A/N - Just a little fic inspired by the Cerulean Blues episode (Luvdisc is a many splendoured thing) where there's a bit of what some people may call 'Orangeshipping'… Since Tracey seems to be much nicer visiting Misty and all… I just wondered what Ash, caught up in his travels, would think about that if he knew… I mean, how would he like it if Misty and Tracey got all close without him? Read to find out =) Unlike many, I do in fact like Tracey. He's a sweet innocuous little dude… though Brock was cooler, Tracey's a nice character (albeit a bit girly, but who cares!)

Also, Dawn isn't in this fic… I didn't have the patience to include lines for her, she's not even related to the plot at all! So sorry to any Dawn fans =(

Hehe, I originally called this a oneshot, which it is obviously NOT so I changed it (thanks rogue ninja and azurekite4 for notifying me =P) It was initially supposed to be a oneshot, but then it got a bit long (and its not quite done, and i was impatient to post =/) so yeah... it'll be 3-5 chaps I think

Dislcaimer – Same as always, I don't own pokémon, blah blah blaaaaahhh…



Ash – 16

Misty – 16

Tracey – 18

Brock – 20

Daisy – 21

Violet – 20

Lily – 19


"I can't wait to see Misty!" Ash exclaimed, brown eyes gleaming excitedly as he, Brock and Pikachu continued towards Cerulean Gym.

Brock chuckled at the younger boy's exuberance.

"So am I, Ash. But tone it down a bit – your desperation to see her is a bit obvious, you may scare her off," he said.

"What do you mean?!" Ash demanded, stopping and crossing his arms. "I'm not desperate to see her, I just – I've just really – you know…"

"Missed her?" Brock supplied helpfully.

"You have no idea how – NO! No way! Why would I miss her? Yuck! That's crazy Brock!"

Brock and Pikachu both sweat dropped at this vehement denial.

"Ash," Brock began patiently, with the patronizing tone often adopted by mothers on misbehaving toddlers. "You refused to drop poor Dawn off while we were leaving from Sinnoh and made the little girl take a ferry home all by herself because it would delay us in reaching Cerulean."

"Well that was because – I – I don't like ferries! Yeah! They make me, uh… sea-sick!" Ash invented spontaneously.

You forced us to plod on through Viridan forest without sleeping or eating for two straight days. You didn't even stop to catch that Caterpie. Not to mention, your map-reading skills seem to have improved considerably and we didn't even get lost in the place this time – I can't help but wonder why, Ash, you always get us stuck in forests. Maybe you had some incentive this time to make you want to get out faster…"

"Hey! Well I got better with practice! It has nothing to do with – with incentive, whatever that means…" Ash countered, blushing.

"You've been skipping like a deranged Clefairy out of excitement, this whole time, which really Ash, I think you should stop."

Ash immediately took said advice, and began to walk normally, which was a bit difficult because in actuality, he was so excited and nervous that he needed some kind of vent for his tumultuous emotions.

"And you sent Team Rocket blasting off before they could even finish the first half of their motto," Brock ploughed on.

"Well their motto's annoying! Pikachu didn't want to listen to the whole thing for the millionth time, right Pikachu?"

"Pikachu pikapi chu pika pikachupi pika pikachu pika." Pikachu replied cheerily. I knew you were dying to meet Misty again since you missed her so much – it had nothing to do with the darn motto, though it gave me great pleasure interrupting it.

"Pikachu! You're supposed to be on my side!" Ash whined, stamping his foot. "I didn't miss her, I didn't!"

"Really, Ash, you should stop denying it, Max already told me what you said about her. And May told me about how you cuddled the handkerchief at night sometimes… and Dawn told me about your possessiveness about that lure…" Brock continued relentlessly, ignoring Ash's deepening blush.

"Pika!" Pikachu added, affirming the validity of Brock's statements.

"Just – just shut up okay! Whatever you do, don't tell Misty alright!" Ash said finally, shoulders slumping.

"Why not Ash? I don't think she'll mind."

"Well it's just – I don't want her to… to know about – about…"

"About what?" Brock persisted.

"Well Brock – don't tell anyone this, but – I think I might… I don't know since I haven't seen her for a long time, but I think I did before she left – I think I liked Misty. You know in the – the other way-" Ash was blushing furiously now, his voice quivering slightly at this relatively astounding statement (for Ash)

"Nice to know you've finally admitted you're in love with the girl…" Brock said calmly. He'd known it all along, it was nothing to get too excited about – now if Ash and Misty hooked up or kissed, yes that would be something sensational… but this was no big deal.

"Yeah I guess… wait, WHAAAAT??!!!"


"Like, Cerulean Gym. We don't take battlers until, like noon. Are you like, some fans or something?" asked the rather attractive, but ditzy young woman, twirling a strand of candyfloss pink hair around a gleaming, manicured fingernail.

Brock immediately fell to his knees, drooling, a lovestruck expression inhabiting his eyes (how that is humanly possible, don't even ask).

"I am your biggest fan, your biggest admirer in the world, but I hope to become so much more than that, my lovely, luscious, lascivious Lily. Why don't we- hey – yeeoooowch!"

Ash smiled grimly, as he took a page out of Misty's book and pulled Brock away by the ear… someone had to do it.

Lily stepped back, a bit shocked, scrutinizing them with narrowed eyes, which soon widened in recognition.

"Hey, you guys seem, like, familiar… I know! You're Ash Ketchum, Misty's little friend from like, years ago! And you're the – um – like, wannabe Casanova dude! Like, what a surprise!" she squealed enthusiastically.

Ash nodded, feeling a tiny bit disappointed. Lily usually referred to him as 'Misty's little boyfriend' and the lack of the word 'boy' which should have been a relief was actually rather – upsetting.

"Yeah, that's us! Is Misty around?"

"Oh, she's like, training. You guys can like, go to the pool if you wanna meet her."

"Alright! Come on!" Ash shouted, again all too enthusiastically, as Lily raised an eyebrow at him.

"I don't mind meeting her later, I'd really rather talk to you and bask in your eternal glory, my beautiful flower- alright Ash, I'm coming, I'm coming!" Brock screeched, this time after a quick jolt from Pikachu. "We shall continue this later, my love."

"Um, like, yeah. Whatever." Lily said, scrunching up her nose in distaste. The moment Ash, Brock and Pikachu were out of hearing range, she released the scream she had been suppressing ever since she recognized the boy and his Pikachu.



"Alright guys! Out you come… Misty caaaaaaalllls Staryu! Starmie! Goldeen! Seaking! Corsola! Politoed! Dewgong! Horsea! Caserin! Luverin! Aaaaaaand Gyarados!!!"

Several red flashes of light later, every one of Cerulean Gym's and Misty's pokémon emerged, splashing in the water, crying their names out happily.

The fiery hair girl grinned at them from above, her cerulean eyes sparkling.

"Okay, get ready, I'm coming in!" she cried, casting aside her sarong to reveal a turquoise bikini, and diving neatly into the pool from the high board, somersaulting twice in mid-air, before landing in the pool with her pokémon.

She emerged, pushing out wet bangs from her face, and commanded.

"Okay everyone, time to warm up! Ten laps of the pool, Thirty for Gyarados. Start, NOW!"

The pokémon began swimming at full speed, followed by Misty who sliced through the water with a neat free-style stroke.

"Azu azu rill!" a small blue pokémon trilled, bouncing alongside the pool.

"Alright Azurill, you can come in too! But only five laps for you, sweetie, and don't tire yourself, alright?" Misty panted, swimming alongside Starmie and Corsola.

"Zu rill!" Azurill agreed, bouncing into the water with a splash.

Ash, Brock and Pikachu watched this silently from the stands, Ash gaping like a Magikarp.


With another flash of light a yellow duck popped out of its pokéball, scratching its head, an expression of utter bewilderment plastered on its face.

"Psyduck, be careful you don't fall – PSYDUCK!" Misty cried, as the idiotic duck (which could not swim) immediately slid on a patch of water and fell into the pool, flailing and thrashing wildly.


Luckily, Misty came to its rescue, swimming towards Psyduck and pulling him out of the pool.

"Psyduck!" she scolded, "If you can't swim, then stay away from the pool when we're practicing! You'll only distract us! Get back into your pokéball, or watch from the stands!"

Misty stood up, beads of water slithering down her figure, and prepared to jump back into the pool, but stopped – her heart gave a leap at a very familiar sight in the stands… no, it couldn't be, she was hallucinating for sure… Psyduck had driven her crazy at last, the darned duck…

"Pikachupi!" a part of the 'hallucination' cried, bounding towards her.

Misty pinched herself – it hurt. She was obviously very awake.

"Pi-pikachu?" she stuttered as a yellow, fuzzy blur lodged itself into her arms.

"Pika pikachu pika pikachupi!" Pikachu said excitedly, licking her cheek.

Misty suddenly felt dizzy – this was no hallucination.

"Misty!" another voice cried, and two figures came running down from the stands.

"A-ash! Brock!" Misty said dazedly, still petting Pikachu.

Ash reached her first, stopping abruptly. He made a sudden move, as if to hug her, but then seemed to think better of it, and retracted his arms, blushing slightly.

"Um – hey, Misty. Good to see ya!" he said, scratching his head, like he often did when nervous.

"Hi Ash! L-long time, huh?" Misty asked, attempting to calm her racing heart. Of all the people who visited her gym, Ash was the most unexpected visitor till date.

"Y-yeah…" he said, and she could have sworn that his eyes flicked over her scantily clad figure.

"Hey Misty! It's been awhile!" said Brock, catching up.

"Hi Brock! It really has – so why are you guys here? I mean, it's a surprise seeing you… I thought you were in Sinnoh…"

"Yeah well, we were on a break so we visited Pallet," Brock began. "But Ash here was dying to see you and insisted we make a stopover in Cerulean too…"

Ash chose to stare at the ground at this comment, refusing to meet Misty's eyes.

"Oh, well, that's nice. It's great to see you guys again!" Misty said, attempting to break the awkwardness.

"Yes," Brock continued. "I see you've been promoted," he said, gesturing at a large, brightly colored painting on the wall, and then at Misty's now waist-length hair.

It was like a poster, depicting Misty and her sisters posing in little dresses, with the sparkling title 'The Four Sensational Waterflower Sisters of Cerulean City'.

Misty smiled sheepishly.

"Nice huh? Tracey painted it…Hehe… yeah, about that – I don't really consider it a promotion, I never really cared but – well you know how my sisters can be…"

"You're a sensational sister now?" Ash asked, forgetting his previous embarrassement. He seemed almost disgusted, something which Misty completely misread.

"Why, you don't think I'm good enough to be, huh, Ash?" she shot back, getting into her 'Ash-fight-stance'.

"No – no! Of course I didn't mean that!" Ash defended, cowering back slightly. He itched to fight with her, he had really missed their verbal spars. But for some reason, he couldn't bring himself to. "Of course you're good enough, you've always been good enough!"

"What?" Misty asked, her anger evaporating instantaneously, looking rather surprised.

"What?!" Ash squeaked, realising his mistake.

The pokémon had all stopped their swimming, to gather around the side of the pool and watch the conversation with interest. Luverin and Caserin, the two Luvdiscs, seemed particularly excited, as they were glowing slightly.

Misty turned around, narrowing her eyes.

The pokémon looked a rather guilty.

"Hey guys! Your pokémon look great Misty!" Ash cried suddenly, running around Misty to greet the pokémon.

"Oh, thanks Ash," Misty said, beaming as she watched him pet them, flinching slightly as Gyarados nearly bit his hand off.

"Ah, Ash be careful with Gyarados. He doesn't like anyone except me touching him…"

"You could've warned me," Ash muttered darkly, backing away from the snarling monster, to pet Azurill instead.

"Hey, Misty! I'm back!" came a new, familiar sounding voice.

"Oh, hi Tracey!" Misty greeted happily. "Did you bring the new pokéchow from Professor Oak?"

"Sure did - I got something else for you too… oh hello, Azurill!" the dark haired boy knelt down to greet the little pokémon, who had immediately shot away from Ash to bounce into his arms.

"Azu rillll! Azu riiiiilll! Azu azu rillllll!" it squeaked happily.

Ash suddenly felt a sinking feeling in his stomach. Togepi had always liked him the best. Pikachu always liked Misty the best… weren't pokémon a reflection of their trainer's feelings? Then why was Misty's Azurill so attracted to Tracey? And why would Tracey suddenly come to meet Misty? And what had he gotten her? Ash hadn't gotten her anything! Maybe he shoud have…

"Oh, hey Ash! Hey Brock! It's a surprise seeing you here!" Tracey said, diverting his attention from Azurill to them. "Hey Pikachu!"


"Hi Trace! Long time no see!" said Brock.

"Uh – hi Tracey…" said Ash, feeling a sudden wave of animosity towards his old friend. "It's a surprise seeing you here too… do you often come to Cerulean?" he couldn't help but ask.

"Oh, yeah! I come a couple times each week…" Tracey said casually.

"What? Why?" Ash asked rather immaturely, unable to keep the shock out of his voice. Misty rolled her eyes at this.

Tracey blushed.

"Well, I have my… reasons."

Misty smirked at this, and Tracey blushed deeper. Then she smiled at him, almost comfortingly.

Ash watched this exchange, and felt like vomitting. His heart sank, and he suddenly felt like punching someone – or something, namely Tracey.

Misty was his. She always had been, he thought, overcome by sudden feelings of possessiveness and jealousy.

What exactly had transpired when he had been romping around in Sinnoh?


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