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Misty stormed up the stairs to her bedroom, supressing the violent urges to punch something, anything.

Unfortunately, at the same moment, an overly excited Ash Ketchum came galloping down the steps, full speed, and as fate would have it, neither of them (being too wrapped up in their own thoughts) noticed where they were going which led to-

"Aargh! What the-?!" Misty cried as she collided with something hard, and toppled backwards, before the thing which had induced her fall landed straight on top of her.

"Not again…" Ash groaned, dreading it was Gary he had fallen on. The boy was really going to kill him now.

"Ash!" Misty exclaimed suddenly, looking up, turning red as she realised their compromising position, though inwardly she cheered. Serves you right, Gary!

"M-Misty," Ash muttered, also blushing. Perfect timing. "I was looking for you."

"Well I wasn't looking for you Ketchum. Get the hell of me," was the rude reply. Misty'd finished her sobbing (temporarily) and was now in an extremely pissed off mood.

Ash cringed inwardly, but really, he couldn't blame her. It was his fault this time, he was surprised she wasn't pummeling him to dust. Neither of them realised Lily's bedroom door creak open, and then shut softly, the pink-haired girl smiling amusedly to herself.

Twice in one day, with that hot Oak and now my baby sister. You really know how to catch em, Ketchum, she thought.

"I wanted to talk to you, Mist, it's important," Ash began, before Misty shoved him off rather roughly.

"Drop it, Ash, I want to be alone right now-"

"No, but Misty, you got it all wrong! Actually, it's my fault. Everything is my fault!"

Misty raised her eyebrows.

"I have no idea what you're babbling about, though in all likelihood, yes its your fault. whatever it is."

"But Misty," Ash continued eagerly, "It was a mistake! You and Tracey aren't dating!"


The mallet was out now. Ash shrunk back.

"Gary and I aren't dating either!" he offered meekly. Misty froze.

"I just saw you two – doing the most sickening lovey-dovey things… what is it a gay fling or something? And what are you going on about me and Tracey?! What got that idea into your thick head?!" Misty rounded on Ash.

"No, it was just a pretence to make you jealous!" Ash squeaked.

Misty stopped, paling.

"Why are you doing this to me, Ash?" she asked softly. She didn't sound angry anymore. Ash felt his stomach squirming in guilt.

"What am I doing?" he asked, in an excellent display of his tact.

Misty sighed. "Why are you – screwing around with my feelings, Ash? I got your point, you're disgusted, you don't care! It's what I expected from you, why do you think I kept my mouth shut all these years…"

Ash shook his head furiously.

"But you misunderstood! Gary and I just pretended to see if you got jealous, to prove you liked me, not Tracey-"

"What the hell does Tracey have to do with anything, he's making out with Daisy on the couch, you imbecile!"

Ash looked dumbstruck.

"So that's why the dweeb has been visting the gym! And I thought he liked you!"

Misty stared at him in disgust.

"You really are the densest creature I have ever had the misfortune to meet," she said cuttingly.

"Ouch, Mist, that hurts."

"That HURTS?! That HURTS?! Do you have any idea how much you've made me hurt with all your stupid pretending – why, why did you want to make me jealous anyways, how mean is that, what was it revenge for my teasing you or something?! Why the hell can't you leave me alone Ash Ketchum you've been annoying me since the day I- mmph!"

He didn't let her finish, cutting her off with his lips, pressing himself against her and savoring her sweet taste before-


Ash clutched his cheek – he hadn't really expected it, the idiot.

"Wh-what in the name of Mew d'you think you're doing?!" Misty whispered, her face red. She seemed furious, and on the verge of tears again.

"I like you, Misty," Ash said breathlessly. "I always have. I thought you liked Tracey, that's what I meant when I said I didn't care, but I did. I was jealous, so I acted like I liked Gary to make you jealous and – I'm so so sorry, but it's always been you-"

Misty gaped at him, her heart racing. Just five minutes ago, she'd been shattered, her dreams had been shattered… and now everything was piecing up again, perfectly… it couldn't be true…

"I swear. I thought you knew… I thought you were hiding it from me, Mist, but now I know, and I have to tell you – but I've liked you as more than a friend, way more than that for years now, I was just too stupid to do anything about it-"

This time, she cut him off, flinging her arms around his shoulders.

"You are the biggest moron in the universe, Ash Ketchum. You're lucky I like you so much, or I swear you'd be dead." Misty said, her voice muffled in his t-shirt.

Ash grinned wrapping his arms around her.

"Yeah, Mist, I know I am really lucky – to have you as a girlfriend…"

Misty looked up at him, eyes widening slightly.

"Really? You haven't asked me yet?"

Ash gulped. "W-well, don't you wanna be? My girlfriend?" he asked hopefully.

Misty smiled, and nodded, before her eyes narrowed.

"What?! Whaddid I do know?!" Ash demanded.

"Why the hell would you think I was dating Tracey, you dunce?"

Ash scratched his head, smiling sheepishly. "Heh. Long story Mist… why don't we do that cool making-out thing again first-"


"Hey! Ouch?! What?" Ash whined, from the floor, as Misty resheathed her mallet.

She rolled her eyes, before smiling at him, rather fondly, bending down to ruffle his hair.

"You're really stupid, Ash. And tactless."

He pouted.

She winked at him then, and kissed his cheek. "It's kinda cute."


"Just one request, Ash?"

"Anything for you, Mist," he said so sweetly, she felt like melting.

"Don't bother thinking or using that fried brain of yours ever again – you deduce such crap, its actually quite harmful."

"Um – that's not quite what I had in mind when I said anything, but okay… can I kiss you again now?"

"Ash, you obnoxious little- mmph!"


Gary Oak was royally pissed off.

Firstly, Ash had very smugly (his arm wrapped around the beautiful redhead) informed him that they were officially 'over' – which was crap, because he never dated the loser, and even in their imaginary relationship, he Gary, was meant to be the dumper not the dumpee. Stupid Ketchum.

Secondly, Ash had proceeded to snog said redhead senseless, in front of his face before Gary even had the time to hit on her. It wasn't fair. He'd gotten Ash with the girl (or so he liked to think – it was his ingenious 'jealousy' plan which backfired on him) he should get some reward, some credit. But no, all he got was a free display of Ash kissing a hot girl (the boy needed to refine his kissing skills, Gary considered telling him later, but then decided not to considering the repercussions which resulted the last time he resulted advising Ash; he had a bad idea Ash may want to practice or something similarly gross). Anyways, it sucked.

Thirdly, that gay pansy with the hairband got the second, super hot chick (with the big rack), and was currently engaged in another snogfest with her on the couch, which was certainly unfair. The two remaining hot chicks had gone shopping, with Brock of all people. Gary was sure they'd done it to spite him.

And he, Gary Oak, the ladies man, the charmer, the suave smooth-talker was left with – nobody. Or worse than nobody. No, he was currently sitting in a room, alone, with none other than a yellow duck. Misty's psychotic Psyduck, to be precise. Yes, it was a part of research, but Gary felt it unfair that while Ash, Tracey and Brock got to benefit the company of beautiful girls, he was stuck assessing the mental capacities of a Psyduck.

The beeping of his pokénav jolted Gary out of his reverie. It was a message from his grandfather.

'New eeveelutions discovered in Sinnoh. Head to Veilstone next week to investigate.'

Gary smirked slightly. Sinnoh, huh? If he wasn't mistaken, Ash's cute little chirpy bluenette friend (who seemed to adore him) was in Sinnoh, currently travelling alone.

This should be fun.


C'est fini!

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