Serius Prime


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-Implied sexual themes and innuendos

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This story takes place in the world depicted in one of my other stories: ZAT: The Immortal Saiyan, which can be found at: http://fanfiction .net/s/4921180/1/ZAT_The_Immortal_Saiyan and though I'd say this story stands decently well on its own, I would definitely recommend reading the main story to obtain a better understanding for the happenings of this one.

This story is meant to take place during, and after the events of ZAT:Immortal, and I intend to approach this story with a different kind of twist. I hope you all enjoy it. Please R&R or feel free to email me at: revu at revstuff dot com

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Chronicle 1: Gas Pockets

Part 1

The room was dark, pitch black except for the one light slowly swaying slightly from the ventilation in the smoky room. The light illuminated only a small table and the two men who sat at opposite sides of it. The larger of the two men exhaled the smoke from his cigarette allowing it to mix in with rest of the dank atmosphere.

"You're full of lies old man…" he spoke with a deep accent.

"As remarkable as it may appear, it is only the truth I speak…" The older man spoke quietly in his seat, "The Serius Prime, they told me…"

The other man interrupted, "They do not exist you decrepit loon!" The older man became quiet again. "We know what you created… We know you developed a perpetual energy generator and we must know how it works, you will tell us."

Shaking his head the old man tried to explain, "You don't understand, energy cannot be simply created or destroyed, it must come from somewhere. The machine I created, it absorbs energy from other dimensional realms to fuel its transition between realities. It cannot perform the functions you ask…"

"You're lying again…" The man blew out another puff of smoke. "You're delusions of other universes are but fool's dreams; the stuff of fiction. We are only interested in the now…"

The older man said nothing and remained perfectly silent.

Chuckling slightly the larger man crushed his cigarette in the ash tray allowing the glowing embers to blow across the table, "I suppose it doesn't really matter anymore. Our scientists have confiscated the device and will know its secrets soon enough…"

"THEY MUSTN'T TOUCH IT!" The old man tried jumping but the straightjacket he wore kept him secured to his seat. His breathing became labored and sweat built upon his brow, "They have no idea of the horrors they could release to our world…"

"Alright old man…" The interrogator, feeling as if the old man's usefulness was null to him, leaned back in his chair, "Tell me about your nightmare…"

The old man looked at the ground for a moment. He knew very well none of these people believed him. Each time he'd relayed this story it'd only been met with ridicule. Perhaps it was a futile effort, but he began again.

"Three months ago I completed the dimensional shifter…"

Professor Sibasch had not slept for three days as he finished the programming and diagnostics on his latest invention. In the center of his small lab was a machine which appeared to be little more than a round pod suspended in the center of five rings which rotated on independent axes.

All across the lab were chalk boards filled with mathematical algorithms filling every last inch of writable space. Books were piled disorderly upon every table and desk with titles such as "Alternate Realities" and "Time and Relative Dimension in Space".

With a final click of the mouse all of the programs began to run. At least a dozen screens in his work area came to life displaying the diagnostic information, "Harmonic resonance systems working. Energy wave pattern association in check. Hyper fold warping stabilizers in sync. Gravitic and magnetic field cancellation systems operable…" According to his calculations the machine was ready to be tested.

Sleep now completely forgotten, Professor Sibasch set up a video camera on a tripod and pointed it at his creation. Standing in front of it he began to address the recording, "Video log, day one thousand two hundred and seventy four. Construction of the dimension shifter is fully complete. The last bits of code were programmed in only moments ago, and as you can see on the screen over there, all systems are reading operational. This leaves only the most important test remaining… sending something across the boundaries of our universe. The only way to truly test the device's functionality is to send someone through and allow them to witness what lies on the other side. This of course is a dangerous proposition, but I have volunteered myself to operate the machine on its trial run. Should I not return… then I hope others will see the benefits of my work and carry on in my place."

Professor Sibasch dressed himself into an air tight radiation suit. The video captured as he struggled to slide the zipper up at the right angle, "I never understood why these things can't be made to close easier…" With the suit closed, the professor began to climb up into the pod.

Looking once more to the camera, the professor waved, "Farewell Planet Rodonant, I hope to one day walk your soil once again." With a smile the professor sat down inside the capsule.

The professor closed the door to the capsule and began activating the systems. The rings surrounding the pod began giving off a bright glow. "Activate dimensional shift," The professor ordered through voice command.

"Acknowledged," Replied the computer as the rings began to spin around the capsule. The rings moved slowly at first, but quickly gained speed. They moved in a gyroscopic type pattern; however none of the rings were physically attached to any of the others. The movement of the rings became a blur and several hums echoed through the room. Energy collected between all of the rings forming multiple layers of light. Bolts of static and power began coursing out of the glowing energy following the trails of the rotating and spinning rings. The humming became much higher in pitch causing all of the windows in the small lab to burst into thousands of tiny shards from the sound vibration. The sparks of energy began striking random objects in the room, setting equipment on fire; one of them took out the video camera pointed at the machine.

"My word…" The professor watched his lab through the viewing hole in the pod, "These violent electrical reactions are quite unexpec…" A massive energy surge from the rings blasted the ground in front of the machine causing the air to shatter as if it were glass leaving a glowing opening in its place.

Professor Sibasch watched intrigued as the machine pulled in more energy from tear in space and used it to widen the hole further. The spinning rings moved at such speeds that the energy and light between them formed solid spheres.

The professor held on as the Dimension Shifter was pulled toward the opening it created. Gulping down his nervousness, the old man watched with intrigue as he was overtaken by light.

Once the light died down enough for the professor to once again open his eyes he found himself surrounded by darkness. His eyes adjusted better to the dark allowing him to see there was more than pitch blackness to this place. All around him were brilliant streams, like mighty rivers of glowing colors. They were above him, below him, and all around. Beautiful streams of pure energy, stretching on infinitely.

"I… I do believe… what we are witnessing here is the fundamental energy construct of entire universes…" Professor Sibasch muttered to himself in awe hoping his recordings were still functional.

The Dimension Shifter floated over several such great rivers when a strong force began acting upon the machine. Several diagnostic lights flashed red, "What in blazes…" The machine's harmonics were losing stability, and the gravitic cancellation fields failed. The professor eyed the machinery carefully; a look of horror crossed his face as he realized that the machine could easily float off derelict in infinity for all time without the core systems operable.

A new glow enshrouded the machine in red as its movement halted. The professor felt the momentum of the ship change direction as an unknown force pulled elsewhere.

There was no window to the rear of the pod, and the professor had no idea where the ship could be going, "This turn of events would lead me to believe that intelligent forces are at work… this could very well lead to the first contact of our realm with aliens from a completely alternate universe."

The prospect excited the professor to no end as the ship was engulfed in light once again. Once the light faded, the professor found all of the shifter's systems had been remotely deactivated. His machine was sitting completely prone. Outside the glass the professor saw what looked to be the indoors of vast complex.

Taking no heed to safety, the professor pushed open the hatch to the shifter and stepped outside. The dimension shifter was sitting well docked on a large pad inside a gigantic well lit room. The light was being emitted by many floating spheres of energy near the ceiling. Metal catwalks adorned all the walls, and the walls themselves varied from side to side. Some of the room appeared to be tunneled out of rock, while others were smooth metallic, and others still were constructed of concrete.

A large door opened with a soft hiss of air and several humanoid beings entered, "Congratulations sir, you are the first being to have transgressed universe… what was it…" The one in front wearing a trench coat looked to one of his companions.

"Theta gamma hect…" The shorter man on the side began to speak.

"Theta gamma hectop meta seven two one one three nine four two, thank you." The man smiled, "You should be proud."

Professor Sibasch looked over his greeters with much confusion written on his face, "Yes… thank you… who are you…?"

The man in the trench coat who was apparently the group's leader smiled, "We're called Serius Prime, and it's our job to send you back home."

End Section

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