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Warnings: Erotic dancing, followed by lemony-goodness. First time writing a fic of ANY kind.

~One, Two Step~

The Black Order was a famous night club, known for its incredible beats and the gorgeous young men worked there every night. Tyki, age 29, the oldest, tended the bar and had a very noble presence that many fell for(men as well as women). Then there was Marie, age 25, who handled the music. Kanda, the clubs scariest bouncer, and Lavi, the one who did all the lights and special effects, were 22 and 21 respectively. Then there was Allen, age 19, who was the other bartender, though he often could be found on the dance floor when Tyki told him he could leave the bar to him.

Allen thought it was just another night, the same routine as every other night, that is until the dancing crowd parted like the sea for Moses, and Allen saw what, to him, was the most handsome face he could ever have lain eyes on.

The blond seemed oblivious to everything around him but the music, his face relaxed more than it normally would be, body swaying in sync with the beat. Link felt eyes on him, and for a moment saw silver orbs watching through a break in the crowd. He only got to see them for a moment before the crowd had drawn together again, and he put the thought of those eyes to the back burner of his mind.

Then a head of silvery-white hair made its way through the crowd to him, and those silver eyes looked into his own. They belonged to the most angelic face Link had ever seen, and he doubted he'd see a face as angelic as the one that was in front of him right now.

Allen had kept his eyes on the spot where the crowd had parted, view of the golden-haired male blocked once more by a throng of dancing bodies. Tyki noticed how distracted his friend seemed, so he told the boy, firmly, to go and dance, he'd take care of the bar for the rest of the evening. Allen muttered a thanks and quickly disappeared into the dance floor, searching for the source of his distraction.

He danced and squirmed his way through the mass of sweaty dancers and finally found the one he was searching for, quickly being pulled in by the eyes of the taller male. Both got lost in the dance quickly, everything falling away as the beat invaded their minds. Before either knew it, they were dancing more and more erotically, even more erotically than the song currently playing was. Allen's hips gyrated and thrust towards Links, and Link's hands guided the boys hips, both grinding against the other.

So intensely were they focused on the feel of the other that the music had ceased to make it past the beat of their hearts in their ears, though the vibrations of the base rocked through their feet and guided their dancing as much as anything else.

Their eyes were glued to the others, Allen drowning in Links dark eyes and Link losing himself in Allen's silver ones. They didn't even notice when the clubs spotlights were focused on them, courtesy of one Lavi Bookman, and the crowd of dancers around them had stopped to stare at the two. Link thought Allen was a pure white angel, thinking that the light was his halo and his jackets white detailing was his wings.

Allen still held to his impression that Link was the sun god some to Earth, and the added effect of spotlights reflecting off his shiny blond hair and glistening tanned skin firmed his belief.

They slowly wake from their music-induced euphoria's when they realized the music had stopped and almost everyone else had left. The club was closing! They had danced for hours with out realizing it. They are both breathing heavy and sweating rather fiercely, and only now do they notice how tired their bodies were.

Link recovered first, offering the other a handshake. Allen accepts and replies with a shaking voice. He blushed fiercely when he registers just how hot 'n' heavy their dancing had been, embarrassed about the tight feeling in his pants and unaware that his dance partner had the same problem as him.

Link finds himself flushed and feeling even more drawn to the flushed face of the white-haired boy, and before he can think twice he offers to take the boy home. This got him a deeper blush and a mumbled turn-down, but then Tyki strolled over and encouraged Allen to go for it, so Allen agreed with a relieved look on his features.

When they got to Links place, he offered to let Allen use his shower, as he needed it, to which Allen retorted that the other needed one as well. They ended up sharing, and only then did they realize how turned on their bodies had gotten during their erotic dancing.

Allen felt his face heat up in slight shyness when he noticed that he had been that turned on by Links body pressed against his, and become even more red when he noticed Link's size(as well as the fact Link was just as turned on as him). Link could hold back no longer and grabbed Allen by the chin, tilted the younger's face upwards, and captured those soft lips in his.

It tasted better than he'd have thought, pure heaven to Link, and Allen gasped which allowed for Link to slide his tongue in and map out the boys warm cavern ravenously. Allen was stunned for a moment before kissing Link back with full force, arms wrapping around the blonds neck.

Allen let out a moan as Links hand rubbed his erection gently, but insistently. He pressed his body more firmly against Links and both moaned as their erections rubbed against each other. Allen gave Link a look that suggested he wanted Link to fuck him right now, to which Link readily complied, pressing a slender finger into the boys tight hole.

Allen squirmed slightly at the intrusion, but clearly wanted Link to continue, as when Link thought to stop, Allen had let out a growl telling him he wanted more. So Link finished preparing the boy as best he could, fingers scissoring open the hole as much as they could before he removed them. Allen whimpered at the loss, then moaned in anticipation as he felt Link line up with the hole.

Link hesitated before Allen grew impatient and slammed downward, impaling himself on Links hard shaft. Link grunted at the sensation of Allen's tight, warm hole around him, while Allen help back a pained gasp.

They stayed there for what felt like minutes until Allen moved a little, telling Link he was ready for him to move again. Link pulled almost all the way out to plunge in again, reaching deeper than before and Allen groaned when he felt Link hit that sweet spot.

Grinning, Link pulled almost all out again and rammed in, hitting that spot again. He continued pulling out and aiming for that spot each time he thrust in. His hand reached for Allen's neglected shaft and pumped it in sync with his thrusts. Allen was by now letting out loud moans and gasps at the sensations he was receiving, from Link being inside him, and from the pumping of Links hand on his straining penis.

Allen turned his body when Link pulled back slightly, somehow not breaking their rhythm, and wrapped his arms around Links neck and captured those lips in a kiss. Neither noticed or even remembered that they were in the shower, but they did enjoy the vertical position greatly as it added the force of gravity to their thrusts.

Allen moaned loudly, a feeling of teetering off a cliff overwhelming him. "Link, I-I'm.." He was unable to finish his sentence as, with a force like a tsunami, he felt himself release his seed into Links hand and onto his abdomen, to be washed away from the shower water.

The tightening of Allen's muscles at his release only made Link near his and a few thrusts later, he came into Allen, his seed released deep inside Allen's hole. Both stood in the shower, water washing away the sweat caused by their intercourse and the semen both had released. Link pulled out of Allen, and the sensitized skin trembled at the slightest movements.

They finally washed up and dried off, finished with their shower. Both are so exhausted that Allen doesn't even resist the offer to share Links bed that night. Allen fell asleep in Link's embrace, a satisfied smile gracing his angelic face. Link watched Allen's sleeping face for a while before he followed shortly after, a happy smile forming as he drifted off to sleep.

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