Sorry to give you a false hope, but no new chapter, just a note that Dlvvanzor and me considered important enough that we should post it here.

We finally decided there wouldn't be a 14th chapter, for it is obvious that the fic is finished as it is. We thought it would be nice to warn you. So YGM is irremediably complete!

But if you want to follow us in other adventures, you can check the shared profile we created for our coauthored fics after You've Got Mail:
Goggles and Chocolate
(you can find it on our personal profiles in the favorite authors list!)

We already finished another cowritten fic that you will find under the shared profile:
Peeping Tom (Mello moves in a new apartment, unfortunately, he won't be as peaceful as he expected, with this redhead neighbour stalking him from his window...)

And there is more to come soon:
Dante's inferno (based on the oneshot written by xbeyondxbirthdayxx named Bubbles, and Dlvvanzor suggested we develop the subject, so read Bubbles and you have Dante's Inferno's summary!)

Thank you to everyone that read and reviewed YGM! We love you!

Dlvvanzor and xxbeyondxbirthdayxx