Cody was getting ready to head out of his room when Zack came walking in all distraught; Cody looked at him and asked, "Something wrong?"

"Listen to this," Zack answered, "London and Marlove are having a special dinner tonight."

"Okay," Cody sensed there was more to the story.

"Moseby as this whole big night set up for them," Zack explained, "The chiefs are making this special meal, the band has a special song prepared, I mean the whole thing is set up to be-"

"Special," Cody interrupted pointing out his overuse of the word, "yeah, I got that."

"Don't you see," Zack asked his twin in a paranoid fashion, "Everyone is working against me, it's a conspiracy."

"Who are you Glen Beck," Cody asked disturbed by the way Zack was talking, "What are you talking about conspiracies for?"

There was then a moment of silence before Cody came out with, "Look, we're going to be late for class; can we go?"

"Alright," Zack said as they left the room.

Later, the two of them, along with Bailey and other students, were sitting in Ms. Tutweiller's class listening to London give a verbal presentation that she did with her partner Woody; London was just finishing up, "So in conclusion, ladies and gentlemen, Hockey, Snow, and...more hockey; We give you the Canadians."

Everyone just stared at London with their mouths wide open as Woody turned to her and said, "London, we were supposed to give a presentation on the human brain."

"She did," Ms. Tutweiller said pointing out the pure stupidity of her presentation, "Please sit down; next up Zack."

London and Woody sat down as Zack proceeded to go up to the front of the class alone, something that Bailey found odd; she turned to Cody and asked, "Where's his partner?"

"He's got sick," Cody answered, "He's been sick for several days."

"So he did the report on his own," Bailey said in amazement, "how did he-"

Cody shushed her, "I want to see what he does."

Bailey took no offense to being interrupted as she too wanted to see how Zack does by himself; Zack began to speak in some bizarre way, "What thas luve, id tha yonder makit somber-"

Zack went on in such a way that no one had any clue what he was saying, Cody could only assume he was trying to win London's heart with a poem in the style of Shakespeare but...well it wasn't working; Bailey then whispered to Cody on the idea of Zack and London dating, "They belong together."

Cody nodded, "Yeah, but the more that I think about it, the more the 'selective breeding' argument makes sense...can you imagine what their child would be like?"

Zack continued his speech, "And thee-"

"Okay," Ms Tutweiller yelled walking up to him; she took a deep breath and tried to keep her cool, "Zack, I think you misunderstood-"

The Ship's horn sounded off, prompting the end of classes for the day and causing Tutweiller to immediately run out of the classroom saying, "Oh thank God."

Tutweiller was clean out of the room before any of the students had time to even react to the class being over; there was an awkward moment of silence before Cody stood up and said, "I guess class is over."

Everyone stood up and walked out of the classroom...

About an Hour later, Zack and Cody were talking to each other; Cody was completely in shock about the speech Zack gave in class, "I just want to know what you were saying."

"Did I stutter," Zack said as if he actually spoke clearly during the speech, "I said 'I love you London and I want to be with you', clear as day."

Cody stared at him for a moment, "You spoke like three paragraphs just to say that."

"It takes longer in Shakespeare," Zack replied causing Cody great frustration.

"Zack," Cody explained, "What you were doing, wasn't Shakespeare; it was some sort of demonic speech."

"And all you need now is a Bible," Jerry added attempting to make a joke about exorcism.

Cody looked at Jerry briefly before saying to Zack, "Why is it we've started to hang out in here all the time; no offense Jerry."

"None taken," Jerry stated while reading a magazine.

"It's just," Cody continued, "We have friends, why are spending all of our time here?"

Zack had a spoonful of the pudding he was eating before he answered with, "They gave him good pudding."

"Yes they did," Jerry added before taking a bite of his pudding. Cody just shrugged and went on to eat the pudding he had as the three of them sat at the table in Jerry's suite that was covered with lots of pudding cups.

"By the way," Zack said to Jerry, "Whatever happened to Kramer?"

Kramer was balled up in the corner of his suite in tears, the room was a mess and opera was playing loudly; Kramer was on the phone with a girl he dated a few years back screaming, "I'm sorry, I didn't know about the risks....Because I never went to that class."

"I don't know," Jerry answered as he flipped the page of his magazine.

Cody then decided to continue his conversation with Zack about his plans to win London's heart, "I'm just wondering...what is this all leading to? What's the scheme here."

"Well you see," Zack answered, "I thought about it for a while, but I ultimately decided to show London who I really am by being impulsive."

Cody thought about that answer for a second before responding with, "You couldn't come up with a scheme so you're just making it up as you go along."

Zack nodded, "Yeah pretty much."

There was then a knock on the door; Cody stood up and went to answer it, "I'll get it."

He opened it to see Newman there who proceeded to say in his typical smug fashion, "Hello Cody."

"Hello Newman," Cody replied practically channeling the tone and mannerisms of Jerry when he responds to Newman.

"I heard you were here," Newman explained very methodically as if he were up to something, "and I have heard you are quite smart and-"

"I'm not helping you with anything," Cody interrupted fully aware of what Newman was building up to.

Newman was a bit surprised by that, "I haven't even told you-"

"I don't trust you Newman," Cody stated, "I can sense nothing but pure evil in you, and I just know you're up to no good."

"Alright," Newman responded in anger, "But here me Cody, and here me well; Cross me and I will become the thorn in side of your very existence, everyone you know and love, or have even seen in passing, will suffer."

Cody stared at him, "I'll risk it."

He slammed the door in Newman's face and began to return to the table when he heard Newman yell from the hall, "Alight!!! But You haven't learned!!! You haven't heard the last of me!!!"

Cody just shrugged and returned to the table with Jerry and Zack.

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