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Chapter 22

"Hello Kimberly may I come in?"

Kim fidget on her bare feet nervously as her brain chattered in fear.

"O-Of course please come in Mr. Go." Kim stuttered nervously as she ushered Shego's dad inside her room.

Shego's father entered the room with a polite smile as he made his way towards the couch where Kim was reclining earlier. He watched with amusement twinkling in his blue eyes as Kim fidgets uncomfortably for a minute before taking a deep breath and straightened herself and jutting her chin with determination and approach the sitting Mr. Go.

"Would you like anything to drink Mr. Go? I think I have some canned iced tea, some soda and uhmm..water." Kim offered as she wrung her hands in nervousness.

"No thank you for your offer Kimberly. I'm fine as it is now why don't you take a seat here with me as standing up there might make you tired later." Mr. Go replied as he indicated the chair opposite him for Kim to take with a nod of his head.

Kim swallowed with a loud audible gulp as she gingerly sat herself down on the indicated chair. Her heart was beating an insane rhythm inside her chest as trepidation dance up and down her spine as she looked Mr. Go in the eyes.

Shego's dad looked like an older vision of his son Hego. He still looked quite fit and quite formidable too the only difference was the few grey hairs peppering on his temple.

"Now for a start I want to say it's finally nice to meet you face to face Kimberly." Mr. Go said with a gentle smile.

"T-Thank you sir and please call me Kim." Kim replied with obvious relief.

"Alright Kim as you already know you would be marrying my only daughter this afternoon and this is the first time that I could talk with you alone with all the insane schedule and hassle my wife and your mother had concocted up."

Kim could only offer a wan smile as her face paled considerably.

"As for my wife she had only informed me only a couple of days ago that my only daughter is pregnant which I might confess is quite a shock to me. I have known for quite a long while that my daughter is attracted to women and for all the scenarios I have envisioned of her future this thing with her being pregnant and with you as the father has quite blindsided me." Mr. Go explained with a serious face.

"Uhgh.." Kim didn't know what to say or do which Mr. Go took as sign to continue.

"Don't get me wrong I do love my daughter very much and I would support her in all her decisions even when she became a villain I didn't stop her."

" Uhg..Mr. Go perhaps I could explain.." Kim started feebly but to Kim's surprise He shook his head in protest quite vehemently.

"No! No! No! I don't want to know the details about my daughters sex life and especially on how you made her pregnant. I already know too much with my wife always prattling about it. Knowing how is not important to me the only thing that matters to me is how you truly feel about my daughter." Mr. Go explained with a genuine smile.

"I love Shay very much and I would do anything to make her and our child happy to the best of my abilities." Kim stated with quiet conviction which made him smile.

"Just between you and me Kim, my family is not what you might call conventional. Between me and my quite strong willed beautiful wife we didn't have exactly what you call normal children. With Hector and his stupid grand ideas, the very vain Melchor and of course Shay and the twins it's quite a feat having super powered children running amuck in our home. Thank god my wife has them all under her control but I must confess Shay holds a very special place in my heart being the only daughter I have."

"So Shego was a daddy's girl?" Kim asked as she offered a genuine smile as Mr. Go's tone soften when he talked about Shego.

"Quite so and still is. I doted on her and she confided to me about anything at all from her annoying brothers and to her own life decisions. You might not believe it but me and Shay is quite very close. She knows I always got her back and all she has to do is ask not that she often asked for anything but she knows that I would do anything in my power to do what she asked for but if anybody tried to hurt her in any way then I will make them pay dearly."

"As would I." Kim stated as she and Mr. Go shared a smile.

Meanwhile in Shego's room

Ha ahhh Chooooo!!!!!

Shego rubbed her nose irritably as she sniffled as she rolled to her back on the bed

"Somebody better not be talking about me behind my back." Shego thought darkly.

Back at Kim's

"Anyways I just want to know about your future plans?"

"Well I don't actually have a solid plan yet not without Shego consent." Kim answered scratching her head.

"I know the two of you are already living in Shay's apartment but are you making that place your home? Shay is quite rich as you know and believe me having a real home makes a big difference in a marriage especially with a child coming along" Mr. Go hinted at her future daughter in law.

Kim had perked up with a smile as she finally realized what Shego's dad means.

"About that ah uh Mr. Go I already told and asked my parents about that and they helped with my decision to buy a new house in Middleton for our home using my own money. I know Shego is rich and all and I may not be as rich as she is but I do have my own savings and trust fund that my parents gave me when I had reach 18 and I had my friend Wade invest them so I'm quite capable of giving my own share in our marriage when it comes to spending." Kim answered proudly as Mr. Go beamed at her.

"Does Shay knows about that?" Mr. Go asked slyly as Kim lowered her head as her face again suffused with color.

"Uh.. no I was planning on giving this as a surprise for her after the wedding as she was the one who spent a lot of money for this celebration."

"So what kind of house have you bought?" Mr. Go asked genuinely interested about his child future.

"It's not as big as your home or my parents but I'm sure it'll be enough for us. It's a two storied Mediterranean styled house with three bedrooms and four bathrooms with all the bedrooms in the second floor while downstairs is a comfortable living, dining and kitchen oh and also a small room which I plan into making a sort of office or library. We do have a basement which I planned of turning into a workout room or a dojo but I have to asked Shego about that first." Kim related with a smile proud of her own achievements.

"So I take it that the house is not fully furnished and decorated yet?"

"No not yet I was hoping Shego and I would do that together since it'll be her home too. I only bought the basics like beds and my mom helped me with the linens and things for the kitchen and such so that we could move in there after the wedding and make decisions about the decorating together." Kim answered with a shy smile.

"Are you sure that you can afford all of that Kimberly?" Mr. Go asked seriously.

"Yes I can and having my money wisely invested by a boy genius certainly helped a lot. I can provide us with a very comfortable living that Shego has been accustomed to."

"I am glad to hear that Kimberly but frankly I'm not much about decorating and household stuff I leave those decisions to my wife as it stands it's less trouble and hassle that way, but since the both of you are female it makes sense that the both of you would have to make those decisions together." Mr. Go replied with a smirk so much like her daughter's.

"Yes that will be good for us to start that way."

"So does your house have a pool?"

"Uh no but it has a nice lawn out front and sides and a backyard big enough for a small pool if Shego agrees to have one." Kim answered as Mr. Go nodded in approval.

"By the way where exactly in Middleton is your new house?"

"It's a new subdivision called Mediterranean oasis on the north side of Middleton hence the Mediterranean theme. It's about a 15 to 20 minutes ride to the main part of the city. So it's not too far and at the same time not too close to the city so it'll remain peaceful and quiet. The place is already about 60% occupied so it's not entirely unpopulated either and I think it's a good place to raise my family."

"Your family?" Mr. Go parroted with a raised eyebrow as he watched for Kim's reaction.

"Yes my family. My wife. My child." Kim answered with a defiant jut of her chin. Her olive gaze unwavering against blue.

Mr. Go laugh out loud as his heart finally eased with comfort for his beloved daughter.

"Maybe it's time for you to drop the Mr. and start calling me dad as it stands we're practically family" Mr. Go said with a grin.

"T-thanks..uh Dad." Kim replied with a blush and with a smile of her own finally realizing that she had passed the father to suitor sort of interview.

"So had Shay start to show any sign of uh.. not being herself?" Mr. Go asked as Kim looked blankly at him.

"I mean has she been acting weird with the pregnancy and all?" Mr. Go clarified hoping for a negative answer as Kim face finally dawned with understanding.

"Uh.. yes." Kim answered hesitantly

"Oh boy just like her mom." Mr. Go huffed out as he silently pitied Kim's awaiting fate.

"Uh what do you mean about that?" Kim asked as a foreboding feeling start to creep up her spine.

"We'll uh.. the Go women's are uh.. temperamental to say the least." Mr. Go paused as Kim nodded in agreement.

"Have you heard the saying "Their bark is worst than their bite?" He waited as Kim nodded again.

"Believe me they bark and they bite at the same time." Mr. Go muttered under his breath as his pity for Kim goes higher but Kim thankfully hadn't heard his muttering and kept looking at him with wide innocent eyes.

"Go women's are uh…let's put it this way… they are uhh much more uh worst when they are pregnant." Mr. Go watch as comprehension finally reached Kim's brain on what he had meant.

"W-What do you mean?" Kim asked as her face finally turned terrified as she saw the pity in Mr. Go's blue eyes.

" I Know you love Shay and you're also a hero so I know you'll push through. I have in the past been sort of in a similar situation like you are in right now to say the least. Let me give you one advice Kimberly it's just one word but it'll get you through it."

"W-What word?" Kim felt terror has finally enveloped her whole body.

"OBEY." Mr. Go answered with all the graveness of the situation etched on his face.


"Yes obey." Mr. Go repeated succinctly.

"What does it mean?" Kim asked but afraid of the upcoming answer.

"It means my dear Kimberly that whatever your wife wants you to do, you do it quickly and obediently. Whatever she wants you to get you get it quickly and without complaints. In other words. WHATEVER SHEGO SAYS YOU OBEY."

Kim could only stare at him in mute horror.

"Hey now look at how the time flies. It's time for me to leave and let you get ready for the wedding. So good luck and I'll see you at the altar later." Mr. Go stood up and whistled jauntily as he made his way out the door leaving a catatonic Kim still sitting on the couch. Before the door fully closes Mr. Go heard a sound that made him smile evilly.

Kim whimper of terror.

"Hmm… maybe I'll have Mrs. Possible help her get ready." Mr. Go continued whistling to himself as he went to find Kim's mom.

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