A/N: Tag to the season 1 final.

The Right Thing Hurts

Some things are simple while others are not. This is an occasion where it is not. There are so many layers contributing to the overall complicated nature of this moment in time and none of them are pleasant. Each leads him away from where he wants to be and yet it would be wrong not to say anything.

He must tell her. If it ruins any chance of a continued relationship with her then that is the price he will pay. She has paid more than anyone ever should and this... It could very well give her something back. Closure is a powerful force in the universe and something she lacks.

As difficult as it might be to follow through with, it is the right thing to do. She deserves to know the details surrounding her mother's death. Answers can give her the closure that time has not. He has those answers.

It's with a heavy heart, aching for the friendship he is about to break and for the woman herself, that he says the words. Such simple words they are and yet with so much power behind them. It's the beginning of an end.

"Can I talk to you for a sec?"