I know it's been about a year... and you're right, it's my fault. Many things have happened and my great friend (who's done a perfect work here) was also so busy that we couldn't have time to finish this up. I ask you all for forgiveness and hope this chapter will please you ^_^

Also, I ask you to understand about this song. Yeah, I know who sings it and I know many people don't like the singer, and that the song couldn't exist in Basil's time, but the message in the song was perfect for what I was trying to show from Olivia's point of view. So please, imagine that the song is played with the GMD tavern orcherstra instead of BS's version. Ok? Just like "Let me be good to you".

Alright, that's all. Next chapter will come as soon as possible. Enjopy!

Title: Basil, The Great Mouse Detective 2

Author: Raygirl13

Rating: T

Language: Spanish [original] - English.

Translator: Hollow-Shadows

Small corrections: Raygirl13

Chapter 7 - Desire Beats

The little mouse turned her body to face the public. In a smooth motion, she ran her fingers across her chest and down her torso, slowly and sensually, while singing.

"All you people look at me like I'm a little girl,

Well, did you ever think it'd be okay for me to step in this world?"

She got off the stage when she saw her goal and started strutting towards it, standing for a while on a table to distract some of the men, who where watching Olivia, their pants wet.

"Always sayin' little girl, don't step into the club,

Well I'm just tryin' to find out why, cause dancing's what I love."

Dawson leaned over to Basil. "What is she doing here?"

"I don't know," replied the other, frowning, "But I hope she has a good explanation." Basil felt sweat trickling down his forehead. "A very good… explanation." he whispered hoarsely.

Olivia continued to move among the tables, carefully avoiding any contact with her slimy looking audience. From time to time one would reach out to touch her, but she would nimbly take a turn and dodge his hands, nudging him gently with her foot to move him away. Little by little, she was getting closer to the table of the two detectives.

"Get it get it, get it get it, whoa,

Get it get it, get it get it, whooooa- do you like it?

Get it get it, get it get it, oooh... This feels good."

"We have to get her out of here before some pervert pulls her over." Basil kept his eyes locked on her, tense.

"Yeah, sure, but..." Dawson lowered his voice. "She seems to do well in that role, doesn't she? Her agility prevents her from being touched, and-"

"I don't care!" replied Basil, "This is no place for her. Come, let's get out of here."

But when he began to rise, Olivia came to his table and lightly pushed him back down into his seat. The scantily clad girl sat on the table and crossed her legs.

"I know I may come off quiet,

I may come off shy,"

She turned and began to crawl across the table Dawson looked at Basil, who stared at her, frozen. However, Basil's expression of anger did not change, and sweat continued to drip down his forehead.

"But I feel like talking, feel like dancing,

When I see this guy."

Olivia looked into his eyes, still flirting. Suddenly, she knelt, placed herself right in front of Basil, took the collar of his shirt and stroked the fabric with her fingers.

"What's practical is logical. What the hell, who cares?"

"All I know is I'm so happy when you're dancing there!"

Dawson was astonished. The girl looked like a professional dancer... but much more daring and flirtatious. He looked at his companion and saw that something had changed.

Olivia moved closer to Basil's face and touched his forehead with hers. Her lips were an inch from his, and she was still singing the song with her sweet but sensual voice.

"I'm a slave for you. I can't hold it, I can't control it."

"I'm a slave for you, I won't deny it, I'm not trying to hide it"

All males present would have given anything to be in Basil's position at the time. In fact, more than one felt like getting up and throwing the guy out. And this desire was further intensified when Olivia opened the buttons of his jacket and slowly stroked his chest.

"Baby, don't you want to dance on me?

(I just want to dance next to you)

To another time and place?"

Basil did not move, but his breathing was becoming agitated. He managed to conceal it with his mouth shut. Olivia hugged him with her hands inside his jacket and whispered in his ear the rest of the song.

"Baby, don't you want to dance on me?

(Are you ready?)

Leaving behind my name and age?

Let's go!"

She suddenly let go and walked away, as if disinterested. Basil sat motionless, paralyzed in shock. The other spectators redirected their attention to Olivia, who had returned to the stage and was continuing to sing.

"Are you...all right?" Dawson asked Basil, looking away from the dancer.

"What?" Basil turned his head to Dawson in a sudden movement, his eyes wide.

"I said, are you all right?" He repeated.

"...Oh, yes." Basil nervously nodded his head and looked forward sharply.

Dawson did not know what happened exactly, but preferred to keep quiet and wait for the atmosphere to cool down.

Basil's heart was pounding, his breathing uncontrolled and his pants wet. The... close contact to Olivia had caused a disturbance in his body. He closed his eyes for a moment, and soon got back to being the master of his body.

Olivia danced with movements that could only exist in dreams of a man, still singing with her seductive voice and occasionally glancing at Basil. She smiled playfully while others whistled and came closer to the stage, to try to reach her.

"I really want to dance tonight with you," "(Want to see you move)"

"I really want to do

What you want me to."

"(Uh uh uh)"

Finally, Olivia ended the song with an exotic pose. She said goodbye with a mere hand gesture and walked back to hide behind the curtain. However, she was cut off by a guy who got up onto the stage.

"That's it? You're not dancing anymore, babe?" The mouse was a bit drunk but still able to keep up. "Come on, dance!" He took a wobbly step toward Olivia.

"My performance is over." She didn't seem to bother with the guy. "If you want to see someone dance, go back to your seat and wait for the next dancer." And with that, she began to walk past him.

"Where are you going!" The drunkard grabbed her arm tightly and forced her to turn around.

"Let go of me!" Olivia struggled to break free.

"You're going to dance with me!" He repeated.

"I said release me!"

"Drop it, now!" Someone shouted.

"Huh?" The mouse looked down and saw Basil standing on the stairs leading down from the stage. "Who are you to tell me what to do, tadpole?"

"I'll tell you once more." Basil came up the steps with a serious expression on his face. "Drop it."

"I advise you not to bother me, man. Leave before you ** me off."

"I will give you three seconds to let her go, slimeball." Basil's voice began to ring with a dangerous tone. "One, two…"

"This candy is mine!" With his sweaty hands, the drunkard took Olivia and pulled her closer to him, brushing his body with hers.

"It's over!" Basil took Olivia's shoulder with one hand and swung his other in a mean right hook. The big mouse staggered back a bit but managed to recover his balance, despite the high level of alcohol in his blood. He touched his face as a reflex, and realized his nose was bleeding.

"Olivia, get out of here," Basil pushed her to hide backstage.

"But I-"

"Come on, get out of here!

"Damn bastard!" The drunk recovered some awareness and lunged at Basil with all his fury. "You're dead!"

This time Basil did not have time to react. He gave a final push to Olivia, just a second before the man rammed into him and they both fell off the stage. Basil managed to kick his attacker in the stomach, making him fly over his head and through the air. The burly man landed on a table, which started another fight, because the mice playing poker realized their opponent was cheating. As usual in such cases, that fight led to another, and soon the whole pub was involved in a struggle of male and female mice.

Dawson and Olivia managed to protect themselves by huddling behind the bar, covering their heads when some bottles shattered against the wall in front of them. Basil dodged through the crowd of brawlers and leaped over the bar.

"Are you all right?" He asked them.

"Yes, I think so." Olivia continued to protect her head.

"We have to get out of here!" Dawson was on all fours, huddled against the bar.

"It will be difficult to reach the door, but maybe..." Basil looked across and saw what he was looking for. "There is still the trap door."

"Trap door?" Dawson looked to the side of the bar and saw the hatch leading to the basement, the one they had used while pursuing Ratigan.

"We must be quick!" Basil took Olivia's hand, Dawson behind them. They crawled on all fours to the corner, opened the hatch, and got inside. Before closing it, Basil took one last glance around the tavern.

"This is becoming repetitive." He muttered.