A/N: They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. This story is my version of one for House, MD and was written by my all-time favorite fanfiction writer, Mishy-Mo. Her story was entitled Quarry. I put a Plum Series twist on it because I thought it would fit the Ranger/Steph/Morelli triangle so well. It's not very nice to Morelli at the beginning but turns out to be Morelli friendly.

MAJOR spoilers for Twelve Sharp

Rated for Language and possible smut. I haven't decided yet.

Disclaimer: Anything you recognize from Janet Evanovich's stories does not belong to me and I must confess neither does this story idea. Thanks, Mishy. You are the greatest. I hope I do you proud.

The Gift

Morelli had gone to Steph's apartment to gather some clothes to take back to his house for her when he spotted it.

'It' was a jewelry box.

It was lying on the floor underneath the chair. Sheer coincidence was the only reason that he saw it. A jewelry box was out of place in Steph's apartment. She didn't wear that much 'real' jewelry, so he decided to investigate.

When he opened the box, it revealed a necklace with a pendent of the Wonder Woman logo. The pendent was made of what looked to be sapphires, rubies and diamonds. The 'WW' itself was clearly made of gold and the necklace attached at the side points. It was impressive and he knew because of its appearance that it had to be real and expensive.

What the hell? He thought to himself before he saw the small card stuck in the box along with the necklace.

Someday I hope you'll be MY Wonder Woman. Carlos.

Morelli's anger level went through the roof. That… his mind reeled with all of the profane names he could think of to describe 'Carlos' Manoso aka Ranger aka the man who was buying jewelry for his, Morelli's, girlfriend. She's mine! Rang through Morelli's head.

He'd never seen Steph as upset, about anything, as she had been when Ranger had been shot. She'd told him that she loved him and he suspected that she loved Ranger too. But she'd told him that she loved him and there was no way he was going to give her up. He wouldn't let Ranger win and take her away from him. He was tempted to shove the necklace, box and all, down Manoso's throat, but then he had a better idea.

Morelli put the jewelry box in his pocket, picked up the bag he'd packed for his girlfriend and left Steph's apartment.

He made a quick stop on his way home to the post office.


"One Ranger is all you'll ever need." Ranger told her as she sat beside him in his home office.

Once she'd swallowed the birthday cake he'd fed her, she pushed back her hair to show him her pendent.

"And one Wonder Woman is all you'll ever need." She told him with a grin. His blank face appeared instantly.

"Where did you get that?" He asked calmly, blank face firmly in place.

"Morelli gave it to me." She said proudly. Her head was down, looking at the pendent, so she missed the look of anger that broke through at her words.

"Morelli?" He asked incredulously.

"Yes, Joe gave it to me." She defended. "He said that I was his Wonder Woman after my part in helping to rescue Julie. He told me that he was proud of me."

"I'm proud of you too Babe and very grateful."

Ranger didn't say anything else on the subject, but turned to eat some of the food from the tray she'd carried in. I'm going to kill him! Ranger thought angrily. That mother fucking, son of a bitch!

Due, only to his years of military training, Ranger kept his reaction and thoughts to himself. Once Steph had left his apartment he cursed and actually threw something across the room and then cursed some more as his ribs protested.

He didn't know what to do. That conniving cop somehow got his gift for his Babe and passed it off as his own. It must have fallen out of his pocket when he'd been shot and Morelli had found it. Can't blame him, really. Ranger thought. He actually chuckled when he imagined the look on Morelli's face after he'd read the card that went with the gift.

Ranger was still contemplating, what to do the next day when he got a package in the mail. It was a jewelry box… the jewelry box. Inside was the card but his own hand-written words had been marked out and Morelli had written him a message on the back of it.

She's mine and I won't let you take what's mine away from me.

You would think that anger would be the first reaction Ranger had. It wasn't. Despite the pain to his ribs, he laughed. It was going to be easier than he thought. Morelli couldn't help but screw things up with Steph.

And just like that… he had a plan. He picked up the phone to execute it.


If you look in profile at the avatar you will see the Wonder Woman I had in mind for the pendant. Then imagine the blue section done in sapphires, the red done in rubies, the stars in diamonds. That's my vision for the pendent.