(A/N: Ok, so this is a new one for me. I write anime fics, but not usually this type of anime. But what can I say. I was going through some of my old story files and came across this unfinished one. That's when my imagination kicked in. But when I get an idea for a fic, I can't get out of my head until it's written. So, revisiting my childhood days, I present to you the first Fighting Foodons fic; at least I think it is.

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Chapter 1: Order Up

The smell was heavenly. It drew in customers with its fragrance. Only a true master chef could cook up something so divine. Of course, it wasn't like master chefs were all that hard to come by. But this master chef was special, as was the food he was cooking, which just happened to be his specialty.

Adding the finishing touches to the food, Chase turned to his current customer. "One order of fried rice." He announced happily, handing the dish to the customer.

The customer accepted the plate, his taste buds tingling with anticipation. "Hey, thanks, kid."

Chase beamed happily. "No problem. Hope you like it."

The customer stared at Chase for a moment. "You know, you look a lot like the King of Food."

Chase sweat-dropped. "Uh, yeah… I get that a lot." He said nervously.

The customer continued eyeing the boy. "You know he disappeared a few months ago. Just abandoned his position as king."

Putting on a fake smile, Chase nodded. "Yeah, I did hear. Guess he was bored with the whole king stuff."

He laughed nervously as the customer eyed him suspiciously and walked away. Chase kept on his fake smile until the customer was gone, then breathed a sigh of relief.

"Good job getting yourself out of that one." came a sarcastic remark. "You really convinced him."

Dropping the fake smile, Chase turned to the speaker, a six year old boy wearing what seemed to be a Mickey Mouse hat and a shirt with sleeves that were too long. "Come on, Pie Tin, I don't want people knowing I'm the King of Food."

"But you deserve the recognition." Said the person behind Pie Tin; a girl around Chase's age with purple hair tied in pigtails and a large wok on her head. "After all, you brought down the Glutton Empire, defeated the Big 4, and even King Gorge himself bowed down to you."

Next to her was an eight year old girl with green hair, cutting her eyes at the older girl. "Better not praise him too much, Coco, my big brother's ego is big enough as it is."

"Omelet." Agreed the flying yellow creature hovering over her head.

"Kayla, don't be so mean to your brother." Scolded another girl around Coco and Chase's age.

Kayla jumped at the girl's sudden appearance. "Dia, don't just pop up out of nowhere like that!"

Floating up next to Omelet were 7 black balls. "I just wish that people would be afraid of us sometimes." Said one of the balls.

"But no one is scared of a couple of Burnt Meatballs." Said another.

Perhaps things like talking meatballs and omelets would seem strange, but not in this world. In this world, creatures such as these were known as Foodons, and were actually quite common. There were many different kinds, each species depending on the one who cooked them before they were given life. Most enjoyed combat, and could only say their name, not unlike another creature from a popular anime series.

It all started many years ago when an eccentric king posed the question, "Which of my meals is stronger?" While most of his servants wondered if the king had gone crazy, one created several magical items. They were called Meal Tickets. And with these Meal Tickets, the servant was able to bring the king's food to life, giving birth to the first Foodons.

Many years later, Foodons and people live side by side. Chefs all around the world use Meal Tickets to bring their food to life. What was once a strange fantasy had now become a part of everyday life.

People used Foodons for several purposes; from using them as servants, to keeping them as pets. But most used their Foodons in battle. As it had been the king's intention to find out which of his meals would be stronger, the Meal Tickets that brought food to life gave most Foodons a fighting instinct. Chefs used their Foodons to fight each other and prove who the greater chef was.

Of course, the way a Foodon turned out depended on how the chef prepared them. If a meal came out flawed, it was a safe to assume that the Foodon would be flawed as well. Such was the case with the Burnt Meatballs, who were Chase's first attempt to creating a Foodon.

"Don't be so down, Meatballs." Chase told his Foodons. "If it wasn't for you, we never would have brought down the Glutton Empire."

Everyone knew who the Gluttons were. They were an evil organization bent on ruling the world. It all began many years ago when a young chef named Gorge decided that he was meant for greatness. Using his sorcerer powers and skilled cooking talents, he overthrew the current King of Food, Oslo, and officially dubbed himself King Gorge.

From there he gathered followers, who became known as the Glutton Gormandizers. Most were innocent people under King Gorge's mind control. At the top of King Gorge's Gluttons were the Big 4. These four were King Gorge's top chefs, formerly animals, now under a spell and blessed with King Gorge's cooking skills.

The members of the Big 4 included Cinnamonkey, a humanoid monkey creature that was formerly a green monkey, Cole Slawter, a chef who specialized in seafood that was formerly a blue bear, Rose Marinade, a scheming woman who was in love with King Gorge and was formerly a two-tailed fox, and Grill, a powerful cyborg who was formerly a purple bat with a mechanical eye.

One by one they were defeated and reverted back to their original forms, freed from King Gorge's spell. Finally only Clawdia, King Gorge's most faithful, yet most foolish, servant was left. She too had been under a spell, turning her into a pink cat-girl. When her spell was lifted, she turned back into Dia, remembering nothing of being controlled by King Gorge, just like the Big 4.

Soon only King Gorge was left. But his master plan had finally come to completion. Up in space, the Dark Nebula had appeared. With its power, King Gorge would be able to brainwash the entire world into being his slaves. After he entered the Dark Nebula, he merged with his ultimate Foodon, Devouron, the Foodon embodiment of evil.

During the final battle, Chase used the energy of the entire planet to create the most powerful Foodon, Palator, the Foodon embodiment of good. He merged with his knew creation, and together he and Palator overpowered King Gorge and Devouron, putting an end to the wicked king's reign of terror.

No one expected what would happen next. King Gorge himself bowed down to Chase, declaring him the King of Food. And so, the Glutton Empire fell, all those under King Gorge's control were freed, and Chase was crowned the King of Food.

However, that didn't last long. Chase quickly became bored with ruling and snuck away during the night. He much preferred a life of adventure instead of sitting on a thrown all day giving orders and hearing complaints and praise.

And so, here he was, hanging out with his sister and friends, cooking on the Mobile Attack Cuisine Cart, or M.A.C. Cart for short, enjoying the life an 11 years old master chef should have.

Once he finished comforting his Burnt Meatballs, Chase turned to the new customer that arrived. "Hi, welcome to the M.A.C. Cart. What can I get for you? I suggest you try my fried rice; it's my specialty."

Whoever the person was, they were covered in a cloak, revealing only their eyes. Chase didn't question the customer's choice of clothes. Many people dressed strangely. Heck, Jambalydia wore a pot of jambalaya on her head. So he didn't question this person's fashion sense.

The customer's eyes narrowed, looking at Chase curiously. "Fried rice, you say?" Their voice indicating that they were a woman. "Now isn't that interesting."

Chase blinked. "Um, what's interesting?"

The woman's tone indicated that she was smiling. "Wasn't fried rice the King of Food's specialty too?"

Chase gulped. 'Not another one.' "Y-Yeah, about that. I specialize in fried rice because it's the King of Foods specialty. That's how much I admire him." He laughed nervously.

Kayla crossed her arms. "He's so full of himself."

"Omelet." Her Foodon agreed.

The woman slammed her hand on the table. "Lets just get down to business. I know who you are. You're Chase Makunouchi, the King of Food."

Chase's face dropped. "No way, how'd you know? Who are you?"

The woman chuckled. "You may call me Ann Chovy. And I've been searching for you for a while now. Ever since you defeated King Gorgeous Gorge."

Chase gave her a suspicious look. The only people he knew that called the former Glutton leader King Gorgeous Gorge were Gluttons themselves. But there were no more Gluttons. Just who was this woman?

"And why would you be looking for me?" he asked.

Ann Chovy chuckled. "Not me personally. It's my master that requests an audience with you. He's the greatest master chef in the world."

"No way!" Chase shouted. "My dad is the greatest master chef in the world."

"Actually, Chase," said Pie Tin, "I do believe that you surpassed him. After all you are the one that both King Gorge and Oslo accepted as the King of Food."

Ann Chovy laughed loudly. "According to my master, that is still debatable. He has yet to accept you. If you truly want to be recognized as a master chef, then you must defeat my master." She smiled wickedly. "But before you can meet my master, you must defeat me in a Foodon battle."

Chase smirked. "Alright then, you're on. It's been a while since I had a good fight." Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out a Meal Ticket. "Now serving Fried Ricer!"

He tossed the Meal Ticket out in front of him. The card suddenly changed into a human-like creature with fried rice for a head, and a lobster on top wielding two large frying pans as weapons. When Chase had first created this Foodon, it hadn't been this strong at all, and his appearance had been different. But after being exposed to Palator, Fried Ricer had permanently evolved into Super Fried Ricer.

"Fried Ricer!" the Foodon cried, glad to be out in the open. When most Foodons weren't in battle they were magically stored in the Meal Ticket that gave them life. And after being cooped up for so long, Fried Ricer, or Super Fried Ricer as he now was, was just itching for a good fight.

Ann Chovy smirked. "So, this is your famous Fried Ricer. It certainly looks strong." She took out her own Meal Ticket. "But lets see how it fairs against my Foodon. Now serving Tricarrotops!"

A large Foodon appeared before her. It was the size of a large rhinoceros with the orange body of a carrot, the legs of a triceratops growing out of it, and a leafy stem for a tail. At the end of the carrot was its dinosaur head, but instead of two large horns above its head and one on its nose, it had carrots, that were no doubt as strong and hard as actual horns.

The large Foodon roared loudly and began pawing at the ground, getting ready to charge. Fried Ricer just took a fighting stance, preparing to fight.

"Brace yourself, Chase." Said Ann Chovy. "Because even if you manage to defeat me, you have no idea what's in store for you. Now, Tricarrotops, destroy his side dish!"

(A/N: Well, I don't have any expectations for this story, but I enjoyed the show when I was a kid, so hopefully others will like this story. Just let me know what you think. Praise, comment, flame, whatever. Oh, and I'm not limiting the Foodons to only the ones that were on the show. I haven't read the manga, it's called Legend of Grapple Cooking Bistro Recipe, which I'm sure had more, so I'm making up some rather than just relying on what Wikipedia says. I'll point them out at the end of each author's not.)

Tricarrotops – Food: steamed carrots. Its name is a pun on triceratops.