They made it back to the Great Hall just as everyone was filing in. "Carter!" Hermione called from the Gryffindor table, beckoning her best friend over.

"Better go before Ms. Goody-Two-Shoes gets her knickers in a twist because you're within 100 metres of me." Draco drawled as he glanced around the giant hall, spotting a few people giving him and Carter suspicious looks.

"They don't control me," Carter stepped in closer to Draco, "maybe I want to eat lunch with you." Never one to back down from a challenge, Draco took a step in too.

"Really?" To anyone who watched this interchange between the two had one of two scenarios running through their heads, A. they're totally about to start snogging or B. they're about to claw each others faces off. Since it was clear that one was a Slytherin and the other Gryffindor, most assumed the latter.

"Yeah, but I won't." Carter giggled and walked to the far right to the Gryffindor table.

"Goddamn tease." Draco muttered and made his way to sit between his best friend, Blaise and the school whore, Pansy. Lunch moved by as though time had been caught in a jar of molasses. It seemed like every 20 seconds Draco was looking up, catching Carter's eye. Neither one did any thing more than stare intently at the other, scenarios involving each other naked, handcuffed, on top of a teacher's desk, in a broom closet, everything, flashing through their minds. After lunch, the pair had Fortune Telling and Care of Magical Creatures together. Draco made it a point to do everything in his power to get under Carter's skin. He would purposely get caught staring down her blouse during Fortune Telling when she was bent over the crystal ball trying to discern what was inside. But in Care of Magical Creatures, Draco got Carter good. They were standing outside learning about some sort of insipid animal, at least in Draco's mind, and he was watching Carter from his position between Blaise and Pansy when he threw his arm around Pansy's shoulder. Immediately Carter straightened up, trying to figure out what Draco was playing at. Pansy moved herself in closer to Draco, wrapping one slender arm around his waist, missing the look of disgust that passed over Draco's face for a split second. Carter watched even more intently as Draco began to whisper something into Pansy's ear all while keeping complete eye contact with Carter who, truth be told, was blazing with anger inside. The bell to release class rang and without another thought Draco turned with Pansy still under his arm, toward the castle and strolled lazily inside.

"Asshole." Carter muttered under her breath as she glared daggers into both Draco and Pansy's backs. Arriving in the dungeons for Potions, a familiar and sexy drawl whispered in Carter's ear, "Are those damn skirts really that short of are you just trying to torture me?" Draco flicked his tongue across the shell of her ear. She turned around, fully intent on placing a swift kick to a certain part of Draco's anatomy but he moved away before she could fully turn around. Carter reluctantly took her seat next to Draco and watched him to talk to Crabbe and Goyle waiting for him to turn around so she could rip him a new asshole. She also planned to answer his question about her skirt and share with him that she had taken it upon herself to remove a few inches. However, Snape entered the room, effectively ending all conversations with the swish of his robe. Carter pulled out her and Draco's note parchment and jotted down a quick question. Even though they sat next to each other, no one dared talk while Professor Snape did, except Draco of course.

"So what was with the show with that slag in CofMc?" Draco read the note and his lips slowly curled upwards.

"Wanna play a game?"

Carter read the note and seethed, 'How dare he ignore my question!' "No," she replied back.

"The first to make a noise, loses," he wrote continuing to ignore her.


"Ready…GO!' Before she could even react to Draco's note, he turned toward Carter and grasped her breasts, kneading them and tweaking her nipples through her thin shirt. She could've screamed from the shock but she bit down onto her knuckles to stifle her moans. Luckily Snape was feeling a bit under the weather and had turned on a video of sorts of the, what looked like a prehistoric projector about the use of bezoars and wolfsbane. Carter tried desperately to gain her bearings long enough to think of a counter move but the way Draco's long, experienced fingers quickly made their way inside he shirt and under her bra was mind-blowing; not to mention that he was doing this all in a classroom full of other students! Without even a second glance in his godfather's direction, Draco continued to tweak Carter's increasingly sensitive nipples until they were hard as rocks. Not to be outdone though Carter pulled herself from her daze and grabbed one of Draco's hands. She winked at him as she took two of his fingers and subtly sucked them straight down her throat. Draco nearly came at Carter's show of tremendous sexual skill.. "Fuck me!" Draco growled eyes locked on his fingers as more and more disappeared into Carter's hot mouth, game forgotten.

"Hmm, looks like you lose." Carter hummed around Draco's fingers causing the pure-blood to slam his head down onto his desk in an attempt at self-control. Carter release his fingers with a final lick and a vulgar 'pop' sound. Draco sat up with a look in his eyes that screamed 'I'm about to fuck you through the table.'

"Oh god." Carter moaned just from the look Draco gave her.

"Actually it's Draco but give me another minute and you'll forget your name too." Draco whispered hotly against Carter's ear. Managing to keep his entire body 'focused' toward the screen, Draco extended his right arm to grasp Carter's left thigh. He stroked her inner thigh with his fingertips only, teasing her endlessly. Draco dug his fingers so lightly down her soaking wet panties that Carter could've cried. She grabbed onto Draco's thigh with one hand while the other gripped the desk so hard her knuckles cracked from the pressure. "Shh, love." Draco shushed Carter as she let out a particularly loud moan but dammit, Draco refused to really fucking touch her! He hadn't even moved her underwear. She knew by the end of class she would be sitting in more than a small puddle.

"Drake," Carter whimpered eyes rolling back at the feel of Draco finally moving her knickers to the side to have better access to her wet heat.

"What do you want?" Draco asked. All Carter could manage was a soft moan as her legs began to tremble from the anticipation. "Tell me or I stop.' Draco threatened knowing Carter wouldn't dare deny him, or so he thought.

"Mmm, then stop." Carter moaned into Draco's ear stopping him cold. "It's my turn," she said and bit down behind his ear. That bite all but killed Draco, his dick filled far too quickly causing him to go lightheaded and see stars.

"Fuck Carter!" Draco growled, who knew he loved biting so much.

"Look at me." Carter demanded. Draco slowly lifted his head from the desk and stared into her green eyes with his steel grey ones. He felt her hands making quick work of his belt and fastenings, never once breaking eye contact. Carter slipped her hand inside Draco's trousers, unable to hide her surprise at finding him without boxers. "Did you plan this or is commando the norm for you?" Carter whispered in his ear as she licked lightly from his jaw line down to his neck.

"Well if today turns out the way I'm hoping maybe it will become an everyday style." Draco ground out. Carter's long fingers grasped just hard Draco just hard enough to keep him totally on edge but still begging for more. Draco's eyes began to flutter closed against the feeling of his balls drawing tighter to his body (fuck that! Draco Malfoy's eyes do not fucking 'flutter'). His breathing started to become uneven when, "FUCK!" Draco screamed as the bell to end the day rang. Carter stopped as though nothing had even happened and began packing her bag. "Oh fuck no, you're not about to walk away from me right now!"

"Oh but I am." With that Carter winked at Draco and walked away without a parting glance.

"Dammit Carter." Draco cursed the girl who caused him such a severe problem. 'This is far from over.' Draco thought as he openly brazenly left the room, pants partially undone and headed for the Slytherin dorms.