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I looked up at the building which loomed over my small group, counting down the seconds until it would be both acceptable and appropriate of me to take my leave. The midterm exams were over, and the Star Bar was filled with students celebrating its end. I had expected Christopher Pike's attempt to have me join him and my fellow teachers to the bar, as I had every year, but this year was the first year he had succeeded in his attempt. I was not a willing participant in the revelries, seeing as he tricked me into coming, but I followed the small group wordlessly.

"Come on, Spock, is it against the rules to have fun?" Christopher asked, wrapping his arm around my shoulder in comradeship.

"Not any of the rules I have studied," I remarked thoughtfully. He just chuckled, slapping me on the back before walking through the doors - a gesture I still found puzzling.

I had to admit, the distraction of the pounding music was welcome, albeit particularly painful to my sensitive ears. My thoughts have been taken up by Nyota Uhura more and more frequently. She was a brilliant woman - by far one of the smartest the Academy, and myself, has ever seen. But it wasn't just those assets that had been distracting me as of late - of course, it would be ignorant not to admit that Nyota was beautiful, but her actions were seemingly becoming more and more tantalizing, at times causing me to wonder if there were any motives behind her actions. However, I feared it was wishful thinking.

Of course, we have had the occasional brush of hands and knees while working over the time I have known her, incidents that have caused my ears to flush green, but the past three weeks had been different. I distinctly remembered her legs spreading beneath her desk in the library, displaying to my wandering eye her lacey panties. As expected of me, I respectfully looked away, but it effected me more than I could ever let on, so much so that I spent two excess hours in meditation. I then recalled her licking her lollipop innocently, the way it sent chills up my spine every time the candy disappeared behind her lips.

"I do not drink alcohol," I objected when the bartender slid a slusho mix to me. With a shrug, he pulled it back.

"Live a little, Spock!" Professor John Gill told me with a laugh, raising a Cardassian Sunrise in my direction. I ordered a soda.

Leaning against the bar, my eyes scanned the crowd. Students gyrated against each other in the most inappropriate of ways, most likely caused by the consumption of too much alcohol and raging hormones. My gaze finally found the form of Nyota Uhura, moving fluidly in the midst of the crowd, her Orion companion by her side. Gaila Enthial'e looked up to see me before whispering enthusiastically to Nyota, who visibly scowled and shook her head. I longed to hear what was being said, but the room was much too loud. Gaila tried telling her whatever bit of information she had found so interesting once more, but Nyota fixed her with a stare - one that made me straighten my back in concern - before she continued to dance, a little disheartened.

I watched her for a moment more, as her body moved effortlessly to the music that shook the dancefloor. A fire in me was ignited - jealousy, I knew, was a wasted emotion, but that does not mean it doesn't exist. I watched as the male cadets rubbed against her, dancing with her.

"If you all would excuse me for a moment, I have a matter to settle," I said, setting my glass back on the bar, watching as Nyota left the sea of partying students.

- - -

"Why did I let you drag me here, again?" I asked my green-skinned companion as I sipped at my drink.

"Because you had nothing better to do. And because, if you didn't, I would have thrown you over my shoulder, kicking and screaming."

"Would not," I jibed miserably.

"Wanna bet?" she asked, her eyes lighting up suspiciously, and I shook my head, my eyes wandering over the crowd, only to groan upon recognizing the face heading our way.

"Leave me the hell alone, I am so not in the mood," I whined when Jim Kirk's face bobbed into view, carrying a deadly-looking drink in each hand.

"Nice to see you too, Cadet Amelia Uhura."

"Not even close."

"Damn it," he said noncommittally. Leonard dropped down beside me, a drink that looked suspiciously non-alcoholic in his hand.

"What is it with you two?" Gaila exclaimed passionately, gulping down her previous drink before taking a small sip of the drink Jim brought her.

"I'm not in the mood for spirits, that's all," I said, twirling the straw in my cup, causing tiny whirlpools to start. Plus, I knew that Leonard and I would be the ones responsible for getting our roommates back to wherever they wanted to be. I was really hoping it was his turn to take the horny couple - I just wanted to curl up in bed and pig out.

"Well, get in the mood - We are going to have fun, dammit!" she said and I knew not to reckon with her.

She pulled herself out of Jim's lap and took my hand in hers. "Come on. It's time to dance. If not, I will happily tell Jim during sex with him later about our still-running Operation - "

My free hand clamped over her mouth. "I guess it's dancey time, then," I said with an eyeroll. She playfully bit at my fingers, pulling at Jim's shirt with her free hand.

"Come on, Lenny, you too!" she exclaimed with a giggle.

"I am a doctor, not a - "

"Come on, I need at least one more sane person on the dance floor with me," I said and he sighed.

"Fine. Only for you," he said, raising his finger to point at me for effect before placing his coke back on the table.

Gaila took my hands in hers, really trying to get me to have fun. And I started to, although that may have been thanks to the many sips she insisted on me taking of every drink a guy bought for her. I could only imagine how drunk she must have been, even with her superior Orion handle on alcohol.

"As if we weren't having enough fun, looks like Mr Cold-As-Ice came to join the party. I wonder what he's doing here," Jim jabbed bitterly, chest pressed to Gaila's back.

"Lost a bet, maybe?" Leonard replied, moving not-so-gracefully in time with the music. I had to stop myself from looking up, unsure if I was happy to see him here or disheartened.

I moved to go back to my table. "Gonna go talk to the Vulcan of your dreams?" Gaila whispered to me. I turned around to see Jim and Leonard still on the dance floor, the latter staring after me worriedly and the foremost dancing with a scantily dressed, petite, blond girl, who I was sure was underage. I shook my head.

"Of course not," I said, trying to weave my way through the throng of students without falling over, thanks to my tipsiness.

"Ny, what's wrong?" Gaila beseeched, catching my hand. Some Bolian looking male student tried to rub against me, but I pushed him away feebly.

"I - I just need some air," I said, not wanting to push my problems on her. She was drunk, anyway - I could see it in the way her eyes couldn't focus and how she tipped, as if she was on a boat.

"Want my company?" she slurred out and I quickly shook my head.

"No, don't worry about me. I think I just want to be alone right now."

She squeezed my hand, pulling me into a sloppy hug before continuing, "Well, you know where I'll be - with all the lots and lots of good drinks on the dancing floor. You know, I can probably have some got for you too, you know. So come back in soon."

I watched as she disappeared in the direction of Kirk and Leonard. Connecting my gaze with his, I made the gesture for him to keep an eye on her. He just nodded.

I sighed, pulling my coat on over the outfit that Gaila had insisted on putting together for me. I had to admit, it did make me look good, even if the skirt was a little too short for my taste. I turned around in the direction of the door, hoping that I would pass him as discreetly as possible.

But what did I ever do to karma? As soon as I turned around, I was face to face with the chest that I was once so used to ogling at during class, and then became so used to ogling at during our sessions.

"Nyota, may I speak with you for a moment?" I familiar voice asked me, low enough so that no one else would hear. I nodded feebly, averting my eyes to the floor.

"I needed some fresh air, anyway," I told him, starting to walk toward the door under the softly illuminated red EXIT sign.

Nobody paid us any heed as we pushed out of the side exit into the ally, it was too early for anyone to be drunk enough to make out in the dimly lit corners. I leaned against the brick wall, crossing my arms because of the sudden decrease in temperature and, partially, because I was nervous. He stood before me, arms folded behind his back as usual, his chest a mere foot from mine, close enough for me to feel the heat radiating from his body.

"So, what's up?" I asked after a second, daring to look up into his dark, smoldering eyes.

A loud crash caused me to jump and whip my head to the door, only to see Gaila stumble out drunkenly. Once she saw us she turned, her hand trailing along the wall for balance.

"Gaila, are you okay? Where are Jim and Leonard?"

"You - I want to ask you a question," she slurred, pointing a finger at Spock, "We do. We do do... Wanted to ask you..."

I covered her mouth with my hand, grabbing her and pulling her back toward the door. "Come on, Gaila, no more drinks for you. Let's go see if Jim's ready to take you back to the room - "

"Ny is pretty - hell, she is one of the sexiest fucking girls at the Academy."

"I do not disagree with your conclusion."

"Shut up!" I hissed at her, trying to drag her to the door. Boy, Orions are strong, even when they were drunk.

"Sweetie, this is the research step! It's the only way to finish the Project! So are you gay or" she demanded, biting at my fingers.

"Ow! That is enough, Gaila!" I exclaimed, moving to open the door. When I did, I was met with Leonard, one hand pulling Jim by the neck of his shirt and the other trying to open the door.

"I take my eyes off of the both of them for one second," he tightened his hold on Jim when he grabbed after an attractive redhead, "Goddamn it, Jim! I am a doctor, not a babysitter!"

"I'm sorry. Don't worry, I know it's my turn to house the two for the night," I said, releasing Gaila back into the wild that was the Star Bar. He just sighed.

"Sure. If you can't find a place to stay, you know my door is always open."

I smiled half heartedly, watching as he turned to follow the overgrown teenagers before taking a deep breath, reluctant to return outside. I hesitantly opened the door, not looking at him as I approached.

"I'm sorry about that," I muttered, mortified at the change of events.

"Your companion mentioned a project," he remarked quizzically. I dared to look up, and could swear his eyes were shining in amusement.

"Yeah, it's funny - Gaila may not be that thrilled about class, but when it comes to social situations, and she just loves plotting that kind of stuff. She even wanted to use the scientific method," I said with a nervous laugh.

"Fascinating. What was your scientific question?" he asked me and I inadvertently blushed before mumbling the center of my thoughts for the past few weeks under my breath.

"I apologize, Nyota," he said, bending his head in an attempt to catch my gaze, "But I didn't quite catch that."

I looked up at him incredulously, my eyebrow raising much like his usually did. I knew all about the incredible aural sensitivity of a Vulcan, because of my many ventures to the library in the pursuit of Vulcan culture. Not that that had anything to do with with Spock.

Yeah, and neither did my nightly practice of eyebrow-raising before bed.

"Ah, I think the question was 'Is Spock Gay?'"

I heard the air rush out of his nose, the Vulcan equivalent to a chuckle, and blushed again. "Am I correct in my assumption that your behavior over the past three weeks were all part of this project?"

I nodded shamefully. "No, I mean, not completely!" I backtracked, trying to remove the foot from my mouth. "I mean... Are you angry?" I asked him softly, my head hanging low, my hands twisting around each other.

"I am not. Although, I insist on asking you, what is your conclusion?"

I looked up at him, my shoulders sagging in relief. Perhaps it was the pleasant fuzz to my mind after all of the drinks that made me so eager to answer.

"Well, Commander, I wasn't able to gather enough data to analyze. Not that it is any surprise, but you are very good at keeping your emotions under control."

"Thank you."

"Leave it to you to think of that as a compliment," I said, softening my words with a smile.

"What will you do in order to complete your project?" he asked me, and I shrugged.

"Oh, I don't know, maybe another experiment," I said nonchalantly, leaning against the wall once more, the alcohol in my system making my balance questionable.

"Nyota, I must insist that you do not."

"And why is that?" I asked him, leaning my head back against the cool bricks, enjoying the way he said my name way too much.

"Because I am not as in control of my emotions as you may think I am," he said, his lips pulling up at the corner. I looked up at him slyly.

"Maybe I want that. Well, then, what do you suggest I do instead?"

I bumped my shoulder against his shoulder, my breath mingling with his. "Perhaps some more research is in order."

My eyes fell to his lips, following their natural curve. I looked up to him again, my gaze connecting with his, before we met each other half-way in a soft kiss.

- - -

Definitely not gay.

He kissed his way up my bare back, a gentle peck placed on each vertebrae, before resting his toned body over mine. How the hell did our faces end up at the foot of the bed again?

"Mmm," I hummed softly, pulling him into another, well deserved kiss from where he was at my shoulder.

"Are you now capable of drawing a conclusion?" Spock asked me and I chuckled softly.

"Most. Definitely. Absolutely. Not gay," I said between each gingerly placed kiss along his jawbone.

"It was my pleasure to... Assist you... With your project."

I smiled, gently flipping him over onto his back so I could trace small swirls onto the planes of his pale chest. "I'm hoping you'll want to take more pleasure in assisting me in the future," I told him pointedly, my eyes gazing up from beneath my lashes to connect with his.

"Nyota, I would not have allowed our relationship to go thus far if I was not expecting that," he assured me and I smiled, contentedly returning to my ministrations.

"If I may ask you," he started, a tad breathlessly, as I pressed my chest to his, my fingers weaving through his smooth, black hair once more, "What was your hypothesis?"

"Honestly, I was afraid to make one," I said, "I mean, I didn't really suspect you would be gay, but I didn't want to be wrong."

"Understandable," he said with a gentle nod, his smooth hand rubbing my back in the most delicious of ways.

"Gaila's hypothesis was that you didn't have any hormones," I told him with a laugh and his lips pulled up again in that same, amused smirk.

"I find her hypothesis unsound and lacking provocation, but I do not care what Gaila thinks," he said, pressing his lips to my collar bone once more. I smiled again when I felt the evidence of his straightness pressing against me.

I could totally use some more data. Especially when that data was so much fun to come by.

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