I can never be close to you the way I desire
Because we are too close through family's tree
Still, when I see you, I burn with this fire
And I vow to myself, Idril, one day you will belong to me

I can see in your eyes how I frighten and repel you
Can you see in my eyes how much I need you by my side?
I hate to see you with Tuor, so I won't let it be true
Now that I've revealed its secrets, Gondolin cannot hide

Lord Melkor has promised you to me, Idril Celebrindal
I've sold Gondolin to him to buy you as my wife
The fire in my heart will be reflected as Gondolin's walls kindle
And I will rejoice as your hateful Tuor loses his life

This was your doing, too, my sweet cousin
This is the price you will pay for rejecting me
We are tied together yet separated by Fingolfin
I'll gladly turn to evil if it's my price to be free

I'd do it again, yes I'd do it all
It somehow feels all right to kill
There's not so very far to fall
Because I've already fallen for you, Idril