"She's not the only woman I love." Those seven words shattered every single coherent thought that had ever gone through my head. I had to know who this other woman was. Did I know her? Was she someone from his past? If it was someone from his past, why is he looking at me like that? His eyes, bearing into mine. The he looked down. As if ashamed as to what he said, what he had done.

"Good work today, Dubbie." Was that all he could say?! He reveals a piece of himself, something he rarely does, and then writes it off by showing that he's proud?! I mean, I'm glad he's proud of me, but he didn't even give me a chance to react.

I watch him as he pats my shoulder and walks past me. I'm just so confused! I can't help but watch him leave the room.

The next day, during our party for the returned Noser, I saw Lacey and Noser getting comfy with each other. If she and the Middleman had "true love", why did she look exponentially happier with Noser? All I notice is the way he's looking at her. Like he's on top of the world. Like he can barely hear me ranting on about green punch or whatever the hell that shit is.

But then that freaky tarot card girl Jaime came over, and for a second, it looked like Lacey wanted to pounce. And when Jaime says that something is crazy, Lacey can't help but jump in and agree that it's crazy. Then, Jaime pulls Noser away to show him his cards, and our ears are filled with the conversation of Joe 90 and Pip.

Pip's trying to convince Joe 90 that Noser's a world-renowned ventriloquist, but Joe 90 ain't buying it. Pip says that he has it all on tape, but when Joe 90 asks for the tape; all Pip can say is that Lacey has it. Joe 90 goes on to, in laymen's terms, call Pip a liar (which he so totally is), and Pip comes back saying that Lacey distracted him. With a kiss! A KISS!! Can you believe it? He thinks that people are going to believe him if he says that Lacey, my roommate/best friend/most fun person to make fun of Pip, would actually kiss him, he's sadly mistaken!

I stand there, laughing, when they walk past and I turn to Lacey. Who's giggling herself. But I'm pretty sure it's not about Pip and Joe 90's conversation.

And then I figure it all out. I'm ready to freak out, and all she can say is that it was for a good cause?! (Which it was, but still. I mean, come on. Pip? Seriously?!) And then she goes on to say how she stopped having sex dreams about him! Because she thought that I wanted to hear about them. Again. Which I really, REALLY, didn't. And then she's got the same strange look on her face. Like she's not going to tell me the truth. I could tell that she had a sex dream, but judging by the look on her face, it wasn't about Pip. Not like she would ever tell me who it was about. But it was probably my boss. Because that's who they used to be about. All the time. Especially after she started calling him "Pillow Lips"

As I walked away from Lacey, I couldn't help but think of the Middleman. I mean, he's cute, smart, funny, charming, buff. He can take my abrasiveness, my anger, my drama. He was willing to fight for me. Against Ben. Against Pip. He's fought for my life. He's come to my rescue. I know he cares about me. And I know that I too care about him.