Chapter 1

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Rose's POV

I left my best friend to hunt him down and kill him. But, I'm still questioning myself, "can I kill him when I see him?"


I made it to Siberia, with the help of Adrian, I got to his home, but I don't know where he lived. I've been eavesdropping on damphir communes, listening to conversations and asking people questions. I didn't get much, because one they all spoke in Russian and two, no one would answer my question. They would ignore me or runaway, telling me I shouldn't be here.

I barely slept, and looked for him in the cold night, while I searched up old artifacts on Strigoi, by day, trying to find hope in turning him back, like the bond between Lissa and me. So, I looked into the church. I asked the priest for more information, or primary sources that were translated. He gave me a big wooden box that was catching dust. I thanked him and left. It was night time, and I began my strigoi hunting.

I found some strigois in tunnels and caves in nearby forests or sewers, I killed most of them, but none was the one I had been looking for, but as I was about to kill a strigoi, I heard him say his name, it made me stop. That was when I snapped, I grabbed him by his collar and threw him on a pointed rock, he screamed.

"WHERE IS HE?" I shouted icily.

"home", the strigoi said. I hesitated, but my face didn't show it.

" and where is that" I asked icily, more calm now. "Tomsk", he replied, struggling, he closed his eyes,and I drove the stake into his heart. I dragged their bodies out and by morning there will be no bodies left for people to find, but dust for the wind to carry away.

I grabbed the box of artifacts, and headed for Tomsk. On the train, I looked through the documents, unfortunately, I could only find how to kill, strigois. I've also found documents on strigois that fell in love with damphir or moroi that ended in tragedy, like Ms. Karp, where both sides took paid with their life. I was just about to sleep when a page slipped out. I stood up to pick it up, but then, my head began hurting, and I saw them again, the ghosts.

"go away" ,I forced them to disappear, like I had summoned them to last time. I waited and they faded away, they were gone, but there was still a headache. I picked up the loose page. As I sat down, I read the page, when I finished, I was left frustrated, yet I had found the key, the key to saving the one I loved most. Yet, if I didn't do it correctly, I would lose my life, and be on the side of death, yet i'd still be on the edge of life, and I wouldn't be able to fulfill my promise with dimitri.

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