Chapter 5:

Hello at last

We left…We left Kagegakure and I didn't even get to see him once. Damn this stupid law! If the assistant was allowed to attend the meeting I would have seen him five times! But no! God I miss him already. We've been home for almost a week now and I was starting to get a little twitchy. Sasuke noticed it and asked me to take a break to get my mind off things but I only refused. Maybe I should have taken that break when I had that chance. Damn it! Naruto needs to hurry! Sasuke said that he'd come within a week to give us the results. It's been almost a week and that damn Baka is still nowhere to be seen. Um…sorry Naruto…I just miss you. Not only miss you but I love you….

Come home soon….


Three figures appeared by the Konoha village gate in a flash. Two of them began walking but stopped when they saw that the third was still behind. The both turned around – one girl and one boy. "Yōkaikage-Sama….are you coming?" The girl asked. The boy nodded in agreement with the female lookalike. The blonde man before them let out a small smile and shook his head.

"Take it to the Hokage without me please"

Both ninja looked at each other before shrugging, and then they walked away. The Yōkaikage smiled as he looked at the gate. "It's been a long time…" He muttered to himself. Then his blue eyes locked on the two men at the post inside the gate. Both were glaring at him slightly. Naruto glared back.

"What're you looking at?"

"Coffee for the Hokage!" Sakura said with a bubbly smile as she set a coffee down on Sasuke's desk. The black haired man raised a brow and looked up. She was acting rather odd today. Maybe it was coffee or just the fact she was trying to be happy. Sasuke set the cup down as she set a few papers down on his desk. Maybe….she was trying a little 'too' hard. "What's wrong?" She asked after noticing his staring. "Did I over roast it? Is it too sweet?"

"No that's not it…" Sasuke muttered as he spun the cup around. "You seem like your trying too hard to be happy." He knew she was upset since she didn't get to see Naruto but now it was just too much for him. "Just quit the act and be depressed. It's not good for you to keep it all in you know…"

"I know" Sakura answered with a small smile. "I let it out at home" She then said. Sasuke raised a brow only telling her that he knew she was lying. "Ok…maybe I don't" She sat down on a chair in front of his desk and sighed. "I…just don't really know 'how' to let it out really…maybe I should go to Ino…."

Sasuke went to say something but the door was knocked on. He and Sakura both looked; both wearing different expression. Sakura was excited; she really wanted it to be Naruto. Sasuke was only calm; he didn't exactly care. "Come in" The Hokage said. As soon as he did the door opened and too look-alike ninja walked in.

"Hello" They both greeted at the same time. "I'm Aoi" The girl greeted with a bow. "And I'm Akio" The boy greeted right after with his own bow. "And we're here to give you the results" They both then said. Then before they did something else they looked at each other. Aoi was first to speak.

"Do you have it?"


Sakura sighed as the twins spoke to one another. She wondered why he sent the twins. "Um…our mistake" Aoi said while looking over again. "Yōkaikage-Sama still has the papers" She laughed a little nervously and jerked a thumb over her shoulder. "We forgot to take it from him. We'll be back in only a few minutes. He's waiting at the gate—"

"I'll come with you!"

Sakura startled the twins when she stood to yell this. "I'll get it from him so you don't have to come all the way back" She then said. Both twins looked at each other before looking at the pinkette to nod. Sakura put on a smile and followed both brunettes out. Trying now to lose control she followed them both down the street. Finally she was going to see him. There was nothing going to stop it from happening this time either. She glanced over the twins' shoulder and saw the gate in the distance. A figure wearing a red coat with black flames stood there. A bright yellow bush of hair on their head. He wasn't looking their way but she could tell it was him.

The pinkette sped up and passed the twin ninjas. She needed to speak with him alone. So if she left the twins behind she'd have time to do so. Her walking slowed as she approached the Yōkaikage. She watched him reach up to scratch his head while he stared outside the gate, then his hand dropped to rest at his side. "Naruto?"

The blonde slightly flinched at her voice and turned around. She smiled. It was the first time she had seen him in four years and he didn't seem to change at all. He looked a lot more mature though and was much taller then before; still taller then her but now by nearly two feet. "Wow…Sakura…it's been awhile" He smiled at her as he said this; his voice sending chills down her spine. When he opened those two sapphires called eyes and leaned over and squinted his eyes a bit. "Wow you got short"


She punched the blonde in the arm and he grabbed it while laughing. "Sorry…I just had to say it" He said before dropping his hand. Then he looked over her shoulder to see the twins. "Oh…that's why you came" He let out a small chuckle before reaching into his coat. He pulled out an envelope and held it out to her. "The twins always forget. I swear they're like Nani." He let out another goofy chuckle as she took it. "Is that all you came for?"

"No actually" Sakura answered as she held the envelope close. "I came to talk with you." She then said. The blonde smiled and nodded; telling her to go on. "I was in Kagegakure the whole time and never got a chance to speak with you and now that I do…I really have no idea what to say"

"I can help with that"

"You what?"

"Ok…let's see" Naruto started with a hand on his chin. "I'll start it out with…I really missed you Sakura-Chan." As he said the last part, his voice became more calm and caring. He smiled after and rubbed the bottom of his nose. "It's been awhile since I said your name like that. It felt nice" Sakura smiled and nodded. She felt the same way. No one called her name with a suffix like that in a really long time.

"Well…I missed you too Naruto" Sakura said back after a moment. "You know…I really missed you. More then you probably know." She fiddled with her sweater as she spoke to him. Why was she so nervous? Oh right…. "Can you come visit more?"

"Well…" Naruto looked at the two men at the post before looking at her again. "I don't think I can come visit here but…" He pointed behind him with his thumb. "If you ever want to come visit me there or if you want to be alone then we could meet in a small village out there. Maybe Tanzaku Town—"

"Why can't you come in here?"

The blonde stopped whatever he was doing; his mouth still slightly open. "I uh…was banished remember?" He asked while rubbing his head. "Even if I am the Yōkaikage…I'm still Naruto right?" He set his hand down and pointed at the ground. "And Naruto isn't allowed to cross that line" Sakura looked down only to see the line that separated the stone from the dirt. He was on the dirt side while she was on the stone. Sakura glanced over to the two ninja watching them talk and then looked at the blonde. She took a step back and pointed to the ground in front of her.

"Cross the line"





"I'm not allowed"


"So…I'm not crossing"

Sakura's eyes slightly twitched. Even after not seeing him for four years he was still getting on her nerves. The same thing happened after his two and a half training trip. Guess it was a regular thing for them. "I won't let them touch you" She said to him; ignoring the fact that the two were no longer sitting in their seats. "Just go ahead and step right there" Naruto shook his head with a childish face telling her that he didn't want to. 'Still as stubborn as ever….'

"Yōkaikage-Sama. Are we leaving?"

Naruto opened his eyes while Sakura looked over her shoulder. The twins had asked this at the same time and were both standing there with curious faces. He could tell they wanted to go home. "Look Sakura-Chan. I need to go back" He then said; gaining the pinkette's attention. "Go ahead and give that to Sasuke and if you ever want to meet up again just let me know ok?" She slowly nodded as the twins passed by and he smiled. "Don't get all down ok." He held up a thumbs up and smiled even more. "I promise we'll see each other again"


"Of a life time"

Her eyes slightly widened when he said that last part. "And maybe…" He then started as he turned around. He let out a sly grin that she couldn't see. "You'll finally go on that date you promised me a few months before I brought Sasuke home" He tried not to laugh as he waved over his shoulder and walked off to meet up with the twins. He knew that Sakura was a bit spaced at that moment. She probably didn't remember or she was surprised that 'he' remembered. 'She'll come to her senses soon….'

Why was she still there? A week passed since she saw him and still she stayed in Konoha. Every day she looked out the gate and mentally debated if she should go visit Naruto or not but each time the negative route always won. She would turn away and walk to the Hokage's mansion. She couldn't make up her mind. She knew if she asked Sasuke to leave he'd probably say no. He always did so why would he now?

Sakura hung her head as she walked down the hall towards Sasuke's office. Her hands impatiently tapped the cup of coffee as she did so. She opened the door and walked in as soon as she got there before shutting the door behind her. Sasuke looked up as soon as she did. The pinkette looked especially down that day. He had seen her depressed but not like this. 'First she's too happy….' He thought as she set the cup down. 'Now…she's too depressed.' The Uchiha sighed as she begun to take her leave. "Sakura come here"

The pinkette looked over her shoulder with depressed green eyes. He never really asked her to well – come here – unless it was something important. She turned around and made her way over before flopping herself down in the seat; her eyes just sadly staring forward at the Hokage. "Sakura, don't think I don't know what's wrong"

"I never said anything about that." Sakura responded sadly. "I knew very well that you knew" She then said; shutting her eyes slowly. Sasuke grabbed the pen that rested on the desk and tossed it at her. She reacted immediately and opened her eyes. "What?" She then lazily asked. She grabbed the pen and through it back but he caught it and set it aside.

"Just go"


Sasuke sighed. "I know you love the dobe" He muttered; making her eyes slightly widen. "And I know you miss him. So go" He then said. Sakura raised a brow. "You can go live there, visit there….anything. I don't care. If you want to be with him….then do whatever you need to do to do that. Move out, marry him, I don't care. Just do what you want"


Sakura asked this as she stood up. Sasuke nodded to her and pointed behind him. "Just go already Sakura." He said. "Besides, I can always get another assistant.…" He set his hand down and gave her a small smile. "Just make sure you two write ok?"

"Ok" Sakura responded. She turned around and left the building as fast as she could. 'First I'll go down there to tell him that I'll be moving in…' She stopped and looked at the ground. 'No…take that back….first I'll tell him how I feel…then tell him I'm moving in'

Naruto yawned. He was tired of sitting around and doing paperwork in the office. He felt like he was being worked all week. He set his head in one of his hands and shut his eyes. 'Maybe I should sneak out…' He thought. 'I don't have too much to do today' He opened one eye and smiled. 'Ok…made my decision…' He looked out the window over his shoulder to see Nani hanging out in the garden. Then he got up from the chair and slowly made his way over to the door. He reached over and set a hand on the handle.



The door was slammed open as soon as this yell was sounded. He was slammed into the wall because of this as Kanzi entered the room. "Yōkaikage-Sama?" She asked when she saw no one there. She heard a groan from behind the door and looked. As soon as he could, Naruto reached up and grabbed his nose. "Oh…heheh….sorry" She opened the door all the way and helped him walk back over to the desk. "That's what you get for trying to sneak out. Why didn't you try the window?"

"Nani would have caught me…"

Kanzi shook her head as he sat down and leaned his head back to rub his nose. "It's a good thing I caught you though…" She muttered as she reached into a drawer and grabbed a paper towel roll that was used for all the other times she caught him. Then she pulled off a couple pieces and handed it to him so he could set it over his nose. "Because you have a guest"

"Who is it?"

"Miss. Haruno" Kanzi answered; making him look back forward; fastening the blood flow. "She said she wanted to speak with you about something really important" The assistant then said with a hand on his shoulder. "Do you want to speak with her now?"


His mouth was covered by the towel so he couldn't exactly speak but she knew he was saying something positive. "Alright. I'll go get her" Kanzi then said before taking her hand away. "Keep your head up" Rolling his eyes, the blonde did as she said as she left the room. He, every once in awhile, glanced over to the door to see if Sakura had entered the room. His free hand tapped the desk as he waited. What was taking them so long?

He shut his eyes and kept tapping the desk until he heard the door shut; making him look back down. "What's the matter? Get a bloody nose?" Sakura asked at the door. Naruto nodded; his eyes slightly wide. The pinkette smiled and walked over. "What for? The door slamming in your face, or the fact that I came to see you?" The blonde man shook his head but she didn't exactly know what the reason was for. "Look…I need to tell you something important" Naruto raised a brow and took the paper towel away from his nose as she stood in front of the desk.

"What….kind of important?"

"I dunno…like 'really' important" Sakura answered as he wiped off his nose. She held her hands together behind her back with a smile. He only stared at her with narrow eyes; asking her to just say it already. She then sighed and dropped her hands to her side. "Can you're brain process that at all?"

"Ok…so…when you mean 'really'…" He started as he got up from the chair. "Does it mean…I'm going to like it?" He then asked; now standing in front of her. She only raised a brow; asking him what he really meant. "Am I going to like this news? Because I don't really like news that I don't like…" Sakura giggled.

"Still funny"

Naruto lightly laughed back. Sakura loved the moment. She hadn't laughed with him in a very long time and this was the first time since. "But seriously" Naruto then said; immediately stopping his laugh. "What's the 'really' important news?" After he asked this she blushed slightly while looking down.

"Well" Sakura started as he put his hands in his pockets. "Ever since way before you were banished…I started caring about you more and more, and soon it became more and more and it turned into a crush…and after that…I…I really don't know how I'm going to say it really. I told myself how to say it many times but now that it's actually happening…I don't know ho—"

"Whoa Whoa!" Naruto interrupted. "You lost me at crush" His hand was up and out of his pocket as he said this. The way he looked at her made her laugh soon after. He laughed with her and rubbed his head and when the laughing died down and smiled sweetly while setting a hand on her upper arm. "So you mean to say…" He started as they both blushed. He looked down for a moment as his hand traveled down to take her hand. "You love me?" He looked up into her eyes exactly when he asked.

"That…could be a way to put it…" Sakura said as she moved a little closer; smiling. His eyes seemed to tear up as he smiled back. She cocked her head to the side as he wiped his eye with a slight laugh. "What's wrong?"

"It's nothing really" Naruto muttered. "It's just…you admitting that…" He shook his head as she reached up to cup his cheeks. He seemed to be crying freely now. "Plus I haven't seen you in four years…regarding the other week…and well your going home soon right? This is pretty big for me…"

"Well that's another thing I wanted to say."Sakura said to him; while rubbing his whiskered cheek. "I actually wanted to move down here and you know maybe live with you and Nani…is that all right?" She asked. The blonde nodded – face completely red – and went to say something but the door opened completely shattering the moment.

"Hi Naruto-Kun!"

Nani yelled this as she ran inside. She stopped as soon as she saw Sakura holding his face. The pinkette dropped her hands and smiled innocently at the girl. "And…Sakura?" She asked now walking a bit closer. "And why is he crying?!"

"Hey Nani" Naruto greeted; whipping his tears away. He walked over and picked the girl up to hold her. "It's nothing really" He said to her with a smile. "Sakura just came by to ask if she could live with us!"

"Really?! Are you guys getting married?!"

"Um…well I don't know about that…yet…"

Sakura giggled as the two walked out of the room. She looked around the room and saw that it was plain. It wasn't like the Hokage's office. There were no pictures and there was only one window. She walked over to the desk and looked to see if there was anything on it. She smiled when she saw it. The picture of Team 7 framed and set on the right side of his desk. The pinkette reached into the bag she had with her and took out Naruto's head band.

Sakura set it down on his desk and looked up just in time to see them come back in the room. She moved around it to greet the two before he set the girl down. "Alright Nani and I talked about it and we think it'd be a great idea!" Naruto said with a large smile. Nani nodded with a loud 'yup' as she held up a thumbs up in agreement. "I'll even sneak in the village to help you pack" Sakura smiled after the blonde said this.

"Thanks Naruto…"

"Alright Nani" Naruto started as he set a hand on her head. "Go see if you van make room for her things while we go back to Konoha!"

"Yes Sir!"

The small brunette ran out of the room as fast as she could while Naruto walked back over to the desk. "I'll just get some things here do—" He paused when he saw his head band on the desk. "My...head band…I haven't seen this since—" Sakura set a hand on the desk to interrupt him. When he looked up she gave him a smile.

"We're not going anywhere until we go on that date"