I was a mess; broken. There was no longer a reason for me to be happy in my life. No longer a reason for me to live my life; I merely existed.

Jacob tried to help me but I only pushed him away time and time again. Charlie even had tried but he was never a man of many emotions or knowing how to deal with feelings. Then again, neither was I.

Renee and Phil even flew in from Florida to give it a try. They also attempted to talk me into going to therapy, but what was I supposed to say? The truth would give me a one way ticket right into a straight jacket. Nothing is what I could have said.

I would have had to fake each and every word because no one would have believed me if I told them that my ex-boyfriend and his family were a bunch of vampires. Even if I could find someone who did believe me, I would never betray the Cullen's by telling their secret.

Even after all they have done to me… I couldn't, wouldn't let go. They were like the best kind of drug and I wasn't about to tell someone where my secret stash was hidden. It was hopeless, a lost cause. I was a lost cause. I was hopeless.

But what do you expect when the family you have come to love as your own and made you feel at home left without a backwards glance. No goodbyes, no nothing. The love of you life left you to rot in a rinky dink town. He didn't even waver in his steps as I called out to him. Nothing I said made a difference. Nothing I did made a difference. I tried to follow him but it was useless, he was too fast for my feeble human legs. I ran as far as I could before I finally collapsed to the ground.

I went into a catatonic state. I mean, how do you piece a broken heart back together? Someone once said that time heals all wounds, but what a load of bull crap- I know I will never be the same. I was beyond repair.

I tried each day to plaster a fake smile on my face, to fake a laugh when someone said something funny, and I even tried to fake my emotions. I did my best to keep everything bottled up inside until one day I just…stopped. I couldn't do it anymore. Just like I couldn't stand to watch the ones who I love and care about suffer from my own pain. I felt selfish that I even made them put up with my pain for as long as I did.

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**was always alone. He never knew that there was true love out there for him. Come to think of it he never really believed in true love itself. But all that will change when a new vampire, Bella Swan, comes for a visit.**

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