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Simple and Clean by Utada Hikaru.

Pfft, how cliche, right?

chapter four

Love can sometimes be magic. But magic can sometimes... Just be an illusion.

Xion, remember what has happened. Remember your brother.

Xion remembered.

Remember the voice that claimed to come from your Heart and his intentions.

She remembered.

Remember that both of them had different intentions of what you should do.

She remembered.

Now, choose, Xion: Who will you follow? Your beloved brother or this man who wishes you to murder those with Hearts to feed Kingdom Hearts?

She winced, holding her head; she didn't know what to do.

Xion fell asleep that night, and had a dream.

She was in a void, devoid of any color but black, but then a boy around her age appeared, with spiky blond hair and pretty blue eyes that reminded her of her brother's. He told her, "Choose the path you think is right; it's not anyone's choice but yours. Decide for yourself which path you will follow. If you pick the right one, perhaps we will be saved."

He flashed her a rare smile—a smile that lit up his entire face—a smile that reminded her of Ienzo's—and added, "Perhaps you'll even meet Ienzo's Nobody."

Her eyes widened. "Ienzo's Nobody?" she asked, confused. What was a Nobody? Why did it sound so important?

The boy nodded. "Ienzo's Nobody," he confirmed. "Zexion."


"Choose the right path," the boy interrupted. "The Road to Dawn or the Road to Darkness... It is your choice, and only yours."

And she woke up.

"No—!" Kairi shrieked as the Heartless leaped toward her. She stumbled back, and turned tail and fled to her door.

She struggled to open it; why was it her door was always hard to open at the worst times?

A Heartless landed on her back just as the door opened, and suddenly, she was flying, falling, screaming, hurting

A black boot nudged her still body. "This one's dead," a soft masculine voiced announced. "Was she important?"

"She was," another voice stated. "She was the seventh Princess of Heart."

"Damn... Poor girl."

"Poor Sora. If the other Princesses get attacked like that, he'll fall into Darkness."

"Just like Riku once did."

"Just like you once did."

"She's gone," sneered Larxene. "Your little Somebody's gone—dead, six feet under the ground, pushing up daisies."

Namine continued drawing.

"Did you hear me?" Larxene snapped. "Look at me when I'm talking to you, witch!"

Namine supposed Larxene had to respect her in some part of her mind, since she never called her a bitch.

"It's all your fault," hissed the green-eyed woman. "All. Your. Fault."

She stormed out of the room, satisfied she had been able to rub the little witch's failure in her face.