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The Gift

Previously… "I'm in love with you too." She told him.

"Dé gracias a Dios bebé." He whispered and then translated. "Thank God Babe."

"So can I have the card now?" She asked and he chuckled.

"Can't wait huh?" He asked, his voice laden with amusement.

"No." She said indignantly. He let her go of her and went to pick something off the coffee table. He handed her the card. With a shaky hand she took it from him and looked down to read it.

Someday I hope you'll be MY Wonder Woman. Carlos.

"What… what does this mean? Someone recently told me that I misinterpret things. I don't always do it on purpose and I don't want to get this wrong. So what does this mean?" Stephanie asked. He took her face in his hands.

"Someone recently told me they though I could be good for you and you could be good for me. They said that you could make you happy and that I just had to let you. What I wrote means, Babe, that I want you. I want you and I together, in a relationship, for as long as possible. I want us to try to make each other happy. I'm willing to anything that I can to make that a reality if that's something that you want to."

"But…" He pressed his mouth to hers to stop her words. The kiss was sweet, soft and seductive. It was tender. It was loving. And it showed her without words how he felt. She'd never felt so cherished before.

"What about marriage and a family?" She asked when he released her lips. "I don't know if I want that, but I want that option. You said you didn't do anything stupid like that."

"We'll take it as it comes. Although, you should know I don't think it's stupid anymore, not with you. If that helps." His lips quirked.

"It does." She smiled up at him.

"So…" His words held a question.

"Yes. I'll be with you in whatever way we decide, for as long as possible and I'll do whatever it takes too."

Ranger's mouth crashed down on hers and the kiss was so different from the last. This kiss was hot and needy. It told her how much he wanted her and the joy that he felt. It was an attack on all her senses.

Tongues teased.

Hands roamed and stroked.

Teeth nipped.

Lips caressed and soothed.

Arms held and clung.

Bodies molded and strained.

Pulses hammered.

Finally, Ranger lifted his head and pressed his forehead to hers. They both had to catch their breath.

"Thank you Babe." He told her quietly. "Thank you for my gift."

"But I didn't give you one."

"Yes, Babe, you did. You gave me you." He said solemnly. "And it's the greatest gift I could ever hope to receive."

The End

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