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Beep beeeep beep

"Go wade!" Kim possible 21 years old hero answered her kimmunicator as she walked thru the halls or her college.

"Kim there's been a robbery at the new York museum of ancient history" wade load the young techie genius quickly informed Kim

"Shego?" Kim asked abruptly thinking of her moss hued rival and internationally wanted thief who now went legit.

"I don't think so it looks likes an amateur since they kind of triggered a hidden alarm"


"Front courtyard of the uni" wade answered with a smile

"You rock wade"

Kim quickly pocketed her kimmunicator as she ran outside where a proto type hover jet was already waiting. She quickly climbed aboard the craft. As she sat down in a lounge chair the craft quickly lifted off and flew to New York in a speed that jets would envy. She also found a bag which contained her mission clothes which she quickly put on. In about ten minutes she felt the craft slow down and she quickly jumped down to the roof of the museum when the hatch opened.

"Wade?" kim spoke thru an earpiece, one of wades newer extension of the kimmunicator as she quickly entered and made her way down the museum.

"Here kim, the alarm was triggered in the basement area where the newer pieces are being readied to be displayed in the museum" wades voice came thru her earpiece load and clear.

"On it"

Kim slowed down as she reached the darkened area of the basement straining her ears for any noises that the thieves would make. There was none. Puzzled Kim slowly and silently made her way deeper in the room. Them suddenly she came to a couple of bodies lying on the floor in front of a statue of some kind. She quickly made her way to them and checked for a pulse. Breathing out in relief when she found the two obvious thieves alive but out cold.

"Wade I found them and both are already down for the count and out cold with no physical evidence of any injuries"

"What?" Kim could hear furious clicking of the keyboard then suddenly all the lights went on.

Kim looked around at the untouched room and at the unconscious thieves as her mind whirled in puzzlement.

"The room is not disturbed in the slightest and both men still have empty satchel so the just probably haven't tried to take anything yet before they we're knocked unconscious

By someone. Kim reported to her techie

"I tried to check the security cams but guess what. The basement area don't have them are there any other clues?"

Kim suddenly found herself looking at the statue where the two men are lying in front of.

She came closer as she realized that it was a leopard. The statue was made of pure black onyx but if you looked closer barely visible rosette patterns adorned the five foot tall sitting cat. Kim looked into the cat's eye and found herself mesmerized by the emerald orbs of the statues eyes then suddenly a bright green flash blinded Kim and wade load stiffened in surprise horror as all he heard was Kim screaming and suddenly total silence.

"KIMMMM what happened KIMMM!!!" wade shouted shrilly but only silence answered him.

Kim woke up with a groan a major headache was pounding inside her head like bongo drums.

"Thank god your awake miss. Possible" Dr. Betty director head of global justice voice reached Kim prompting her to open her eyes to mere slit.

"Whaa happened?" Kim asked groggily clutching her head and trying to sit up.

Dr. Director helped her up into a sitting position and Kim finally realized that she was in global justice med bay.

"What's the last thing you remembered Kim?" asked Betty gently

"I ahh a museum robbery and I'm looking at a cat statue then nothing" kim answered in a befuddled tone looking up into dr. directors concerned gaze.

"we'll we found you unconscious when a frantic Mr. load contacted gj to help you then we took you back here for some medical attention unfortunately for the two men you we're with since both ended in a coma" dr. director explained in her no nonsense voice

"WHAT?" Kim stiffened in shock

"Yes we we're very worried about you too since you have been unconscious for almost five days and all the doctors are baffled to what happened to you all including your parents. Mr. Ron stoppable is also here he arrived from Japan 3 days ago to be at your side"

As Kim listened to the explanation she started to get feel better and sat up straighter. In the hours that followed Kim reunited with her crying family and best friend Ron with his ninja girlfriend yori looking on. And in a couple of days that followed with wade the doctors and kim not finding any explanation on her collapse kim's family decided to send her on a two weeks vacation on a tropical island thinking it was the stress of her hero work and her college work load that cause her to collapse.

Kim arrived at the island hotel at nightfall and she wearily followed the porter to her cabin. Yawning in sleepiness Kim quickly took a hot bath and tiredly crawled into her king size bed and cuddled into her numerous pillows and was asleep in no time.

In the morning she woke up feeling quite rested and she ordered a big breakfast and ate it outside on her patio overlooking the gorgeous white sand beach.

As she ate she called her family and Ron telling them that she arrived safely and promise them that she would relax to her heart content. Lastly she called wade.

"Hey Kim how's your vacation going?" wade's chubby smiling face asked

"Off to a great start. By the way thank for giving me the farthest cabin from the hotel. It's just me and room service." Kim answered with a laugh

"I checked the cat statue as you asked and the only thing we know is that it's South American in origin and quite old too around a thousand years old. Oh and it's a female too and the only thing the researcher could say that it's suppose to be some kind of goddess or such since the found the statue inside a sort of altar which they can't confirm since it's quite destroyed" wade reported with a frown.

"The cat is female?" kim questioned with brows raised

"Ohh yes the statue was exquisitely made that all details are unmistakable and yes you we're right it's a leopard. Kind of make sense since leopards lived in South America and Mayan people we're said to worship them. Hey maybe that's why you we're spared and the men were not since you're female? Wade's eyes we're large as he just came to this conclusion

"maybe." Kim absentmindedly answered

"Well anyways you feel great you said so yourself so I'll leave you to your vacation and I promise your mom no missions for two weeks so enjoy" wade replied with a huge smile

"Thanks and you rock wade" laughing as she disconnected the call

Kim stood up and stretched and entered her room again not realizing that a silent figure entered her room behind her.

Kim shivered and quickly turning around into a fighting stance she faced her unknown intruder.

"SHEGO!" she exclaimed in surprise

"Doy princess is that how you greet an old friend" the thief asked with her trademark smirk

"Wha what are you doing here?" dropping her fighting stance she stood up and looked at her rival with a smile. Ever since the lorwardian attack shego and drakken we're pardoned by the world and drakken is now working at gj while shego as Kim found out was already a very rich woman and only worked certain jobs with gj when she felt bored. The mercenary thief was wearing her trademark green and black jumpsuit telling Kim that she probably flew her own jet to the island.

Flipping her long hair casually shego walk towards Kim leisurely.

"I heard from that one eyed Cyclops about your incident and I want to see for myself that your okay." Shego answered with a smile as she stopped in front of a speechless redhead.

"I'm f-fine" kim answered faintly as shego scent nearly overwhelmed her there was a roaring in her ears that confused her as she inhaled shego scent deeply her eyes closing in response to shego. In the back of her mind she wondered why her sense of smell seems to triple in sensitivity and why shego scent seems to enthrall and entice her at the same time.

"Kimmie? Princess? Are you okay? Shego ask with concern stepping a little bit closer to the redhead and raising her hand to kim's forehead. Kim's eyes opened and shego nearly step back as she saw Kim eyes contract like a cat looking at her like she was prey.

"k-kimmie what's happening to your eyes?" shego stuttered and yelp as Kim suddenly growled and lunged at her. Kim suddenly fastened her teeth at shego's nape where her neck meets her shoulder and with it both woman tumbled at the floor with kim crouched with teeth fastened firmly but not breaking the skin on top of a suddenly wide eyed shego.

"kimmie what the hell" shego tried too pull the redhead away from her neck her but kim released a deep growl that sent shivers down shego spine and tightened her hold on shego's neck

"Is she going to tear my throat out? What the hell happened? Why did she became feral?" shego thought frantically finally lying still underneath the redhead.

As Kim finally realized that her mate has stilled she released shego neck and with a happy growl and to shego's surprise incredulity began to lick the place where she bit the green skinned thief who shivered under her tongues onslaught.

"Princess Whaa whaat?" shego's arm which is still around Kim's neck contracted. Kim purred and began to nip and lick shego's neck playfully.

"MINE! MINE! MINE!" Kim growling declaration punctuated with sharp nips at shego's neck made the thief gasped helplessly in Kim's grasp.

Kim suddenly inhaled deeply cementing the scent of her mate in her feral mind her hands which suddenly grew sharp claws dug deeply into the carpet as her mate scent drove her mind into a frenzy to claim and mark her mate. Kim was straddling shego and shego took this as an opportunity to kick back strongly with both legs and with a load yowl Kim was thrown back several feet into the air and with catlike agility landed on four feet against the bed. Shego quickly scrambled to her feet and ran to the bathroom and shut the door just in time as Kim slammed on the other side with aloud and angry roar.

Gasping with nervous adrenalin shego quickly contacted her sometimes boss Dr. Betty director. Betty answered on the second ring.

"Damn it betty!! Kimmie's gone rabid like shit on me!!!!" shego nearly scream in nervousness at the phone as the door to the bathroom rattled against Kim's battering hits.

"WHAT! What do you mean rabid? Betty rapid fire question bought shego's attention back on the phone.

"We we're talking fine then suddenly princess sort of inhaled my scent deeply then suddenly her eye's turned catlike and shit then she bit me!!!" shego's nearly hysterical

Demand for an answer shook the normally unflappable dr. as shego heard the sudden furious clicking of keys.

"What do you mean she bit you? Is she trying to kill you again?"

"No! I mean she didn't break my skin or something it's more of to just hold me in place and she kept saying mine mine mine. What the hell is going on??" shego screamed as the door nearly broke as Kim threw her whole weight against the solid wood door.

"Just as I feared! Did she bite you at your nape?"

"YES! What does it have to do with anything?"

"Kim is feral and it seems she's trying to claim a mate." Betty explained with what seem like awe in her voice.

"Claim a mate!! What the hell! you made her sound like a dog or something?" by now shego is bracing herself on the door trying to keep it from opening.

"Leopard actually. Since kim only reacted when she saw you or as you put it smelled you her leopard brain took control and she would not stop till she claimed a mate or in this case you." Dr. Director explained it in a monotonous voice

"Leopard!!! I'll ask again just what in hell are you people doing!!" shego screamed in disbelief.

"You love kim possible right?" Betty asked with a sharp voice

"You know damn well I do but you and I know that she's straighter than a ruler right" shego answered with a grunt and a roll of her eyes as the door rattled off the hinges.

"Not so straight it seems since she clearly trying to claim you as hers" betty giggled as she heard the commotion on the other side of the phone.

"You're laughing!!! I'm in this predicament and you laughing you ass off there!!!" shego hissed angrily

"My advice. Let her claim you and the effect would probably wear off in a couple of days!"

"A couple of days!!!!" disbelief clearly on shego's voice

"Leopards mating last for weeks actually depending on the consent of both partners"

"You mean to tell me I need to let Kim ravish me to her hearts content for her to be cured?" are you fucking insane!!! Shego screamed in disbelief

On the other side Betty winces at the hysterical tone of shego's voice but a smile crept up her lips as she heard a sudden cracking of wood.


"I'm sorry I can't help you shego since you're not my employee as of this minute hehehe oh and shego a mating of two leopards in the wild was recorded at more or less thirty times a day. Enjoy!!" with an evil cackle Betty disconnected the phone.

"WHHAATTT!!! Shego listened to the dial tone in shocked stupor then suddenly the door to the bathroom exploded inward and from the huge gaping hole Kim flew inside landing a few feet from shego. Kim whirled around to face a frozen shego with a deer in the headlights look.

Only shego quick reflexes as an international thief saved her from kims grasp as she also bolted from the room using the hole in the door from which kim came in but a couple of kim's sharp claws caught shego's suit in the back and with a sudden sound of tearing clothes shego escaped and bolted toward the open patio door.

"ooffffff!!!" shego breath was knocked out as she was speared on her hips by kim and their momentum carried them airborne for a second and with great accuracy or simply blind luck shego landed on the bed with kim growling in anger above her.

Shego lay gasping for breath stunned for several seconds which Kim took advantage by again clamping her teeth in shego's nape and by this time shego could feel two long canines quite prominently on her neck. Quivering in fear shego laid still.

With a growl Kim bit shego harder and shego whimpered in pain. They stayed that way for several minutes and finally Kim let go. Cat eyes look into huge emerald orbs deeply and with a deep growl of "STAY" leopard Kim slowly backed away from shego laying form with out breaking eye contact.

Kim made herself a space between shego spread legs which she forced opened wider with a deep rumbling growl. Then breaking eye contact Kim quickly lowered her face and buried her face on shego covered pussy and inhaled deeply with a rumbling purr. Shego closed her eyes and whimpered pathetically as with a snarling growl Kim sharp claws shredded her suit like tissue paper until shego's whole bald cunt was uncovered to her delighted gaze.

Shego shrill scream echoed throughout the room as with a hungry growl Kim mashed her face into shego's weeping cunt licking and sucking hungrily. Like a fat kid in a pie eating contest. Both of Kims arm hooking on shego's still covered legs to keep her in place and open to her voracious lips and tongue.

"KIMMIEE!" shego felt like she was going insane as Kim feasted on her copious cunt juice. She couldn't produce as much as Kim seems to want as Kim was sucking on her pussy quite strongly. It was within a few minutes before shego was howling as her first orgasm suddenly arrived with a vengeance. Kim released a loud growl of enjoyment as she drank shego's cum not letting a single drop escape her voracious mouth.

Shego crash back into the bed but Kim didn't stop sucking and licking

"Ppprincess stop please… I. can't… please!" shego begged pathetically as she tried pulling away her sensitized cunt from kim hungry mouth.. But Kim didn't stop nor has any intentions to stop.

Suddenly Shego sat up babbling and pleading as Kims sucking lips found shego's clit and began sucking on it like a hungry kitten on her mother teats. Shego crashed back on the bad as she screamed and screamed as she helplessly kept cumming and cumming and Kim still kept sucking and feeding of shego's copious cum.

It was probably her tenth orgasm when shego's body arched like a bow and her mouth opened in a scream as a nearly painful orgasm wracked her body. Her hand slammed into the bed hard as she felt herself lose control of her bladder.

"NO Kimmie NO DON"T!! shego begged nearly crying but kim only growled and tightened her hold on shego and shego's cunt suddenly tightened and squirted her cum on a surprise kim. A happy growled answered shego wailing scream as Kim wallowed on her squirting pussy hungrily. Kim was growling and purring as shego's body trembled and wracked helplessly squirting her cum into Kim's waiting tongue.

Hours pass and by now shego is dazed, delirious and babbling incoherently her tattered suit drenched with her sweat her body shuddering helplessly as she helplessly cums on Kim's still sucking mouth. Then Kim licks began to gentle and soothing against her now very sensitive and swollen cunt.

Kim stood on all fours and climbed back up shego exhausted and quivering body. Kim was emitting loud purrs as she lowered her head and lovingly licks shego sweaty cheek and neck. Kim also nuzzled and licks shego's bite mark which is now purple and angry looking against shego pale skin. Then Kim began tearing shego's remaining tattered clothes until she was all too naked under Kim's predatory gaze.

Kim was still wearing her sleeping attire which consists of a white tank top and pink boi shorts. Kim began to lick the sweat off on her mate's body as shego still lay shivering.

Shego feels so weak and helpless as her exhausted body refused her command to move even for a single inch. She couldn't feel her legs and they remained sprawl apart just as Kim left them. An occasional whimper wafts up from the now silent room as kim kept licking her body and in every interval kept coming back to her still sensitized pussy and licked her and inhaled deeply before resuming her cleaning ritual on shego's spread body.

Shego whimpered as Kim suckled her turgid nipple like a starving kitty. She alternated between her two tits as if trying to find milk. She was sucking so hard that within minutes her nipples became so sensitive and so hard.

"Kimmie….please…please.." shego's head whipped back and forth as she grunted in surprise as a small orgasm wracked her body and quick as a snake Kim released her captive nipple and dove back between shego's spread legs to lick her creaming pussy.

Shego whimpered and curse her super human body that refused to drop unconscious as Kim finished with her pussy licking immediately went back to her neglected tits.

So it went on until shego finally lost consciousness. Kim purred happily and curled herself comfortably against her mate and also went to sleep with satisfaction. Holding the snoring green skinned woman against her body tightly and tangling their legs together. Insuring that her mate cannot escape her grasp.