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French Kiss

By: Airborne and Californian

"Oh my god, Rex, the women are gonna kill us!!!"

"Well, you're the one who called Trixie, who probably went strait to Helen!"

"Not my fault that I didn't know what to do when my little brother was kidnapped! So I called the women. They'll know what to do." Rex groaned. Trixie might know what to do. Might. But Helen…Rex wasn't sure about Helen. She most likely knew what to do, from going through this before. But still, if Helen didn't know what to do, Rex didn't know if he'd scream out to the world that he was alive, or faint. The little brother he never knew had been taken in front of his eyes, and he had done nothing to try and save him.

"Rex. Rex!" Speed snapped his fingers. "Are you listening to me at all?"

Rex looked up, blinking rapidly. "Sorry Speed. I accidentally zoned out for a minute. Didn't mean to. It's just, well, I never knew Spritle, and, well, having him kidnapped in front of me is bad. He probably got kidnapped because of me."

Speed slapped Rex across his face. "You know very well that Roilten doesn't know you're still alive." Rex gave Speed that look of Well, uhm…see, uhm, well, about that… "Rex, what does Roilten know?"

"Well, see, about Roilten knowing I'm alive…he knows I'm alive.

Speed looked positively freaked out. "He knows WHAT?!?!"

"Well," Rex looked at his feet. "It's not exactly my fault that Roilten dragged my from the Shooting Star and ripped off my mask. I was surrounded by guys that were ten times my size!"

"Mhm," Speed said crossing his arms. "And I got kidnapped by Queen Mary."

Rex glared at him. Speed knew very well that that line was his line and signature move. He should not have done that. Rex could have a nasty temper.

Speed's eyes widened. "Opps. Uhm…sorry?" Rex's glare sent him spiraling into unknown depths of obbliviation.

"Speed?" He could hear Rex's voice, but Rex himself was spiraling away, deeper and deeper away from his older brother. That's when everything went black.

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