Wednesday, July 14
9:41 AM

The next morning came and Lilly hoped that things would be better between her and Miley, but she wasn't too hopeful. Yesterday after she had explained to her what precautions she needed to take to be careful, they argued at length and then didn't speak for the rest of the day. Lilly went with her to a few meetings she had and introduced herself to the people with whom Miley associated herself with. Since Miley didn't want her there she barely acknowledged her yet alone told others who she was, so Lilly took on that responsibility for herself.

Tonight would be a test. She was convinced of it. Miley had plans to attend a movie premier, a very high profiled event for her latest movie, The Desperate Kingdom of Love. Lilly wasn't too pleased about it, but she and Oliver were very prepared. Oliver had surveillance taken care of and was handling security behind the scenes. For the time being, Lilly started her morning with her typical routine. Pleased to find out Miley had a personal gym, she made her way to the spacious room and began her workout.

Miley made her way to the kitchen to have her first cup of coffee, and saw the evidence that Lilly had already been in the kitchen. A newly washed juice glass sat in the dish drain by the sink. She had to admit she was at least a respectful houseguest even though her presence irked her tremendously. Then she heard a clanking sound from down the stairs and realized that Lilly was in the exercise room. For whatever reason, she felt compelled to see what the blonde was doing.

She eased down the stairs and found herself quickly mesmerized as she watched Lilly bench-pressing a hefty amount of weight and noticed how her impressive biceps flexed from the repeated action. Miley's eyes then surveyed Lilly's chest, tensing from each repetition. Her pectorals tightening, abdominal muscles contracting and as she lay on her back on the bench, Miley couldn't keep her eyes off of her. Convinced that Lilly did not know she was there, she continued to stare and moved down the stairs while the sounds of her deep breathing and the movement of the weights against each other filled the air. She was incredibly turned on by her physique, she couldn't deny the physical attraction but that didn't negate the fact that she detested the reason she was there. Besides, all they did was argue. She bickered at her and she didn't hesitate to come back at her, she didn't back down like other people she knew. It was a different dynamic that in many ways she liked but mostly didn't, because she felt she was losing control, the one thing she hated most.

"Can I help you with something?" Lilly asked, snapping Miley out of her daze.

She quickly ended her fantasizing and watched as Lilly continued her workout. She continued to walk down the stairs. "I see you haven't wasted any time making yourself at home." she commented with a hint of annoyance.

"I don't want to break my routine," she explained. She placed the bar back in its place and she raised herself from off the bench. Grabbing a nearby towel, she wiped the sweat from her face then chugged from the bottle of water she had. Lilly noticed Miley catching the occasional glimpse of her chest and a smug look came across her face. "Besides, I didn't think you'd mind," she told her and stood up from her seat. Picking up her sweatshirt, she put it on and made her way toward Miley at the bottom of the staircase. "Maybe we can work out sometime. I can teach you a few self defense techniques... just in case."

"If I do that then I won't need you around anymore." she quipped.

"Hardly," she muttered. "But seriously if you..."

"Whatever." she dismissed and went up the stairs.

Lilly followed her and tried to continue the conversation. "Are you ever going to be civil towards me?"

"Maybe when you decide to leave. For now, I don't want you being confused and actually think I want you around."

"You sure are a stubborn girl Miles."

"I really wish you wouldn't call me Miles. You don't know me well enough to act so comfortable with such a… a… stupid nickname."

They parted ways at the top of the stairs. Miley walked toward the kitchen and Lilly continued her trek to the next level. "Such a little princess." she muttered.

"What?" Miley quickly asked, growing angry at her insinuation.

"Nothing... Miles." she added under her breath.

5:19 PM

Lilly finalized plans with Oliver for the evening while Miley was being quaffed and perfected for the event. As the two agents went over logistics for the evening, Lucas arrived, well tailored in a designer suit. With a no nonsense look about him he interrupted Lilly and Oliver's conversation by throwing a large envelope onto the counter, atop their paperwork.

"Hello to you, too," Lilly said sarcastically. She looked at Lucas with an icy glare and picked up the envelope that was previously slammed down. "What's this?"

"Open it. Doesn't look like you're doing your job... Agent." Lucas told her through clenched teeth.

Angrily, Lilly stood up from her seat and stared at Lucas, her dark eyes fierce with intensity. "You know I'm just about sick of your attitude."

Lucas flashed an arrogant grin in response. "The feeling is mutual then. But our dislike for each other pales in comparison to our concern for Miley's safety." He watched Lilly open the envelope and revealed the letter inside. "The bastard is at it again," Lucas continued. "Miley doesn't need this, especially tonight... this premier is a very big deal, and she needs to be safe."

"She will be," Lilly assured. "I'm going to go talk to her."

Lucas forcefully grabbed Lilly's arm as she began to walk away. Lilly whipped around and stared at Lucas's hand clutching her. She pulled her arm out of his hold and she took on a defensive stance.

"What are you going to tell her?" Lucas asked.

"I've been assigned to protect her, I think it's my job to let her know what is going on. She needs to know what type of threat she is under."

"And worry her? I don't think so. You just go on making your plans and let her enjoy this evening."

"I don't take orders from you Lucas, and God willing I never will. Miley is my responsibility and she needs to know. Keeping someone safe not only requires that I be ready and alert, but so does she." With those words she marched up the stairs on a clear mission and rapidly knocked on the door. Almost instantly the door flew open and Miley stood in the doorway in a revealing dress that left Lilly speechless. She gawked for a moment, her blue eyes quickly viewing the plunging neckline, curves hugged by silken fabric, and golden stems exposed from a short hem inches above the knee. She was flawless and...

"What do you want?" she asked sourly.

...and sheer perfection.

Lilly soon found her voice as she continued to stare at her gorgeous face. "Um... I need to talk to you." she managed to say.

Miley placed her hand on her hip and didn't budge from the doorway. "Well?"

"I hate to tell you this but another letter was sent today." Seeing her eyes suddenly flare in concern she immediately continued. "It seems to be from the same person, but I'm concerned about your plans for this evening. I really don't think it's a good idea to go to the premier."

"Out of the question." Miley immediately retorted. She went back into her room and continued to get ready.

Lilly watched as she put on her shoes, silver and shimmering with a T-strap, exposing her perfectly pedicured feet and a high heel to accentuate her shapely legs. Lilly found herself momentarily speechless once more, until she was caught staring. "I... I... um...," she stammered and tried hard to regain her senses. "I realize how important this night is but..."

"If you truly understood why this night is important you wouldn't be asking me not to go. This is my career you're talking about," she told er seriously. "Don't mess with it, I've worked too hard to get this far." Her blue eyes were piercing and sharp like steel.

There was nothing Lilly could say to change her mind about tonight and she was very much aware of it once her eyes met hers. Without further protest, she conceded and her mouth twisted into a partial smile. "I'll keep you safe," she stated confidently. "I'll be downstairs waiting for you."