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New story. It's a one shot Byakuya and Renji. Major lemon warning!!! If you dont wanna read about two men getting it on then I suggest you read elsewhere! Of course if you are one of the fans of my writting then you know all about my writing. Hehe. Well....ENJOY!! ((It may be a one shot but knowing me, I may add another chapter or two in the future.....you never know))

Renji woke violently as cold water hit his face. He sat up quickly and wiped the freezing water out of his eyes. He turned to yell at whoever had been stupid enough to do such a thing to him but he snapped his mouth shut and groaned as his eyes fell upon his Captain. Byakuya stood at the end of the couch glaring down at him with cold eyes, an empty glass water pitcher in his hands.

"I gave you a research assignment, Renji. I did not give you permission to fall asleep in my sitting room." Byakuya set the pitcher on the table beside him and crossed his arms.

"I'm sorry, Captain. I was almost finished." Renji picked up the papers from the floor and stood to hold them out to the other man. "I think I found what you were looking for."

Byakuya took the papers and set them on the table beside the pitcher without looking at them. "I have warned you before about slacking off when I give you an assignment. I invited you into my home so that you would be close by when you finished. I needed this information quickly. I came to see how you were progressing and instead I find you sleeping on my sofa. You falling asleep in my personal space when I specifically gave you an order is inexcusable."

Renji flinched and looked down at the floor. The last thing he wanted was another of Byakuya's famous punishments. He still had the bruises on his back from the last time his Captain got angry with him. "Please, Captain, I truly am sorry. I've been awake for three days working on this research for you."

Byakuya snorted and shook his head. "That is no excuse. If you were tired you had but to say so and I would have let you go home for some rest. It is not the sleep that has angered me, Renji. It is the fact that you deemed yourself worthy of sleeping in my home." Byakuya move slowly towards Renji until he was standing so close they were almost touching. "The only people allowed to sleep in my home, Renji, are either a member of my family," Byakuya touched the back of his hand to Renji's face and moved around him until he was standing behind him. Byakuya leaned against him and pressed his lips to Renji's ear. "Or my one of my lovers." Byakuya ran his fingers down Renji's neck and grinned as the other man shivered under his touch. "You are not family Renji. And you have never been my lover. So I will give you a choice. You can either submit to a punishment, which I know you greatly dislike, or you can submit to being my lover for the night. I have always been curious about what all of those lovely tattoos would look like bare to the light and glisten with sweat while you are spread out on my bed." Byakuya stepped back from Renji, who was now trembling to the point that Byakuya could hear his teeth chattering. "I must warn you though, I do enjoy a little pain when with a lover. But I promise you, if you choose a beating instead, it will be worse then any you have received so far." Byakuya moved to the door and looked back at the other man once more. "Whatever you choose, I will be in my bedroom. I suggest you choose quickly or I will choose for you."

Renji swallowed painfully as he watched his Captain's back disappear around the corner. He shakily lowered himself down to sit on the sofa. A million thoughts were spinning in Renji's head. He didn't know what to do. The thought of allowing Byakuya to touch him in any sexual way made him want to allow a Hollow to eat him. He thought about just leaving, but he knew he would have to face Byakuya sooner or later and the longer he waited the worse it would be. He thought about accepting the punishment, but the last time he hadn't been able to sit up straight for a week and he still couldn't lift his sword above chest high. Renji sat for several minutes trying to make up his mind. He wasn't sure just how much time had past but he knew he needed to make his decision. Swallowing his pride, Renji stood and started his way down the hall toward the last place in Soul Society he ever thought he would willingly go.

Byakuya's room was lit by two lanterns set on small tables on either side of a large bed. The arrangement cast a glow over the bed and left the rest of the room in shadow. Renji looked around the room and found Byakuya standing in front of an open window. The moon filtered through the trees in the courtyard and cast shadows over his bare skin. Renji almost groaned aloud when he saw that Byakuya was nude but for a towel around his waist. His hair was loose around his shoulders and dripping water down his back. While Renji was afraid of this man, he would have had to be blind to miss how attractive the man was. But still, the thought of what he was about to do made his skin crawl.

Byakuya turned to look at Renji, the light from the lanterns making his eyes glow dangerously. "Have you made your choice?"

Renji nodded and stared at the floor. "I have, Captain."

Byakuya smiled and spread his hands. "And what is your choice? Pain or Pleasure?"

Renji swallowed and opened his mouth to answer but found himself unable to speak. Instead, he moved to the bed and looked down at it. He shivered at he looked down at the dark gold silk bedding, imagining the degradation he was about to submit himself to.

Byakuya laughed and moved up behind Renji. "Wise choice. The one I was hoping your would make." Byakuya kissed the back of Renji's neck. "Remove your clothing." As Renji nodded and began to obey, Byakuya let his towel drop to the floor and slid his still damp body onto his silk covered bed. He watched as Renji removed his clothes, allowing them to fall to the floor at the foot of the bed where he stood. Byakuya let his gaze travel over Renji's body. It had been a long time since he had seen anything as incredibly beautiful as the man standing nude before him. "Put your clothes on the chair by the door." Byakuya couldn't bring himself to take his eyes off of the mans body. His own body felt on fire as he watched all of those lean, powerful muscles moving under the mans tattooed skin. He longed to run his hands, his lips, his tongue, over every inch of that skin.

Renji turned after placing his clothes where he was told. He paled at the sight of Byakuya lying completely nude on the bed. There was a dangerous hunger in his eyes and he was very obviously aroused. He was also quite a bit larger then Renji had thought he would be. Renji had seen his Captain nude in the past, usually at a hot spring. But he had never seen the man aroused.

"Are you enjoying the view, Renji?" Byakuya settled himself more fully on the pile of pillows behind his back. Running his hand down his body, he grinned as Renji swallowed when he took his arousal in his hand. "Come join me on the bed. The sight of your body has aroused me and I want you to pleasure me with your mouth before I move to something a little more….interesting."

Renji knelt on the bed and felt his face flush with heat at his Captains words. "C…Captain. I will not say no, I have agreed to this. But.." Renji stopped and looked away from the other man. His face felt on fire and his stomach was twisted into a painful knot. "I have never done this before."

Byakuya laughed softly and sat up. "Are you telling me that this will be your first time with another man?" Renji nodded and Byakuya laughed again. "You have been spending so much time with that Ichigo boy I thought for sure there was something going on between the two of you."

Renji sat up quickly from the hunch he had let his body fall into. "Me and Ichigo? What made you think that?"

Byakuya smiled and shook his head. "It is not important." Laying back against his pillows again, Byakuya spread his legs and started to stroke himself. "All that matters now is that you please me. Lie down between my legs and suck me."

Renji felt like his body was fighting itself between the need to pale and blush at the same time. He swallowed and laid down on his stomach. He watched at Byakuya's hand continued to move slowly up and down his shaft, which glistened slightly in the flickering light. As Renji watched, Byakuya tightened his hand around himself and milked out a drop of precum. He rubbed his thumb through the thick liquid and spread it down his shaft.

"I'm not a very patient man when it comes to pleasure, Renji. I suggest you stop staring at my cock and put it in your mouth before I do it for you."

Nodding, Renji reached up and carefully wrapped his hand around Byakuya's shaft. As his hand moved slowly, getting used to touching this organ that wasn't his own, Byakuya removed his own hand. Renji looked up when Byakuya pulled the band from his hair. The Captain's eyes were focused on the fall of red hair, his breathing increasing in speed and Renji began moving his hand faster. Byakuya's eyes fluttered as Renji squeezed the sensitive head of his shaft and he let his head fall back against the pillows.

Renji shifted until he was in a good position and gently put his lips to the slick head of the cock before him. He was nervous. He was scared of the man under him. He was frightened he wouldn't please him enough and would be beaten worse then anything he had received before. But the sight of this powerful man laying under him, panting, his pale skin flushed with pleasure, was causing him to become aroused himself.

Byakuya moaned as Renji opened his mouth and took his cock as far into his mouth as he could. His cocked twitched at it hit the back of the mans throat and he slid his fingers into all that beautiful red hair. Renji started a slow up and down motion with his mouth. It was easier then he thought it would be. And the sounds Byakuya was making was causing his own cock to throb with desire. Renji started moving faster, sucking harder. He reached down and fisted his own cock, rubbing in the same rhythm he was sucking in.

Renji pulled back and hissed as Byakuya yank his hair painfully. "Did I give you permission to touch yourself? Take your hand off your cock and concentrate on the job I gave you." Renji pulled his hand away from himself quickly and Byakuya relaxed his grip in his hair. "Continue." Once his cock was back in his lieutenants mouth, Byakuya took his eyes off the mans hair and watched as his lips slid up and down his shaft. "Faster." Renji obeyed immediately to the command and Byakuya groaned. He could feel the coil of fire tightening in his balls. "Harder." As the suction around his cock increased, Byakuya arched his back and moaned loudly. He tightened his grip in Renji's hair and held his head in place as he shot is load into his mouth. Byakuya could feel Renji trying to pull away, his throat convulsing as he fought down gagging. "Swallow it." Byakuya tightened his grip in Renji's hair even more as he continued to try to pull back. "I said swallow it, Renji." Renji's throat convulsed around his cock as he fought to swallow. When he finally succeeded, Byakuya released him.

Renji took a gasping breath and coughed as his Captain's cock left his mouth. He raised a hand to wipe away what dripped from the corners of his mouth, only to have his hand captured in a stronger one. Renji looked up at Byakuya sat up and leaned towards him. Before he knew what to do, Byakuya kissed him passionately, licking away the last of his own seed from the younger mans face. When he finally pulled back, he smiled and slid from the bed.

Renji hung his head and began to get nervous again. "I'm sorry, Captain. I did my best."

"You did a grand job for your first time, Renji. In the future, remember to swallow quickly as soon as it begins. It is more difficult to swallow when your mouth is full." Byakuya looked over his shoulder to see Renji sitting on his knees, his head down, his hands covering his stiff cock. "Lie down against the pillows." Renji looked up at him for a moment before obeying. Byakuya returned to the bed and slid his body between Renji's legs, leaning forward until Renji's cock was pressed against his stomach. "Relax. Since this is your first time, I have decided to be gentle with you." Byakuya lifted his hand and traced the line of Renji's jaw with his fingers. "Be grateful for that. I am not usually so kind to my lovers." Byakuya kissed him again, gliding his fingers gently down Renji's body. When his fingertips brushed the other mans nipples, he was rewarded with a soft moan of pleasure. "That's it. Just relax and enjoy it."

Byakuya sat up on his knees and let himself enjoy the view of Renji spread out under him. He was truly a beautiful man. All of those black tattoos on that pale skin looked incredible against the dark gold of Byakuya's favorite silk bedding. He was glad now that he had decided to put them on the bed after he first caught Renji asleep. He had been so lovely laying there on the sofa, the soft light from the fire flickering across his skin. Byakuya had wanted him then more fiercely then ever before. But he knew Renji wouldn't willing go to his bed. So he had formed his plan. And now he was reaping the benefits.

Starting at Renji's neck, Byakuya slowly began to kiss and lick his way down Renji's body. Renji moaned and shivered under his touch. Byakuya knew that Renji was still nervous. He had his hands clenched at his sides and was avoiding looking at him. Byakuya's heart wrenched painfully in his chest at the reluctance still in Renji's body. But he knew it his own fault. He had a reputation for being cruel and quick with punishment to those under him in his division. Renji had been no different. Byakuya had a temper, and knew he had been to harsh on Renji. But the man made him so angry at times. More so than anyone else he had ever met. Byakuya often contemplated why that was. But he knew the answer. He was in love with the man.

Renji moaned loudly when Byakuya finally made his way down to his waist. Renji twisted his hips and balled his hands into the silk under him as Byakuya ran his tongue in circles around the head of his cock.

"Does it feel good, Renji?" Byakuya licked him again and smiled at the reaction.

"Y...yes, Captain."

"Don't call me that in here. Say my name." Byakuya wrapped his lips around him and took him all the way into his mouth until his lips brushed against his body.

Renji moaned even louder and finally put his hands on the other man. "Byakuya. It feels so good."

Byakuya closed his eyes, his heart beating franticly in his chest. Not only had Renji said his name, but he was now being free with his hands. Byakuya leaned slightly into the touch as Renji gripped his hands in his hair. While Renji was busy paying attention to the sensation of the mouth around his cock, Byakuya opened the small bottle he had laid on the bed. He poured the thick, warm oil over his fingers and coated them thickly before capping the bottle again. Byakuya sucked hard on the cock in his mouth as he slid his middle finger into Renji's opening.

Renji moaned from the suction and flinched from the invasion of the finger into his body. Byakuya sat up slightly and looked up at the other man. "Relax. I told you, I will be gentle. Just enjoy it." Byakuya rubbed his cheek against the hard flesh under him. He moved his finger slowly in and out of Renji. The man flinched again and Byakuya felt his muscles contract around his finger. "Please, Renji. Relax." As he took Renji's cock into his mouth again, he finally felt him begin to relax. Byakuya eased his legs open wider and he added another finger. As he felt Renji begin to tense again, he crooked his fingers and rubbed against Renji's prostate. Renji cried out and bucked his hips, arched his back, gripped his hands so tightly in Byakuya's hair he was afraid he would have a bald spot in the morning. Renji was panting harshly now. Byakuya could tell me was on the verge of cumming. He was leaking precum like a cut to the face leaks blood.

Byakuya did three things at once. He sucked as hard as he could on the cock in his mouth. He gently cupped Renji's balls in his free hand. And he added a third finger and pressed his fingers into that tight bundle of nerves inside Renji's body. Renji screamed from the pleasure of the triple attacked and came violently. Byakuya swallowed convulsively around the flesh in his mouth, savoring the taste of the thick, salty fluid sliding down his throat.

Renji shook like a leaf in the wind as his body went limp and his hands fell out of his Captain's hair. Byakuya let Renji's cock slide from his mouth and licked away the last drops of fluid. Renji groaned and shifted his hips as Byakuya continued to pump his fingers inside of him. "Captain, I.."

"I told you not to call me that here." Byakuya looked up and Renji recoiled from the look in his eyes.

"By...Byakuya. Please. I cant take much more." Renji looked away as he shifted his hips again.

"I will tell you when you are finished. I am not done with you yet. You have me greatly aroused again and I will have my release." Byakuya nipped the inside of Renji's thigh as he pushed his legs open wider.

"I can suck you again. I'll do better this time." Renji started to shake again and Byakuya could hear the fear in his voice.

"You did just fine, Renji. I enjoyed having your mouth on me. But this time I want another part of your body around my cock." Byakuya sat up on his knees and moved closer to the body under him. He removed his fingers and put his hands on Renji's thighs. "I want you on your knees. Now."

Shaking even more now, Renji obeyed. He knew it would be worse if he didn't. He didn't think it was possible to be both frightened and embarrassed at the same time. But as soon as he was on his hands and knees, Byakuya pressed his hand between his shoulders and pushed him down so his face rested against the bed. He felt terribly exposed with his ass up in the air and he swore he could feel Byakuya's eyes on him from behind. He flinched when he felt Byakuya's hand begin to caress his ass. Clenching his teeth, he pulled one of the pillows toward him and pressed it against his face. But he only had that small measure of comfort for a few moments before that too was taken away from him.

"I want to hear you when I take you, Renji. Do not cover your face again." Byakuya turned his attention back to the sight before him. He barely registered Renji confirming the order. His eyes were focused on the perfection of the mans body. The tattoos down his back continued over his hips and half way down his thighs. From where he sat and the position Renji was in, the tattoos appeared to be framing the most perfect ass Byakuya had ever laid eyes on. He oiled his hand again and began spreading the oil over his cock, which was aching with the need to penetrate the tight hole in front on him. He sat up on his knees and slid his fingers into Renji's body again. As he suspected, Renji clenched around his hand. "Relax, Renji." Byakuya bend over Renji's hips and kissed his way up his spine. Renji shivered at the contact and his muscles slowly relaxed again.

When he thought Renji was ready, Byakuya drew out his fingers and pressed the head of his cock to the tight opening. As he began to press himself in, Byakuya closed his eyes and concentrated on the feeling. As the head of his cock broke through the tight ring of muscle, Renji's body jerked and he let out a soft moan. Byakuya swallowed and closed his eyes tighter. He knew that sound wasn't one of pleasure. He was a sound of fear and pain. Byakuya stopped pushing and stayed where he was, with just the head in. He began rubbing circles on Renji's lower back. "Relax. It wont hurt as much if you relax. Let the muscles stretch. It will begin to feel good." Byakuya leaned forward again and rested his head between Renji's shoulders. "Trust me. Please."

Byakuya's last words were spoken so softly that Renji barely heard them. He figured he wasn't supposed to hear them. He emotion he head in those three words was something he had never heard from the lips of his Captain. It was almost as if he were pleading, begging, desperate for Renji to do as he asked. Closing his eyes, Renji willed his body to ignore the pain, to relax. He had years of training in ignoring pain. It had just never been this particular brand of pain before. But he slowly felt the pain fading, felt himself relaxing. He felt some tension leave the body laying across his back and figured that whatever he was doing was working.

Byakuya smiled slightly when he felt Renji begin to relax. He slowly began to press in again. He stroked in and out only an fraction of an inch or so, increasing his depth with each thrust. As he worked his way to about half his length in, Renji started to moan softly, this time with obvious pleasure. As he increased depth and speed, Renji started to rock his hips, matching the rhythm of Byakuya's thrusts. After he worked up to seven of his nine inches into Renji's body, he couldn't take the slow entry anymore. With one hard thrust, he buried himself completely inside the other man. Renji cried out and reached a hand back to grip Byakuya's hip. He panted softly and groaned, rocking his hips forward to encourage Byakuya to move again. The older man complied, thrusting the full length of his shaft in and out of Renji's body.

Renji had never felt anything like what he was feeling at that moment. He felt so full, like he was going to burst. But it felt so good. If he had known this would feel so good, he would have given into Ichigo's advances a long time ago and Byakuya would have been right about their relationship. Renji was hard as stone. But he didn't want to piss off Byakuya again by touching himself without permission. He was about to ask permission when Byakuya pressed down on his hips, changing the angle of his thrusts, and hit dead center on that spot inside him that he had touched with his fingers. He hit it hard and fast three times in a row and Renji screamed so loudly from the pleasure of it he was sure someone would think he was being murdered and come bursting into Byakuya's house.

Byakuya loved that sound. The sound of the man he was head over heels in love with screaming in pleasure. Pleasure he was giving him. Byakuya could feel himself reaching the peak. He put his arms around Renji, holding his angle so he could drive hard and fast into that place that was making him scream so loudly and at the same time he could grab that rock hard cock of his and stroke him in pace with his thrusts. Renji's entire body convulsed and Byakuya bit the inside of his cheeks as he felt the muscles surrounding his cock tighten almost to the point of pain. Renji screamed one last time and Byakuya's hand was suddenly covered in hot, thick fluid. Byakuya cried out and thrust one last time, burying himself as deep as he could go inside Renji's ass as he came harder then he ever had in his life. His cock twitched roughly, shooting over and over again until he felt like his balls were completely empty.

Byakuya groaned as he slid himself out of Renji and fell onto his side next to him. He didn't think he was going to be able to move for a week. He turned his head to look at Renji. His face was turned away. He started to reach up to touch his hair when he turned to look at him. The look in his eyes made Byakuya's heart stop beating. There was a look of shame and disgust in his eyes for only a moment before he looked away. Byakuya felt his heart tearing. What had he just done?

"Thank you, Renji. I am through with you. Gather your clothes and go home." Byakuya forced himself up from the bed. He lifted his robe from the chair in front of the window and was covering himself when he heard the door open. He turned and watched Renji leave the room. He hadn't even looked back in time to see the tears of his broken heart.

Byakuya opened the door leading from his room to his private courtyard. He walked to the Sakura tree in the center and fell to his knees. Looking down at the strip of fabric he had pulled from Renji's hair, he felt like his soul was tearing into a million pieces. What had he done?

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