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Renesmee's POV

The smell of roses and violets and honey suckle was tickling my nose. It was a wonderful smell but too much. Well; Alice will be Alice! Rosalie's music made its way outside of the church where I stood with Dad, mom and Claire, (Jake promised Quill, Claire could be a bridesmaid). My dress flowed effortlessly around my figure and the veil was over my face. Alice was strict on this and that Jake could through it over my head when the minister pronounces "I now declare you husband and wife". I sighed. It was to perfect. Everything was just how I wanted it to be. I heard Claire whining behind. I suppressed a giggle. Claire was actually over two years older than me but she is a normal human child and has the brain, personality and body of a 5 year old. It made me feel strange inside and I couldn't explain how that feeling felt.

'Ready?' Mom asked me, handing me my bouquet.

'I think so.' I replied. I looked into her eyes and saw the tearless tears she was holding back. Mom lifted the veil and gave me a peck on the cheek. I turned to dad. He had no facial expression.

'Dad?' I asked, slightly worried, 'It'll be okay, I promise.' I turned so we were face to face. I moved the veil out the way, stood on my tiptoes and kissed my father's cheek.

He relaxed and took my hand. He didn't smile, or look angry as I expected. He looked dead. He didn't speak to me. My dad had always been difficult but today of all days I thought he would be the slightest bit happy for me.

'I am happy for you.' Dad said, obviously reading my mind, 'It's just difficult for me to let you go. Especially to that mongrel.'

'Oh, dad' I sighed. I kissed his hand that was firmly holding mine. Then he also gave me a kiss on the cheek. He pulled my arm through his and started to lead me forward.

Jake's POV

I couldn't wait to see, Renesmee. I couldn't believe it. I was getting married. To Renesmee! I sighed trying to calm myself but my jaw was aching form smiling so much.

'Good luck, son' Dad came over in his wheel chair with Charlie pushing it.

'Thanks dad.' I replied.

'You look after my grandchild and don't you even think about giving me great-grand children at my age, you got it' Charlie said.

'Yes sir!' I smiled. I and dad have always said that the swans were like family to us and now, through two marriages, we finally were. Alice started shushing and then I knew she was just round the corner. Dad stood (sat) on my left and all my family (including my wolf brothers) sat on the left side while Renesmee's sat on the right. On the front row was Alice, Jasper, Emmett (Rosalie was at the piano), Carlisle, Esme, Charlie and Renee with a space for Bella when she came in. Then the door opened and in came the most beautiful living creature to ever walk the planet. Renesmee.

She had her head down and through the veil I saw tears. I hope tears of happiness. I felt a wave of concern wash over my face but then she lifted her head and scanned the crowd. Her eyes were wide and then they relaxed a little. Slowly, as she came to centre isle, she lifted her head and met my gaze. Her smile was even wider and she was so beautiful it stunned me. I felt my grin widen as hers did. She moved slowly and I so longed to run to her but I fort the urge. Finally she reached me and Edward placed her hand in to mine. I turned us so we faced the minister but I couldn't keep my eyes away from her.

'Do you, Jacob Christopher Black, take here, Renesmee Carlie Cullen, to be your lawfully wedded wife?' The minister asked me.

'I do.' I said.

'And do you, Renesmee Carlie Cullen, take here, Jacob Christopher Black, to be you lawfully wedded husband?'

'I...' Renesmee started but then Claire wanted her turn to speak.

'I WANT A WEE WEE, QUILL!' Claire screamed.

Quill, who was red faced, rose from his seat and walked over to Claire, Picked her up and took her to the facilities. Everyone was laughing as a red faced Quill and screaming Claire walked away. Everyone but Renesmee. Was she sad because that ruined it or was it why she was crying when she walked in? While everyone was distracted I put my finger under her chin and turned her face to look at me. I asked her with my eyes what was wrong but she just shook her head and gave a weak smile.

'Well shall we continue?' Minster Stanley asked.

'I do.' Renesmee said, sounding a little chirpier. I still wasn't convinced. Is she regretting to have married me?

'You may now kiss the bride.' He said. I turned to her and threw back the veil. Then I could really see her face. Her eyes were red and sore, and she was still crying. Her mouth was in a smile that didn't reach her eyes. I bent down and cupped her face between mine. I closed my eyes and put my lips to hers. They were cold but she kissed me back. She pulled away and everyone erupted into a massive cheer. We turned to face them and I walked her down to the bottom and outside. We got into the car and drove off to the reception. Once the church was out of site Renesmee started crying harder and I pulled her into my arms.

'Do you regret this?' I asked.

'No, I don't Jake. I'm over the moon. I have you all to myself and I wish I didn't have to find out today.' She complained.

'Tell me.' I told her.

'The volturi are coming. And there after you.' She said.

'Me?' I asked.


'What have I done?'

'Married me. Now you know the secret you must either become like us or die but you can't do either because your a werewolf which means the only fate for you is..'

'To die.' I finished her sentence.


'I must say I am a little relieved.' I said to her.

'What?' She asked.

'I thought you were crying because you didn't want to marry me after all.' I told her.

'Silly,' She replied snuggling closer to my side, 'I wanted to marry you and now I have. I love how you're my husband, now and forever and no one else's.'

I sighed and put my hand under her chin to lift it to my lips. This time she put her feelings into it and our tongues mingled together. It was the best feeling in my life.

'You and me forever.' I said.

'Yes.' She replied.

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