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God, Emily took forever in school. She said she'd be out at 3:00 and it was now…… 2:35…. Woops. Well, since I AM a werewolf, what seems normal to average human beings feels very slow for me.

I waited for a few more minutes before playing with a shrub nearby. I stopped instantly when the bell rang and students came pouring out.

Finally! She's out! I smiled at the love of my life, my Emily. She was so beautiful. She had flawless russet-colored skin, corn silk straight black hair and the perfect almond-shaped eyes. These past few days have been happier for both of us; well, ever since I told her I was a werewolf. She smiled and ran towards me. I kissed her on the lips for a few seconds then we both parted. We both just stared at each other before she chuckled.

"Hello, now, are we going to La Push or what? I miss Leah!" I laughed and smiled, thinking about la push. Ah, good ole La Push. I grew up on that reservation and I miss it, a lot. I had my first change there, when I was visiting my mom. You see, Emily lives in the Makah tribe and since it wasted time and money, for both of us, if we visited each other every day, I decided to move to the Makah res. I was hesitant to go at first, since I would be leaving behind my mother. But she told me to go, but not to do anything inappropriate. I remember blushing at that statement. Ha, anyway, we climbed into my car and sped off to la push.

I smiled, remembering all my friends there. There was Jacob black and his "homies" as I referred to Quil Ateara and Embry Call. I knew Quil and Jacob were destined to join me, and Jacob to lead me, but I didn't want to tell them that. I wanted them to lead a normal life before the inevitable change. Paul and Jared were also friends of mine. Even though Paul is a little volatile, they had joined my pack and Jared had imprinted on a girl named Kim Connweller. Hearing his thoughts whenever we're in wolf form makes me wish I never imprint. I was perfectly happy with my Emily.

*Sigh* MY Emily. I never want anyone to call her their Emily, ever. I know I sound possesive, but it's true. As we rounded the corner, I started thinking of Leah and Seth Clearwater, Emily's two cousins. Seth was also supposed to join me, but I had to wait a few years for that. Seth had this reputation of being happy. Whenever I see him, he has a huge smile on his face. Leah, Leah was beautiful, I had to admit that. She had russet colored skin, almond eyes and long black hair. She and Emily could pull off being sisters. They were as close as real sisters, so everyone thought they were. If Emily didn't exist, then I would've been with Leah. I told Emily this and she didn't mind. She said her cousin really was beautiful.

We stopped in front of the black house, were Jacob, Quil and Embry were. They didn't tell us, but we knew they were always there. Emily and I went in the front door and saw Billy black, Jacob's father. He turned around upon hearing the door and smiled when he saw us.

"Emily! Sam! Long time no see. They're in the garage." The one thing I like about Billy Black is that he seems so laid back, like he doesn't care as long as we have our fun. I also owed him a lot since he was one of those who told me about me becoming a werewolf. We thanked him and sneaked off into the garage. The three of them were all sitting on the floor, drinking soda and talking. I very quietly opened the door and said,

"Wow, I left you bums, and I return to you bums." They jumped up and they looked ready to attack but then saw it was me, and in unison, shouted my name.

"SAM!" they all started blabbing at once and I told them to shut up and speak one at a time. Jacob spoke first.

"Man, it's good to have you back. It's been so boring without you here! What're we doing first, cliff diving, dirt biking, just plain old goofing off? Oh, hey Emily." Emily returned his greeting with a warm smile. I started thinking of something to do when it hit me. I smiled and said,

"I know what we're going to do!" they all looked at me with big eyes, even Emily. She's probably worried about my safety, again.

"Let's go to the cliffs. I haven't jumped in awhile." That got a big yeah out of everyone. I turned towards my love and silently asked if she wanted to come. She then said,

"Nah, I'm tired. You boys go ahead with your male bonding." With that, she went inside. Quil finally spoke up and asked,

"Dude, we gonna invite the Clearwaters?" I thought about it for awhile, and shrugged.

"Sure. Why not? Invite them, if you want Jared and Paul can come too." They all nodded and we went off to the cliffs.

In the entire reservation, the cliffs were my favorite place. They seemed so calming and relaxing. I used to go here whenever I had trouble with, well, just about anything. When the four of us got there, we weren't surprised to see Paul and Jared waiting there impatiently. When they heard our footsteps, they turned around and welcomed me just like everybody else did. They asked me where Emily was and I told them she was at the Black's house. We heard a motorcycle pull up and I realized that it was Leah and Seth. Damn, that bike is nice. It suddenly made me very envious of Leah, who I assumed owned the bike. Seth bounded forward and smiled. He clasped me on the back and smiled.

"Sam my man! Nice to have you back. Where's my cousin?"

"Oh, she's at the Black's house. Said she was tired." Seth nodded with understanding and went over to Jacob.

I saw Leah walk forward, helmet still on, and I couldn't resist.

"Excuse me miss, but I do believe that you cannot bring in any radioactive mutant in this gathering." I said in my fake British accent. The others caught on and started chuckling.

"Haha, very funny Uley, now help me take off this stupid contraption. I don't even know why my dad told me to put it on."

Her voice sounded so sweet, even if it wasn't supposed to sound sweet, I wonder why I hadn't noticed it before. I helped her with her helmet and her scent, it was intoxicating. When she finally got the helmet off, she shook out her hair and turned around to face me.

Her face, it was so perfect. Never have I noticed how her skin looked like silk, or how her hair flowed down her back. I mentally slapped myself, I'm in love with Emily idiot, but when I searched the inner confines of my heart, I didn't or couldn't feel the love I felt for her anymore. It was filled completely by Leah. Which means,

I imprinted.

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