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~ Chapter Seven ~

Chad looked around the room, tears running down his cheeks as he tried to think of the best way to help her, he dug his nails into his knees, wishing he had never even looked at the diary in the first place – wondering if it would be better to have never known about it all.

He heaved a deep sigh as he looked up, jumping from his place on the floor when he heard her call his name, his hand shaking as he walked into the room, not even bothering to wipe away his tears as she sat up in the bed and looked at him.

He noticed the shock on her face for a second before she shook it off, biting down on her lip and looking into his eyes, "Are you okay?" She almost whispered, tears glazing her brown eyes as he shook his head, sitting down on the bed next to her.

"I know what's been going on Sonny." He muttered, the tears falling down his face as he played with a small thread on the blanket, not looking at her as she shook her head, her eyes wide with fear before shifting back in the bed a little.

"What do you mean?" She finally said, looking at him as he heaved a huge sigh, his eyes not looking up from the bed,

"The cuts, the eating disorder, the abuse..." Sonny thought about what he had said for a moment, not sure if she was glad he knew or not, tears finally falling from her eyes, hitting her pale cheeks in large drops before sliding down onto the bed,

"I-I d-don't.." She closed her eyes, willing herself to lie to him, resisting the urge to run into his arms and tell him everything, but she knew that as soon as she started it would all come out. She would look into those sparkling eyes and she would tell him everything, and then he would never be able to love her.

"Don't lie to me!" He glared at her for a second, shaking it off as he moved closer to her and put his hand on her arm, "I love you." He murmured softly, putting his forehead on hers as he put his hand on her face, wiping away her tears.

"I love you despite it all, I would love you no matter what and don't you ever think otherwise." Sonny looked into his eyes for a second before nodding, moving to put her head on his chest and wrap her arms around his waist.

"I am so sorry Sonny." He muttered before pulling away, wanting to make the most of the contact with her – knowing she would probably hate him,

"I stole your diary." It was barely above a whisper as he said it, avoiding any eye contact with her, but feeling her move off the bed as she cried out,

"How could you do that to me? How could you let me think you cared when... what are you going to do with it?"

"N-Nothing.. you can have it back.. I wouldn't do that.. I really do love you." Chad stood up, moving towards her and sighing, running his fingers through his hair before letting more tears fall.

"I wouldn't.. please forgive me.. I can save you.." He ignored the shaking of her head, the glares she was giving him, he tried to forget about it all as he reached out for her, he overlooked the way she struggled against him, her tears burning his shoulders as she clenched her fists and hit him in the chest over and over again. He ignored it all, because he loved her.

"I hate you." She whispered, pulling back as she stared at him, noticing how his face dropped, his grip on her lessened as he looked down at his feet, trying to stop the tears from falling down his face, there were three words he would have loved to hear – and those weren't it.

"Why would you even do that?"

"I didn't know what I would find, I was messing around, I was going to tease you about it because I thought I would find 'Sonny Cooper' or something all over the stupid diary."

"You could have stopped reading." She shook her head, turning around to walk towards a wall, leaning against it slightly,

"I couldn't, once I knew what was going on – I wanted to understand, I wanted to help."

"Nobody can help me." He looked up at her, shocked at the sound of defeat in her voice, the way she had completely given up,

"I can, if you let me." He muttered, walking over to her and smiling at her, brushing some hair out of her face and wiping away the tears that fell from her eyes, "You're beautiful, you always will be and you always have been." He didn't pay any attention when she shook her head, instead placing his lips on hers softly, smiling when she kissed him back.

Sonny bit down on her lip, looking away from him as she pulled away, "I'll never be good enough for you." She murmured, not seeing the pain in his eyes as she said it. She gasped a little as his hand grabbed hers, pulling it up to his chest as tears fell down his cheeks,

"Don't you ever say that again – okay?" Sonny nodded a little, her fingers tightening around his hand as he looked at her with so much determination.

"Sorry," She whispered finally after moments of silence between the two teenagers,

"You're not going back there, I don't care what you say, I am never letting you go." Chad stared into her eyes for a moment, letting her know he was serious before pulling her into him, his hands gripping onto her tightly as she sobbed into his shirt.

"You're never going to have to worry about them again – I am so sorry for taking your diary and reading it, I am so sorry for taking so long to tell you and I am so sorry for not helping you sooner. It's going to stop, it's all going to stop." He held her close to him, his eyes closed as she cried, knowing that he would never let her go – she was going to be okay.

~ .. ~

Dear Diary,

For the first time in so long the smile on my face is real, I can laugh without knowing it's forced and I can finally be free.

Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night, crying, sweating, shaking.. the memories seem like they will never fade but then... Chad wraps his arms around me and all of a sudden it's okay again.

I think love can do that, when you're actually loved for the first time and when you feel love, it seems like nothing else matters – not even your past.

It had all consumed me before, the abuse, the anorexia, the self harm, it took over my whole life. It took away my friends, it ate my soul, it took away everything – but at the time I liked it. But now looking back on it, I know how wrong I was, I know that this is the right way – Ii am happy for the first time.

Chad watches me carefully, he cooks for me and he lectures me until I eat every bit of food on my plate – and instead of it being annoying, I kind of find it sweet. It's weird having someone care that much about me, it's weird to think that this is what love actually feels like.

It's exactly like they make out in fairytales.

I couldn't ask for anything better.

Be still my heart, this could be a brand new start.


~ The End ~

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