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'Once upon a time…' Namikaze Minato thought tiredly as he looked out at the battlefield. Konoha, his beloved city, had nearly fallen to the might of the Kyuubi no Kitsune. On this once beautiful forest path, Minato had lost everything. The corpses of his once closest friends and family lay around him, their eyes seemingly staring at him. 'I promised to protect them with my life…and I failed…' Minato thought as tears cascaded down his eyes. Everything he loved had been taken away from him. Everything but his only son, who slept peacefully in his blackened arms. The only remnant of his love for his now deceased wife, Kushina, but also the only remnant of the great Kyuubi. His son, Naruto, the container of the vicious monster who slew them would never know the love of a parent. 'One day…you will hate me…just as I now hate myself…' Minato continued to stare at the small face peeking out of a blue blanket, eyes closed in slumber, 'I will never see your first steps…your first words…and you will not know my name…' The sleeping baby began to stir as he awoke, his large eyes fluttering open only to see the darkened face of his father. A small smile appeared on both the baby's and Minato's faces as they looked at each other. 'Or maybe not…'

"What a touching scene…" Minato's half dead head jerked up slowly to look at the intruder, only to see nothing. The voice, while soft, was far too calm for it to belong to a member of a search party. "To think, even after selling your soul to the devil you would still be able to survive. But then again you are the greatest shinobi in the elemental nations, eh Minato-kun?" The Yondaime searched until a sudden splash of color caught his eye. The color, a bright red, was painted onto an expressionless mask. No face, no design, just a simple red oval with a hole for the eye. The rest of his body, however, was shrouded by both smoke and a black cloak. The man walked forward with a calm, slow gait as his cloak separated just enough for Minato to see a pair of black shinobi sandals. In seconds the man was crouching down next to the dying Hokage.

"Of course…a life threatening event…what endangers ones life more than a bijuu?" The man spoke to himself as he looked at Naruto. Minato's weakened grip tightened as the man reached for his son. "Such a curious child…the powers of the Kyuubi…the blood of the Konoha no Kiiroi Senkou....and," the man's hand made contact with Naruto's small head. Minato gasped in shock as his son's cerulean eyes morphed into a maroon pupil with a single comma shaped mark in each. "the bloodline of the Uchiha clan. But there is still so much for you to achieve, my little one." The masked man took the baby from Minato's comatose arms.

"But you cannot do that here. This plagued world, filled with its diseased blood and sinful dreams. No…you will not reach your potential here. We will go far, far away to a world never seen here before." Reaching up the mystery man, pulled his mask off revealing his face for the first time. If he had had the strength, Minato would have screamed in terror. Looking at his son was a middle aged man, his face stern yet calm at the same time. On his scalp long black hair started only to disappear somewhere under his cloak. But what truly scared Minato wasn't the man's face or his hair. No, it was a memory that chose that moment to come back to him. A memory of him and many of the corpses surrounding him sitting in the academy, learning of the founding of the village. This man appeared more than once in the history and almost never in a good way.

"Uchiha…Madara…" Minato whispered, his energy nearly at its end as he gazed upon the stoic visage of Madara. One of the founders of Konoha, the founder of the Uchiha clan and the man who nearly killed the Shodai Hokage. Minato's heart lurched, his minutes having turned to seconds, as he realized what that meant. Madara could control the Kyuubi! It had all been an attack from the crazed Uchiha! "Why…?" Minato softly moaned.

"Because this world is tainted…and Konoha is the cause of most of that taint. By severing the afflicted limb, only then can the healing begin. But I knew Konoha wouldn't fall, so I instead chose to send a message. You would give your life to seal the Kyuubi and there was only one vessel you would willingly choose," Madara normally apathetic gaze softened as he looked at Naruto, "your own child…my only true grandchild and heir." Madara stopped explaining as he looked at the newest casualty of the Kyuubi attack. Standing Madara slowly made his way away from the battlefield.

"Wait!" Madara paused mid-stride as he heard two pairs of foot steps near him. Turning swiftly, his sharingan activated in order to defend him while his hands were occupied holding the baby. What met him, however, was not what he expected. Two young girls were running at him, their faces burning with desperation. The closest one was a small girl wearing a brown shirt and shorts. Sweat caused her purple bangs to cling to her face, overshadowing her brown eyes, while the rest stood in a high ponytail on the back of her head. The other, a slightly older girl, ran slightly behind the other. Her wild black hair and ruby eyes were merely accentuated by the vest and pants combination she wore. A chuunin vest, Madara idly mused as the two girls caught up. But one feature that caught his attention was the twin forehead protectors. Each bearing a single slash through the leaf symbol, signifying their betrayal.

"What do you want?" Madara asked, his voice calm but with a cautious tone underneath. These two girls couldn't possibly hope to stop him, so why try?

"P-please, my lord," the younger one stuttered out as she and her companion bowed together, "take us with you. We can no longer take living in this village anymore!" Madara continued to stare at the two children before him. This was one of the most likely scenarios he imagined but still slightly surprising. Leaving what is known as the best village in the world to travel with the greatest so-called monster to ever exist?

"No." Madara said coolly as he resumed his walk, only to be stopped by the younger girls hand on his free arm. Turning his head slightly to look at them, he was slightly surprised to see tears.

"Please…" The girl mumbled pitifully, her head down as the tears flowed. "I beg of you, let us come. I can't…no, I won't survive if I have to stay here. They hate us because of our pasts. My sensei became a missing-nin and my friend isn't a Konoha native. We tried to get away during the Kyuubi attack but…but…" The other girl spoke now.

"We failed…badly…" Her voice was more controlled and far less emotional but Madara was still able to hear her sorrow.

"No…" He repeated once more as he pried his arm from the purple headed girls grip. His exit, however, was once again interrupted but this time by the baby. 'Heh…he was awake the entire time…and didn't make a sound…' Madara thought, a small smirk appearing on his face. The baby struggled slightly in his blankets before finally freeing his two small arms. With a squeal the baby continued wiggle until he was pointing slightly to the two girls. Madara's smirk faded back to an impassive frown before looking back at the girls. "Young Naruto seems to want you to come…" The two girls heads shot up at this as smiles grew across their faces. "But remember…you will prove your usefulness." The two girls eagerly nodded as they followed the god-like man. "Your names?" Madara asked as he walked not bothering to stop. The younger of the two stuttered for a few seconds before the older one answered.

"Yuuhi Kurenai and Mitarashi Anko, my lord." Madara nodded to himself as the group came to the very edge of the forest. The younger, Anko, suddenly twitched as a thought came to her.

"Kurenai-chan..." Anko whispered softly to her friend, "Why isn't anyone searching for survivors." The ruby eyed teen's eyes widened as she looked to Madara's back.

The Kyuubi's Defeat…

The people of Konoha cried out in joy as the Yondaime performed the jutsu to save them. But to most of the people of Konoha it seemed as if the two were standing there, simply staring at each other. If only they knew the truth. Madara was often called the father of Genjutsu for a reason.

Madara's band…

The group of four stood at the border of countries border prepared for their arduous journey. With a quick look to each child Madara quickly handed Naruto over to Kurenai as he began the hand seals for one of his most powerful abilities. "Ne, Tora, Ne, Inu, Inu, Tora, Tora, Ushi, Ne." Madara mumbled each hand seal as he performed them. "Kamui no jutsu" As he spoke the words the very world around the quintet began to melt before their very eyes. Where there was once a forest and desert there was now multiple dark buildings on each side of them. Panting from exertion, Madara quickly took Naruto back from Kurenai.

"Where are we?" The young ex-chuunin asked hesitantly. Anko shrugged in reply.

"No idea." Suddenly cheers erupted from down the street. Anko smiled and pointed towards a brighter part of the alley. "But we could get answers by going that way!" She yelled before running towards the joyous screams. Kurenai and Madara sighed while Naruto giggled slightly as he played with his grandfather's hair.

"We should follow her before she does something that causes them to attack." Madara mumbled as Kurenai nodded in agreement. Quickly the two upper ranked ninja caught up to the genin as she found the exit to the dark alley they were in. Now the buildings were bright yellows and reds with a rainbow of colors mixed in. A random man suddenly jumped in front of Anko yelling in joy.

"It's amazing! It's spectacular! It's incredible!" The man yelled as he jumped around Anko who sweat-dropped. Nodding along, Madara asked the vital question.

"Where are we?" The euphoric man looked at them with a smile as if finding lost people was an everyday occurrence.

"You're at the Diagon Alley! Come on join the party!" The man yelled even louder over the throng of people.

"What's the party for?" Anko asked sheepishly as the man looked down in surprise. "We're kinda foreign." She added only for the man to smile again.

"Ahhh then you wouldn't know. This party is to celebrate the defeat of the Dark Lord at the hands of a baby named Harry Potter!"

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