A flash of green eyes, hands fluttering across my spine. Merlin it feels so good. I sense nothing but myself and him. Hands tighten on my hips, pain turning to pleasure. I hear my name slowly changing into erotic sounding hisses, which turn me on to no end. We come almost together, my eyes droop. I look into the eyes of my lover, because that's what he is, I've fallen for him. I want, no, need him, he makes me whole. I smile a genuine smile as Harry Potter draws me into his arms and kisses my cheek, his fingers trailing up the back of my neck to play with the short delicate hairs there.
"I love you" I mumble into his neck, for the first time since I was three and my father had told me love was for the weak...

Draco woke up drenched in sweat, hands clutching the sheets, which were now wet and sticky. He groaned and rolled out of bed. Such a dream could only be a nightmare, he rationalized. It hadn't been real; Draco ignored the feeling of disappointment, telling himself that he was, of course, thankful that it hadn't been real. Totally in denial. Draco gathered his things for a shower. He didn't need anyone; he, the "Ice Prince" of Slytherin, had no heart with which to experience love, at least that's what he kept telling himself.

Harry blushed as he spotted the Slytherin settled in-between his "protectors" on the opposite side of the hall, the blonde seeming to be studiously avoiding all things Gryffindor. Ron and Hermione were too distracted with the argument about whether or not Hermione would help Ron with some unfinished potions homework to notice Harry's preoccupation. Harry pushed his scrambled eggs around the plate, relieved when the owls arrived for a distraction, but when a red letter dropped from Hedwig's talons onto Harry's lap he felt bile rise in his throat and sweat break out across his back. Had Malfoy really sent him a Howler? He had wanted it hadn't he? Had he regretted it this much?

The letter rose as the enchantment recognised the receiver was present. A hush descended on the hall, no matter what the letter said it would be gossip worthy.

"Hello Harry" said the voices of both Fred and George. A frown crossed Harry's features. Not from Malfoy but the twins... they weren't still mad about the dinner fiasco were they? "Revenge is sweet, isn't it little brother? Harry looked to Ron and Hermione for help but none was forthcoming. Another tawny owl swooped in and dropped a vial in Harry's goblet. Harry reached in to fish out a vial with clear liquid inside a bottle with the word "Allure" written across it in bold black lettering with the Weasley Wizarding Wheezes logo on the cork.

"We dosed you, I'm afraid, with one of our newest potions, you hold in your hands one of our miracles that we are currently testing. And so as revenge we used it on you!" Harry's jaw fell open. He was going to kill the twins. What did they do to him?! "Seeing as we're not dead yet, I think we'll explain our little miracle product. Allure draws in the person you most desire and you will forcibly express your feelings in actions or words. The stronger the attraction the stronger the reaction... so, little brother, been getting some?" at this point the howler giggled and Harry paled shaking in anger and humiliation. "Who gets to screw the boy who lived? Or is there just a nasty hand print marring his lovely rosy cheeks?" At this Harry tried to snatch the letter from the air but it dodged his attempts. "Well me and George have a shop to run so don't ignore your feelings harry we have forgiven you... for now.

The letter exploded into flames and Harry sat there in shock. Did that letter just say he had feelings for Malfoy? Harry's pale visage tinted green and he fainted.

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