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Chapter four: Meeting Dracula and Kicking his Ass

Last time: Harry smirked by now almost all the people were looking at the two "and what do you want pitiful mortal do you have a death wish"

"no I want a vampire duel you and me right now I win you and your cronies leave, you win I join your clan" as he said this the order gasped all except Ginny

The Count smirked "I accept youngling but tell me your blood name not that stupid name you use when saving people"

Harry cast a glace at the potters (who were all standing in a small cluster by hogshead) and smirked "Harry, Harry James Potter" that got another role of gasps

"Very well youngling lets begin first five blood points wins" and with that he crouched flared his claws and extended his fangs Harry got in the same stance they counted down from 5 in unison


As soon as the last word left his lips Harry smoked to the closest roof, it was well known that in a vampire duel the one with the highest ground usually won, as soon as he got there he noticed that the Count had the same idea. Harry quickly rushed the Count, hoping to catch him off guard, he stared with a kick aimed at the vampire Elder's head, which was blocked, quickly followed up by an punch to the ribs, blocked again, he then had to block a roundhouse kick to the neck from the older vampire, it continued like this for a few more minutes, neither of the vampires making any progress, then Harry saw his chance, he grabbed Dracula's right arm, as he tried for a karate chop to the neck, and held it Harry then caught his other arm, once he had both of the Count's arms he brought a knee hard up into his stomach that had Dracula gasping for air, as the vampire Elder was trying to catch his breath Harry grabbed his head and sunk his fangs into the right side of Drac's neck, before back flipping a couple yards backwards and waited for the Count to compose himself before saying

"That's one" Harry smirked as he licked the blood off his lip

Dracula glared at him "I underestimated you youngling, that is the last blood point you will get" he got back into his stance "now prepare yourself youngling"

"Bring it old man"

Harry smoked behind Dracula, but when the older vampire turned to attack Harry smoked to the font of Dracula, and again when the vampire leader went to turn around Harry went to the back, they repeated this until the whole roof was covered in thick black smoke. As soon as he knew Dracula had lost sight, Harry started smoking to the blind spots of the vampire leader as he landed hit after hit on the count's ribs, shoulder, neck, legs, Hip, chest, face, shin, thigh, knee, and back. After ten minuets of this onslaught the ancient vampire's knees buckled under him, that is when Harry took his shot, as Dracula was falling forward Harry smoked to right in front of the other vampire and kicked him hard in the chest, sending him flying off the roof, Harry ran and jumped off the roof, spun and landed a double kick to the Count's chest smashing him into the ground before hand springing back a few feet, and waited for Dracula to come to, as he stood up, the vampire Elder glared at Harry before hissing angrily and shooting of at Harry, but the young vampire just stood there seemingly unfazed by the furious vampire Elder rushing at him, and then when the count was only a few feet away Harry's body locked all the way from the shoulders down, he turned his head to where he felt the magic coming from only to see his brother holding his wand pointed at him

'That little bastard, he's trying to kill me' Harry thought to himself

'But why'

Harry then took a look into his brother's mind. 'Now that stupid vampire will finish him off and then I can have Ginny all to myself. And then once I've got her I can start working on Hermione and then the rest of the girls left on my list'

Harry just stood their stunned 'my brother is trying to build a harem?!'

Harry then got angry as he remembered what else his brother said 'and he wants Ginny! I will NOT allow that'

he then broke the spell with ease but by then the Count was already two close but Harry took a chance and grabbed Dracula by the shoulders as he grabbed Harry by the arms and sunk his fangs into Harry's right shoulder as Harry sunk his into Dracula's left. Then they both let go and launched them selves backwards

"That is one"

"That's two"

Harry and Dracula then both got into their stances Harry bent over and used his air bending to push him self at Dracula but the vampire Elder caught him by the shoulder and was about to sink his fangs in when Harry pulled a vampire blood knife from his boot and sunk it into Dracula's left side right between two ribs, this caused the ancient vampire to drop the young vampire prince. As soon as he was free Harry pulled out the knife and sprung back a few feet before liking the blood from the blade and smirking (A/N vampire blood knife: a knife that can only be made by a vampire over the age of two hundred and is the most popular of all vampire weaponry and is a mandatory part of a vampire duel along with a Wakizashi, when a vampire stabs another vampire with the knife the stabber has the right to demand one of the other vampires drudges; a human who has survived a bite from a vampire and is now a slave to said vampire)

"That's three and according to vampire law since you're an Elder and I have tasted your blood thrice it would make me a prince correct"

The vampire Elder glared at the new prince wile holding his side "you are right young prince but don't get cocky you may have talent but that just gives me more motivation to win now take stance young prince so I can beat you before making you my apprentice" he then pulled his own knife from his boot and took his stance

Harry smirked and took stance "I would like to see you try"

He then turned and ran strait up the shop wall to the roof, the Count followed right after, as soon as they were on the roof Harry spun around and went for a low kick to Dracula's feet, but the older vampire jumped up over the kick and aimed a kick at Harry's head, the young vampire quickly lent back as the kick went over his head, he then back flipped back a few feet and faced Dracula in a stand off. And then by some unseen signal they both rushed forward at each other and started a rapped exchange of blows, bone breaking kicks clashing with kicks, fists connecting with fists, knees blocking kicks, elbows hitting forearms instead of their targets, knife blades clashing. When they both back flipped back and faced each other the both were covered in small cuts, red marks from the hits, knuckles bleedings, and knife blades laced with blood. They stood at stand still for a few minutes; the only sound in the entire village was the blood dripping from the blades and their hands, and then they both simultaneously flicked the blood from their knife and drew a Wakizashi each and held it in a reverse grip, then shot at each other and clashed with their swords in a power struggle, Harry looked at the older vampire over the blades and smirked and tossed his knife in the air, Dracula was confused in till a brown monkey's tail unwrapped itself from around Harry's waist and caught the knife before plunging it into the shocked vampire Elders side before Harry flipped back and smirked at Dracula as his tail put the knife up to his lips so he could lick the blood off of it.

"I believe that is four I only need one more and I win do you still think I am nothing but a 'useless youngling' or have you finally recognized me"

Dracula glared before smirking "that was very tricky Raven getting me to think you were just another common youngling, but then again I would expect nothing less from Viktor's student"

Harry glared "Do Not Speak His Name! You lost the right to that privilege after what you did"

Dracula merely chuckled, a very dark chuckle "oh come now Raven your not still sore about the whole "killing your little dog friend and then biting your best friend and then making her kill her father' thing are you"

Harry glared "Yes I am! Viktor didn't deserve that and Ariel definitely didn't need to go through that, was it not enough to have your lackeys make her watch as they killed her mother when she was seven!! Did You Really Need to Make Her Kill HIM! HE was he father! But no more. You're done" he then threw his knife down into the ground in between them and then held his sword out pointed at Dracula "I prince Raven, challenge Elder Dracula for freedom of the clan, now stake your counter clam so we may continue"

Dracula chuckled darkly

Down on the ground the order and the students were watching with batted breath as the two vampires agued

Matt looked over to Hermione "hey Mione what are they talking about, I don't understand all this Elder and clan shit"

Ron nodded "yeah I'm with Matt this vampire crap is just confusing"

Hermione looked a little angry "I don't know, nothing it's known about how vampires rule their clans or their customs, they don't find wizards trustworthy enough to share anything with them they find us ruthless, but I think they are just selfish"

A young vampire, about thirteen or fourteen, behind them grunted "and why should we tell you stick wavers anything when you just right us off as dark creatures, make us register to be glared as we walk down the street, out law the only places we can get blood with out attacking just so you can make us look worse to the few people who will talk to us as humans, and you expect us to divulge our secrets just so you can use them against us? I say it is your fault that there are vampires like Dracula out there, and then they get good vampires like my self in their clan just to make us do what we are hated for, it makes me sick what your kind has turned us into"

Matt just rolled his eyes and crossed his arms "are you going to tell us what they are talking about or am I going to have to make you"

Right as the vampire was going to make a snide remark Moody and Dumbledore came up to the group and smiled at the vampire "I am sure you can answer our question right Mr. Vampire"

The vampire rolled his eyes as moody cracked his knuckles in a threatening way, the vampire would have shown them how very 'scared' of them he was if he had not already missed part of the fight on the roof, and didn't want to miss any more "they are talking about a clan challenge to be added to the original vampire duel, a clan challenge is when one vampire, a prince or above, challenging a Elder or above for leadership of his clan,to win he must trust his Wakizashi through Dracula's chest"

Hermione gasped "but won't that kill him?"

The vampire laughed "I vampire elder can not die unless they so choose it, or they are staked thrice through the heart, like if Raven wins Dracula will be sent to the plain of vampires in the underworld, it is where all vampires go when they are to at least the lord rank when they are 'killed', depending on how they are 'killed' states how long they have to stay so if the prince wins Dracula will have to stay at the plain for a hundred years and Raven will become a lord and the leader of our clan, I hope that Raven wins, I know he will not make any of us do anything like killing innocents like Dracula is doing with his alliance with the dark lord, but Raven will also be a great leader and will look out for all of us, he is much like his father in that way"

Dumbledore smiled "so he is like James, that is good"

The vampire let of a hash laugh "I don't know if he is, I have never met that foolish mortal, but from what I have heard about him then no he is not like James, no I was talking about Viktor his blood father, in other words the man who made him a vampire"

Dumbledore smile dropped "and what is this Viktor like"

The vampire smiled "Viktor was a king among kings, he looked out for his kind and those important to him before all others, and he would do any thing to protect them even if it meant working with the lycan"

Matt Hermione and Ron all looked confused "what's a lycan"

It was Remus who answered "it is a werewolf who can control their transformation, they still have to transform during a full moon but they can bring the transformation at will and control themselves when in wolf form, but what do you mean he worked with a lycan"

The vampire smirked "when he found Raven he was not alone many others found the child at the same time and they all sensed that he was strong and had great potential but one of the others who found the child was Lucian, the leader of a pack of lycan, now usually a person has the blood that goes with a lycan bite or the blood that goes with a vampire bite, for example the girl there is a V type, meaning she could be turned if I was to bite, her feed her my blood, and kill her, where as red over there is a L type meaning if I was to feed from him not only would I get a terrible stomach ache but he would also die and then there is the X type like Potter here where I could bite him and feed from him, feed him my blood, and kill him and nothing would happen other then him dieing , same goes for a lycan he could feed from you and nothing except death, but anyway back to the story, when they found Raven they discovered something that no one had seen since the first fang and fur war (A/N I made that up it is just a name for one of the lycan vs. vampire wars), they discovered the third VL type which means that he could take both bites-"

Ron interrupted "you mean like Matt, but then how he is a vampire"

The vampire glared "yes like Potter except one big difference when a vampire fed from Raven, fed him blood and then kill him he would become a vampire just like a v type but then if a lycan was to bite him he would not die like a normal V type he would become a hybrid of the two, a Werepire as some call it, so they decided to share him and train him together"

They all looked shocked Dumbledore was the first to recover "so how powerful is he"

The vampire smiled a cruel smile "more powerful than you and Grindelwald put together"

Everyone's eyes grew wide at that

"So if you win all you want is for me to join voldemort under you?"

Dracula smirked "of course, not only will I get you as my right hand man but I will also be rewarded by the stick waver for getting you in a air tight contract, not to mention that I know you and you will never be able to get me on my back"

Harry glared "deal" he then took his stance with one knife in his left hand, his Wakizashi in a reverse grip in his right hand and another knife being held by his tail, as he crouched down and bared his fangs with a hiss

Dracula chuckled before getting into a similar stance, minus the tail, he then back flipped off the roof, quickly followed by Harry, once on the ground Dracula sprung forward slicing his blades at Harry, who was doing a pretty good job of dodging them matrix style wile trying to hit Dracula with a few swipes of his Wakizashi, Dracula, who had been able to dodge all of Harry's swipes, went for a round house kick to the head which Harry was just barley able to dodge the vampire Elder then quickly followed trough with a incredibly strong knee to the gut, which sent Harry fling back a little ways, but he managed to stay on his feet wile grabbing is now very sore stomach, he then looked up to see Dracula rushing at him but by the time he saw this it was to late and the vampire elder was already right in front of him, sinking his fangs into the side of Harry's neck and shoving a knife between his ribs, before kicking him in the side sending him soaring, Harry was just barely able to land on his feet he then looked over to Dracula and glared, but the Count just chuckled

"that's two and three, it is just to easy, now that I know it is you Raven, I can easily predict your moves, I mean I did help train you, so just give up Raven you lost the second I found out it was you"

Harry glared "so you think that just because you helped train me you know everything about me? That's funny don't you remember what the first thing you and Viktor taught me, never show all you got unless you hve to, so since you can see what I'm going to do next we will just have to even the playing field won't we"

Dracula looked confused "What Are You Talking About?! How do you expect to predict my actions, there is no vampire, lycan, or wizard who can do that"

Harry just smirked and stood strait and brought his hands together in front of his chest with both of his pointer and middle fingers pointed up to form the ram seal and started to cannel chakra into his eyes, when he looked at Dracula and smirked then closed his eyes

"I'm talking about this. Sharingan!"

And with that Harry flung his eyes open to reveille the were now red with three commas in each eye, slowly rotating around the pupils

Dracula stared in shock "what is this!? I have never seen such magic!"

Harry smiled "that's because it is not magic, it is a bloodline, the Sharingan, or copy-wheel eye, with it I can predict your movement as well as copy it within a second it also lets me see things a lot slower then normal, so do you still think you can win, or even hit me for that matter"

He then turned so he was looking at Dracula from the side and made the 'bring it' hand gesture

And bring it the old vampire did, he quickly rushed Harry and started going for vitals but no matter what he did Harry just dodged it with ease and with style, he would twist, spin, duck, and weave with the grace and dexterity of a fully fledged vampire master, Dracula was quickly getting tiered and worn, it was mostly because for every swipe and hit Harry would dodge he would counter with two, so Dracula was beginning to look like he was fighting an army of vampires not just one, Dracula was getting frustrated, which in turn was making his fighting sloppy, the angrier he got the sloppier he would get and the sloppier he got the more amateur mistakes he would make, Harry was taking making sure he took full advantage of this, every sloppy punch Dracula would throw Harry would bat it away like a fly and counter with a lot stronger punch to Dracula's face, kick to his side, elbow to the throat, knee to the gut, it continued like this for a little while un till Harry saw his opening he kicked Dracula under the chin sending him up in the air, Harry then jumped and spun over the vampire elder and hit him in the top of his head with the heel of his boot, sending the older vampire crashing to the ground, Harry then landed on the Count's chest, twirled his Wakizashi before plunging it into Dracula's chest, right between his lungs, Harry then put his boot on the hilt, looked down at the panting and coughing vampire Elder, and put pressure o the hilt pushing it in more

"And that's five, which means I win, I want Ariel, and I want you to free every single vampire under you"

Dracula smiled and coughed up some blood "you better make sure you make a name out of your self Raven, I don't want to have to the vampire plain and tell everyone that I was beaten by a useless youngling, and if you don't I swear when I come back I will make sure you get a long stay in the plain"

And with that said Dracula flicked his wrist at the vampires around him before turning to smoke and blowing away the rest of the vampires all bowed to Harry

"Long live Lord Raven"

Harry looked around at all of them before nodding


The vampires all nodded before vanishing in puffs of smoke

Harry then turned to the giant group of Death Eaters and trolls and smirked this seemed to break all to the Death Eaters out of their shock

"Come on after that fight he has to be tired, I bet he doesn't even have any energy left at all" one Death Eater shouted, there were soon shouts of agreement

"Yeah and you know the dark lord will reward us greatly if we capture not only Shadow but also the new vampire clan leader"

"he don't stand a chance against all of us"

"I bet I could take him by my self"

There were a lot of other shouts like those, but Harry just smirked and reached behind his back and pulled out two three-pronged kunai, and twirled them around his pointer fingers

"Bring it" and with that he threw one at the closest Death Eater

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