Chapter 1

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"Demon/Summon Boss"

"Naruto Uzumaki, what did you do wrong?" asked the Caretaker at the orpanage.

"I went for seconds when I know I'm not supposed to.." Naruto said solemnly.

"And do you know what the punishment is for whoever it is that does that?" she replied.

"Yeah." He appeared close to tears, it was his second year at the orphanage, his last year. He had never been punished once. He had made sure to always listen, he hated being punished, for any reason.

"Well, a hit from the "belt" will suffice, for today. Naruto, you know how much I hate punishing you kids, but you guys have to learn to listen. It's your last year here, after that you get kicked out, and get your own aparment. If you don't listen now, how will you take care of yourself then?" She tried soothing him.

She knew that the villagers would always stare at the boy, making him feel secluded, and left out. They would never go as far out to directly hurt the boy, the ninja detail he always had covering him made sure of that. But mentally the boy was torn. The only people he knew were older ninja's, the one's that often visited him to see his well being, and that was sometimes once a week. But the boy needed friends his own age. The villagers would stare and scorn him. Slowly pushing him away from society.

She left him to dwell in his room, while she ventured down the hallway to go and get the belt. 'Poor boy, discriminated against in his own village.' Ofcourse she knew of his… tenant, but she was specifically placed here, because the Hokage knew she was indifferent to it. He was strictly forbidden, in the risk of causing a civil war if he favourited a certain orphan, then there would be disputes on why other ninja's hadn't gotten certain benefits. So the best he could do was ask her, to take over the orphanage and protect the boy.

The boy had never been beaten before, he was raised by a nursery medic from birth to five, and then was sent to the orphanage, and at the age of seven, he would receive an apartment, and be enlisted in the Ninja Art's Academy, as he had already discussed wanting to be a ninja with several of the jounins that visited him.

She came back to the boy, him showing a cold indiference, but she knew that he was cringing inside, he started having a cold demeanour after visiting the market district of the village for several reasons, and had glares thrown at him, he had stopped talking animatedly, and had lost his enthusiasm in general. She raised the belt to whip him, as soon as she attempted it, she heard him whimper before the pain, and then heard a soft thunk, something that shouldn't be heard when hit with a belt, and when she looked at him, she was surprised.

Naruto whimpered subconciously as he felt the belt approaching, and waiting for the whiplash, and the slap sound. But all he heard was a thunk, and slowly moved his eyes to his abdomen, hoping to god something had stopped it. He nearly screamed as he saw bones protruding from his abdomen, and blocking the belt from hitting him.

Naruto, now age thirteen, was ready to graduate from the academy. After first finding out about his abilities with bones, he had been confronted by the Hokage, and had found out his mom, or father was a Kaguya. He had read up on all the scrolls that the Hokage had fed him, He was the first Kaguya that was known to be alive, as they had been exterminated in Kirigakure, for having tried to overthrow the Daimyo, with the Seven Swordsman, and were slaughtered, personally by the Mizukage and his guard for trying it.

The Seven Swordsman had escaped, while the Kaguya had been slaughtered. He learned that they were a village's war tribe. Basically they were there to fight. They wanted no other purpose but to be enlisted to fight and kill. They were the ultimate battle unit. Amazing defensive capabilites, using their extremely hardened bones as defense, harder and stronger than any other human's bones, had an amazing offense with abilities to create new weapons at a moments touch, and still had the ability to manipulate chakra, just like a normal ninja.

Naruto was only able to do one jutsu of the Kaguya, but had a massive chakra reservoire, but also had full control of his bone ability. Apparently, according to the scrolls, he had unlocked his ability several years before the normal age, which meant his body had enough power to hold the ability under control. The Kaguya clan had lived in a world of kill or be killed. The Kagua bloodlimit had no abilites to subdue enemies, all of the abilities were instant kill, such as the Bone Bullets, or defense.

He had begun training Kenjutsu by himself, learning how to wield the different blades he could make, so atleast he could hold them, and use them with rudimentary skills. Naruto had learned Kage Bunshin randomly, as the Hokage had seen his plight with the normal Bunshin, and even after letting a Jounin teach Naruto the tree-climbing exercise, he simply had too much chakra. Ofcourse his clones couldn't use his bone abilities.

Naruto had absolutely failed at the written tests, he simply didn't care about history, or about mundane facts. The Taijutsu test he had excelled at, when you couldn't get hit without the person using all their strength, just to bruise or fracture their own bones, there was no way he could lose, and at Ninjutsu he was rated above average, with his massive chakra reserves. The last part of the test had been to make several bunshin, but he had been allowed to use Kage Bunshin, much to his relief. Now he was waiting within the classroom with the rest of his classmates.

He had been labelled some type of weirdo, apparently having a bloodline limit where you could use your bones as the ultimate weapon, instead of having the amazing Sharingan eyes, which made Sasuke look amazingly cool, to copy the failed Kunoichi in his class. Ofcourse the village still hadn't let him be peaceful, still regarding him coldly, even though he had the infamous Shikotsu Myaku blood line limit, the last one at that.

As his last classmate straggled in, Ino Yamanaka, Iruka-sensei followed in after her. There were only 9 left, of the starting 21. Most of the students had left to pursue some civilian career, as the Shinobi career was a hard one to accomplish.

"Congratulations! Everyone in here has passed the exam, and you are now officially Konoha Genin! Please do Konoha proud and be respectful, as you now represent a part of Fire Countries military force." He paused to stare at each of them in turn. "I will now tell you your 3-man teams, consisting of 3 of you, and one jounin-sensei. Here are the teams, Team 7, you will consist of Uchiha Sasuke, Sakura Haruno, and Kiba Inuzuka. Your jounin-sensei is Hatake Kakashi! Please go to the next room, and await him there. Team 8, you will consist of Uzumaki Naruto, Hyuuga Hinata, and Aburame Shino. Your new sensei is Kurenai Yuuhi! Team 9, you will consist of Ino Yamanaka, Chouji Akimichi, and Nara Shikamaru. Your Jounin-sensei is Sarutobi Asuma! Everyone please move to the next room, and await your sensei's there." He said, and silently pointed towards the door.

Naruto slowly walked towards the next door room. 'Hmm. My team seems competent, we have a Hyuuga, their Byakugan will provide good long range cover, and an Aburame, their bug abilities are mysterious. I do not know a lot about him, except that all Aburame have amazing midrange combat, the ability their bugs have are amazing. I can use my enhanced bones as Taijutsu, and large chakra reserves with my unstoppable stamina to stop anything in its tracks.' He slowly thought to himself, as he opened the door.

He slowly sat down with Hinata on his left and Shino on his right, as they waited for their sensei. All their other classmates sat within their own teams in separate corners of the room, making the room seem slightly hostile. Naruto's eyes moved up, as he saw the door open, and a women step through it wearing a red and white outfit. She had crimson eyes, and appeared to hold herself in high regards. She walked directly to them, and told them to meet her in the park that was right next to the academy. She immediately dissapeared, blurring out of their vision within seconds of her message.

Naruto immediately went towards the window, and leapt out of it, racing towards the park that he often saw on his way to the academy. He reached their within a minute, Shino appearing behind him, with Hinata slowing down as she had run there. They all sat in the grass, waiting for her to address them.

"So. You guys are my first team. This is going to be new for all of us, so please feel right at home with me. I;m supposed to take care of you guys until you are promoted, and I'm also your teacher. I want you guys to tell me your abilities and what you hope to accomplish in your Ninja career." She stated simply to them.

"Sensei… Why don't you start us off?" Hinata timidly asked.

"Alright, I guess I should've done that. Anyways, Im Kurenai Yuuhi, Konoha's newest Genjutsu Mistress. I hope to stop the stereotype that most Kunoichi aren't good Ninja's, and I wish to make you guys the best you can be, to prove that I am a good sensei. Alright, Uzumaki, you first" She stated, pointing at Naruto.

"Well, I'm Naruto Uzumaki, my abilities are that I have a bloodline limit, where I can control my bones to any extent, making me a formidable close range opponent, but I also have amazing chakra reserves, and endless stamine, but with next to no Chakra control. I hope to show the stupid villagers that they have no reason to frown at me, and prove them all wrong that I can be an amazing Shinobi." He said with a fire underneath his eyes.

"Alright, so a close range fighter! Aburame Shino, your next" She exclaimed.

"My goals in life are to prove that my clan can consist of a top-level Shinobi, and that we can't be counted out just because we use bugs as our weapons. I can consistenly use my bugs, and the bugs around me to any degree, making me good at midrange fighting, but I can't go in close range as my body is very fragile with the bugs building their colonies inside of me." He stated with a cold demeanour.

"Perfect. People that want to prove something. Last is you, Hyuuga Hinata."

"Ughm. I'm Hyuuga Hinata, I want to show to my clan that I am not weak, and that I can do anything that they can, and better. I want to prove myself to be a good Kunoichi, and make everyone see that I am not weak and useless. My abilites are my clans Byakugan, Jyuuken, and my high chakra control." She stuttered out.

"Alright. So we have two close range fighters, and a midrange. This is perfect. You guys have completed my test." She stated with a smile.

"Sensei… What test?" Naruto questioned.

"Well, I was going to see if you guys had good beliefs, and not overly selfish ones, which would end up hurting yourself, and the people around you. You all want to prove yourselves as good Ninja, which shows me that you guys are properly devoted. We will forsake missions right now, and I will focus on training you all, to see your abilities first hand. Tomorrow, everyone meet me at Training Ground 8, at 2. Ill see you all there." She replied, and then dissapeared infront of their eyes.

Naruto quickly made his way to the Training Ground. He couldn't wait to get this going. He was finally an official Genin, a bad rank, but a rank at least. He had met Shino and Hinata on his way, and they walked silentely side by side, as they reached their location. Their sensei was already sitting there, balancing blades of grass on her hands, to perfect her chakra control. She saw them approaching as she opened her eyes, and went to greet them.

"Great! You guys are here early. Alright. Well, what we are going to do is a Three on Three. I got Kakashi's team to come, as he just gave them their test, and they finally passed. They are on their way now. I want you guys to strategize while we are waiting, you guys all know each other personally, so use that to your advantage." She said as she watched them sit down.

Naruto was the first to speak. "Alright. We know who's on their team, Sakura, Kiba, and Sasuke. What do we know about them? I know that Sasuke has good Taijutsu, and some decent Ninjutsu, while Kiba has good Taijutsu, paired with good Ninjutsu. I know nothing of Sakura, except she has book smarts, and might try a trap or two. You guys got any idea's?" Naruto asked after his explanation.

"I saw we each pick an opponent, and then move ourselves out, and then group back together if it doesn't work. I'll take Sasuke, as I have better mid-range abilities then him, and if I can stay out of his grasp, then he will be depleted out of chakra, allowing you two to finish him off. I saw Naruto gets Kiba, as he is the only one that can fend off his attacks, and Hinata can take Sakura, as Hinata is good at close range, and can percieve traps perfectly." Shino calmly stated, making a sound strategy.

"Alright. Hinata, you fine with that?" Naruto asked giving confirmation.

"S-sure" Hinata stuttered out.

The team idly sat there, waiting for Team 7 to show up, each thinking of strategies to take on their opponents. Naruto sat there wondering, if Kiba would be able to break through his defense. 'I have to predict where he's going to strike, as it would be awkward moving around if I just sprouted bones from everywhere, and I wouldn't be able to fight back, leaving me completely on the defensive, and he could easily change targets, going for Hinata and Shino from behind.' Naruto thought out.

They all saw the other team approaching, and watched as Kakashi and Kurenai chatted about their respective teams, waiting for each team to get ready. Kakashi then watched as the teams got their members into certain positions, corresponding to his teams. Thus making a faceoff between the members. He walked inbetween the two teams, and raised his hands, signifying the soon to start match. The Genin then readied themselves to spring into combat.

"Hinata, no Jyuuken. Sasuke, no deadly fireballs, only light burns allowed. No killing. Don't try to break bones unless it happens. Begin!"

Kakashi jumped back, his team immediately going into combat. Kiba immediately went straight for Shino, according to Sasuke's pre made strategy, Kiba had to take Shino out, while Sasuke went for Hinata, and Sakura hoped to hold off Naruto, just so they could take down one of Naruto's teammates.

"Gatsuuga!" was heard as Kiba typhooned his way to Shino, his pet Akamaru trailing behind him, also in typhoon form.

Naruto immediately jumped in to aid Shino, as Hinata made a mad dash towards Sakura, who was attempting to throw a kunai at Naruto. Naruto immediately sprouted bones from his sternum, blocking Kiba's assault on Shino, but being pushed back by the brunt of Akamaru's attack coupled with Kiba's. Sasuke ran past Kiba, hoping to get a hit on Shino, but Shino was already prepared, spewing bugs out from under his sleeves. Sasuke quickly jumped back, not wanting to get caught, and watched as Kiba and Naruto tried to trade blows, but Kiba wasn't managing as all of his blows resounded with sharp thumps as his knuckles hit bone, making Kiba wince every time.

Hinata was trying to hit Sakura, who was making a sad attempt at avoiding, throwing Kunai back at Hinata at every chance, but they were easily avoided. Sakura had already been hit twice in pressure points, making every movement in her left arm scream in pain. Sakura had to yell out for Sasuke, who was too caught up in dodging Shino's bugs. He immediately looked back, and went for Hinata, the bugs switched targets, easily taking over Sakura's form, knocking her out after her small reserves were almost depleted.

Sasuke was engaging Hinata in taijutsu, showing her that he had the obvious strength, as he would strike her for every strike she gave him, his doing more damage. Eventually after trading off blows for almost thirty seconds, did she fall and call out defeat. Sasuke had just overwhelmed her with speed and strength, making sure she had no oppurtunities to recuperate under his onslaught.

It was now an even two on two, and Shino was running out of chakra to control his bugs with. Even though Sakura's pool had saturated his bugs, they only gave him roughly 20% of her pool, which wasn't a lot. Shino would have one shot at getting Sasuke or Kiba, and if that didn't work, well than he would have to forfeit himself out. He immediately sent a swarm of bugs after Sasuke, which then diverted straight to Kiba, faking out Sasuke. Who then rushed Shino, and attacked him with ferocious strikes, making Shino go down without too much of a hassle, as Kiba had only been minorly effected before the bugs had retreated.

Kiba and Sasuke smirked as they had a one man advantage.

"So… Kurenai. Who do you think is going to win?" Kakashi asked, as he slowly tried to reawaken Sakura and Hinata, while Kurenai was trying to help Shino get back on his feet.

"Don't know. Naruto's defense is amazing, but I haven't seen any offense though, he hasn't had much time for it, as that boy and his dog are giving him quite the trouble, and adding Sasuke will only add to it. The favour is in your team, but we haven't seen anything yet." She replied.

Naruto was having trouble. A lot of trouble. He was dealing with a dog who would randomly start spinning and tearing at him with his claws, and a boy who just wouldn't give up, and now another Genin that was just as strong as Kiba in Taijutsu regards. He was having to sprout bones at an alarming pace, watching as soon as they left his bodies touch as they hit the floor and disintegrated into the air. He watched as Sasuke and Kiba both backed off, letting him recuperate, as they prepared for a dual attack.

Naruto prepared his chakra to force his bones out of his body, hoping he could protect himself from whatever is coming. He saw them move their hands, and immediately steadied himself.

"Kage Shuriken no Jutsu!" Sasuke yelled out as he threw several Shuriken at Naruto, who immediately sprouted bones, while Kiba immediately jumped up over Naruto, and yelled "Gatsuuga!" With his pet mimicing him, but from behind Naruto.

Kurenai watched as Naruto was getting attacked on three fronts, and wanted to see what he could pull off. She saw bones sprout from behind him, infront of him, and saw a makeshift cranium appear off of the back of his head, making him seem like a skeletal warrior. She watched as the three attacks all burrowed into him, digging him into the ground and forcing his body to adjust to the pressure of their attacks. She watched as he crashed into the floor, and the boy and his dog detach and retreat, catching their breath with their teammate.

Naruto looked up. 'That was too close.' The bones slowly fell off of him, leaving him with no armor, but he immediately sprouted out a blunted katana. Just as he was about to charge, there was a blur inbetween them, and Kakashi stepped in.

"That's enough from the three of you, this fight will go on forever. We have learned what we needed to improve. Team 7, come with me. Kurenai, thanks for the invite." Kakashi said joyfully as he walked away, his team slowly trudging behind him.

Naruto slowly walked towards Kurenai, dropping his sword as it went, watching the faint particles float away. He met up with his teammates, and sat down beside his sensei.

"Well, I know what we all have to improve on. We have the works of a great team here, just need to fine tune everyone, and we'l be ready. Here are some things I noted. At first, I was going to ask why Naruto didn't hand you guys off weapons, but I watched as soon as they left the touch of his body, they dissapeared, so that leaves that out. Anyways, we all need to work on certain aspects. Hinata, you need to work on your long range combat, and overall conditioning. Even though Sasuke is male, he shouldn't have overpowered you by that big of a margin. You weren't able to take down Sakura fast enough, because you don't have any long range tactics or jutsu's. Ill get you started on that." She paused to watch what Hinata would think.

Hinata looked up, and with finality said "I will try my hardest sensei!"

"Shino and Hinata will train together, Hinata, you will make sure Shino is very hard to target down, his body doesn't have the strength of being able to do Taijutsu combat, so we have to make sure he has good speed, and the ability to out maneouvre an opponent until you guys can help him out. Shino, you have to work on bigger chakra reserves, you should be able to keep your bugs saturated for longer." She also waited on Shino's reply.

"Hai. Sensei, I will work for the goals you have set." Shino simply replied.

"Now Naruto, we need to work on several completely different things for you. First of all, your Chakra control, we need that to be atleast somewhat decent, you were wasting a lot of Chakra on pushing those bones out, and even though you have giant reserves, you should make sure they are treated better. Your defense, as we have just seen, is amazing. I don't think I've ever seen anything like that done before. You have to work on making openings, and exploiting mistakes, and then acting faster." She stated staring right at him.

"I will work to better myself, Sensei." Naruto replied.

"Alright! Now as a team, I have gotten a strategy in the works for you guys, which I think will work perfectly, we just need to tweak somethings for it to work. Here's what I have – Naruto will be our close quarters fighter, he has an amazing defense, and also good offense, making him a deadly foe to overlook, and you two will rely on that. Shino, you will work on sending out fewer bugs, but making those work to our advantage, have a few control groups of bugs, nothing more than thirty or less per, for discretion, and just plant them on the enemy. You will stay mid range, to reduce the chance of getting picked off, as Naruto will be able to retreat back to you if you need help, or if he is getting overwhelmed. Hinata, you personally will stand as Shino's body guard, and with your decent sized reserves, and good chakra control, and coupled with Byakugan, will make the ultimate supporter. You can watch for flanks, trickery, or traps set for Naruto, cover Shino with your Jyuuken style, and since that requires very little chakra, send off Jutsu's to aid Naruto, and potentially used Genjutsu also." Kurenai finished off, making It seem like a sound strategy.

"That seems perfect sensei, but to keep Shino's reserves up, why doesn't he plant some bugs on me, to drain my chakra? I have large reserves, and after the bugs are sated, doesn't all the chakra go straight to Shino? Thus making him have larger reserves, and he will be working on it also, making him have a very large capacity." Naruto wondered.

"That is indeed true Naruto, but wont you start to feel the effects, and in the end damage yourself?" Kurenai asked, making sure that he could solve the problem on his own.

"Producing bones doesn't take a lot of my chakra. It takes roughly 0.8% per bone I remake, and that's why my current chakra control, if I make it better, I will have lots of Chakra to spare for Jutsu, and resupplying my bones." Naruto answered.

"Shino, what do you think of this strategy?" Kurenai asked Shino.

"It could potentially work, but we would have to factor in the amount of enemies, and their abilities so I don't drain Naruto too much during the fight." Shino replied.

"Good, you guys are already thinking as a team." She congratulated them. "I want you guys to meet me here tomorrow for training, good job today. Get to know eachother when you can, it'l make for better team chemistry, and make you better friends with each other." Kurenai than sent them off.

'Atleast they're better than I thought they would be, both in talent and attitude.' She smiled to herself.

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