Be careful what you wish for……

I remember when I learned vampires where real. I can still see Jacob's face in the distance laughing at his heritage. Scoffing at the idea that any of his tribe's legends were true.

I can remember the first time I wanted to be a vampire. Waking up with Edward in my room and hearing him tell me that I was his life. Those are powerful words; life altering words. Knowing that he would be with me forever. Forever.

Forever had become a different word in that one instant. It had become real. I could see what forever really was. It wasn't just a word that is tossed around to signify a deep love or commitment. No, forever was a lasting period of time. A never-ending commitment. A love so deep nothing could pull it apart.

I remember when my forever shattered. The day that I learned that vampires don't have to kill you to hurt you. When Edward walked away from me in the woods my wishes died. He might as well have changed me in the instant because my heart ceased to beat. My breath slowly left my body and my mind began to disappear.

Forever had changed again. It had become an eternity of despair. An endless night plagued with nothing but anguish and loss. Years of holding myself together hoping against hope that something would come along to put me out of my misery. That something would break the cycle of pain. Forever had become a word filled with hate instead of hope.

I remember the last time I wanted to be a vampire. The time that I finally got my wish. The time when forever became not just a word or a feeling of despair but a reality. When I was lost and nothing else could save me.

I had always heard to be careful what you wished for but those words had never rang so true as in that moment. The moment that my life changed; that I changed; that I became the me that I had been placed on this earth to become. And the burden of time and forever had never felt so real.

Yes, be careful what you wish for; you never know when you just might get it.

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