wesley. The thing that he dreaded the most was having to tell them about Cordy. She had been a good friend to all of them at one time. He didn't know where along the line she had started to go wrong.

Wesley, Gunn and Lorne were waiting for him when he arrived at the Hyperion. He invited them to come into his office. His explanation of everything that had happened with Cordy along with Wesley's report of her behavior the last couple of days before she left LA painted a very disturbing picture.

The four remaining members of Angel Investigations mourned the loss of their friend. Each resolved to pay closer attention to each other going forward. Never again would they allow someone that they cared about to stray so far before they noticed. Each one in his own way felt that if he had been more aware, perhaps he could have helped Cordy in some way. Now they would never know.

Angel apologized to Wesley for not taking his warning about Cordy seriously and asked him to reconsider staying on with AI. Wesley accepted his apology and happily agreed on the move to Sunnydale.

Since Angel owned the building where he had an apartment in Sunnydale they agreed to use the first floor of that building for the new headquarters of Angel Investigations and Wesley, Gunn and Lorne could take apartments in the rest of the building. With Buffy's help Lorne would look around town for a location for a new demon karaoke bar.

This left three months for them to close up the Hyperion and relocate to Sunnydale.

Buffy and Angel agreed to renovate the basement and the first two floors of the mansion before they got married. The remaining floors would be done later. Buffy loved the furnishings that she found in the mansion. She used that along with several new pieces to create an atmosphere that was charming and inviting. Angel loved it.

And so did Joyce who was a frequent visitor leading up to the wedding. Buffy didn't know where along the line Joyce and Angel became reconciled, but she was happy about it.

Wesley was Angel's best man, Willow was Buffy's maid of honor and Giles walked Buffy down the aisle in a small wedding ceremony held in the ballroom of their beautifully redecorated home. Joyce paid to have the wedding catered, Xander over ate, Oz and Willow got engaged and based on the sparks flying between Giles and Joyce, their engagement would not be far behind.

A cloaked Angel/Angelus (officially Liam Patrick O'Connor in honor of his late son and courtesy of Willow) took their bride on a two-week honeymoon to Ireland. Unknown to Buffy the newlywed couple that they met in Ireland on several occasions was actually childer of Angelus along to help protect his mate/wife.

When Buffy returned to UC Sunnydale in the Fall, it had already been arranged to have at least one member of the protection team in each of her classes. They were never needed, but Angelus wasn't taking any chances with his mate's safety.

For the remainder of her years at UCS Buffy was an honor student. She graduated with a degree in psychology and went on to UCLA (followed by her protection team) to get her master's and doctorate degrees. She and three friends from UCLA opened a private practice where they serviced Sunnydale and nearby towns. Angelus got a big kick out of this since, unknown to Buffy, two of these friends were actually cloaked vampires each over two hundred years old.

When Buffy turned thirty years old, the Watchers Council agreed to allow her to retire from active duty. The Council called another slayer so that the slayer line could continue and Buffy could have a life that did not include slaying.

In the same year she and her husbands performed a bonding ritual which tied her lifeline to theirs through their blood, which meant that as long as they lived, so would she. From that day forward Buffy did not age.

And as the saying goes, they lived happily (and safely) ever after.

The end

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