19 August 2009

Author's note: Raygirl13 speaking! Well, many people has asked me to translate the fanfic to english. I couldn't do it cause I'm too busy, but now I have recieved help from Heaven! hehe! Well, not exactly heaven, but an angel called EagleBlaze (from Deviant Art) that offered me her help. I really appreciate it, dear, and I know we can do a great job on this!

I just hope you too, the readers, will appreciate the effort of both of us (though I'm only the corrector in this part). Thank you and enjoy!

Down here are some previous notes.

Title: Basil, The Great Mouse Detective 2

Author: Raygirl13

Chapters: 20

Status: In process

Rating: T

Language: Spanish [original]

Translator: EagleBlaze954

Site Used to Translate: Spanishdict (dot) com

Small corrections: Raygirl13

Raygirl13's Authors Note:

Esther Quesada Galvez - July 1, 2006. (This was written in the original spanish, but EB has translated too as the original message).

Hello, I am Raygirl13 and this is my second fanfic on the web. My previous story was about Timon, from The Lion King of Disney. This time I will not move away from the Disney saga, but I am going to put myself in the story of Basil, The Great Mouse Detective. This is a character that I have a special love for, although this story has parts that I don't recommend to minors. I promise I'll try to make it as interesting as I can. Some of you already know me and you shall know which is my writing style.

This will give you a brief initial summary:

It has been eight years since the death of Ratigan. The lives of the main characters have found eachothers, but everything has changed a bit…Basil receives an unexpected visit that will completely turn his life around, while a conspiracy in the shadows, will threat to destroy it. Their lifes depend on an important decision. Someone will have to suffer the same destiny as the dead genius of London did.

Without further ado, I hope that you will enjoy the fanfic. Believe me, I do, writing each chapter fills me with great satisfaction. XD

Chapter 1: Memories from the Past

Dawson was sitting in the armchair next to Basil, reading the newspaper. The framed piece of newspaper hanged above the fireplace. The dust had accumulated on the sides, over the years, although Mrs. Judson had always been responsible enough to keep it fairly clean.

Dawson left the newspaper to the side and went directly to contemplate the paper.

"Oh my, how time goes by " Dawson murmured to himself. "Today is the day before that night. It's been eight years, but still I remember like it was yesterday"

Basil said nothing and continued to quietly smoking his pipe.

"Yes," continued Dawson, "thanks to that, you and I met."

"And you also met your beloved wife."

Mrs. Judson entered the dinning room with a tray of muffins with cheese, a teapot and a couple of cups.

"Yes, that is right…" Dawson said as he smiled while he remembered that night.

And when Basil and him had been finally left alone and Dawson had tried to say goodbye to him, there was a knock on the door. Upon opening it, Dawson found face to face with a beautiful woman, distressed by the disappearance of a valuable ring of emeralds that used to be on the third finger of her right hand, according to Basil who had just finished deducing that. With that case, Basil and Dawson ended up becoming friends.

However, after a couple of years, the same woman came to see them again but for another issue that was more catastrophic: Apparently, her husband had been murdered in cold blood by an unknown madman…and, as it tends to happen with these cases, the perpetrator was, of course, the butler of the house, a man who had proved to be a former convict of the world's most famous prison.

After all of that, Miss Helen Hamilton and Dr. Dawson had come to know each other so well that they had managed to fall in love with each other.

A year later, Dawson married to Miss Helen and they wemt to live together in a very beautiful house which was very spacious, therefore leaving the shelter of Baker Street. However, whenever it was possible, Dawson went to visit Basil as he had done in the old days.

And that evening was precisely what he had done. He had gone to visit 221 ½ Baker Street.

"By the way," Mrs. Judson said, shaking Dawson out of his thoughts. "How is Mrs. Dawson?"

"Well, she is doing fine, thanks." He replied, taking a cheese crumpet from the tray, "it has given me a lot of respect for you."

"Thank you, give her mine too." After saying this, Mrs. Judson returned to the kitchen with a radiant smile.

"She's always so kind." Dawson commented. He took his cup of tea, and he sat back down in his chair and directed a look at Basil. "Do you think that you are going to spend the rest of your life in loneliness? I believe that there is still a women for you."

"Unlike you, my dear friend" Basil interrupted him leaving his pipe on the small coffee table. "I prefer to have my mind fresh and clear without distractions."

"What do you mean?" Dawson asked, since he found himself to be bothered with that comment.

"I mean, and please do not be offended by this, " He added tactfully, "but it seems that marriage is not made for me. Love hinders the brain processes, stupefies it, and keeps the mind in a trance. It produces confusions and seriously alters the self-control, by playing with the emotions and feelings of a person. A detective of my level and class cannot be permitted to afford such setbacks, do you understand? That is why I prefer to stay in the shadow of love, all alone, and avoiding unnecessary relationships. "

Dawson was silenced for a moment while he had tried to decipher as to what Basil had said to him. But a few seconds later, he had his mouth open to reply to him. However, his words were silenced again by the sound of the buzzer.

"Hmmm, I did not expect any more visits tonight than you, my dear Doctor." Basil made a face and dropped back into his chair with some boredom. "Perhaps it is a client. Please, would you be so kind to go opening the door, my friend?"

"Yes" Dawson replied but still retained with the desires to retort him for the previous comment, but he kept himself contained and was kind enough to open the door.

Opposite to him, a huge hat was covering the head and did not let him see the eyes of a young woman that was dressed in blue, beige-pinked skin.

"Sorry, " She began to say with a delicate and feminine voice. "Are you Mr. Dawson?"

"Yes, I am" The Doctor was amazed to see that beautiful figure, which he couldn't remember had met before. Nevertheless, something told him that this young woman was very familiar. "What… do you need, miss?"

"I am seeking Mr. Basil, the Detective."

"Yes, of course. Please, come in. He is in the dinning-room." Dawson did not stop watching at her when she entered the house with a slow and elegant step.

He advanced her and entered the dinning-room, by going directly to Basil.

"There's someone her who asks for you," He whispered to him in a low voice.

Basil left his pipe again and reluctantly got up to.

"Well, well, well to whom do I have the honor to receive this..." Suddenly, when turning the view towards the young woman, the words were stuck in his throat barely managing to leave the phrase hanging in the air. "time?" The last word left him as a whisper.

"You are Mr. Basil, are you not?" She said. He said nothing, and was completely paralyzed, mesmerized, with his eyes wide opened as if he had seen a ghost. "It's been a long time, right?" She smiled. "You and the Doctor have not changed a bit." Seeing that he neither answered, she smiled and spoke with a sweet and innocent voice. "Perhaps... you do not remember me?"

Basil swallowed and let the air in his lungs go out.


She laughed and the head rose so that they could see her face and the eyes that were crystal clear aquamarine.

"I've noticed, you already know how to spell my surname."

"O...Olivia?" Dawson was surprised so much that he did not realize that the cup of tea he currently had been holding had slipped out of his hands and hade smashed onto the floor, breaking into pieces.