"I'm going out again, ok?" Kenny called as he walked out the door. It slammed before he could even get an answer out.

"That's fine, Ken. Be safe," Butters said. He didn't even bother with a fake smile this time. He sighed and ran a hand through his hair. "Now, what am I going to do with that boy?" he chuckled, "This would be so much easier if he would just admit it"

Butters knew exactly where Kenny went every night. How he got those bruises and scars. He knew every last goddamn detail and the bastard wouldn't even acknowledge it. He had tried to confront him once, but the blond just looked at him as if he was surprised that Butters would ever think that of him. He would never cheat, he told Butters. He was much too in love.

Butters knew he was lying. After that time being Kenny's replacement, he figured he knew all about Kenny. He'd spent enough time trying to be Kenny so bad that he had to be Kenny. He even still had the orange parka to prove it.

That's how he knew that the goddamn sonofabitch was going to Cartman's house every other night to be screwed senseless until he could barely walk. He could feel it with every inch of his body that Kenny was going there. It was pretty much a given.

Every night Kenny would go, the next morning it would be as if he never left. Where was he all night? Out. Every other night Kenny would go off and every other morning he'd come back and expect to be forgiven. In fact, those nights when he wasn't with Cartman he was home with Butters, screwing the sense out of him. Kenny would come home and spend the whole day with Butters, as if to make him forget he wasn't there the day before. Somehow, it always worked.

Not this time, though. When Kenny came home, he would give him a true piece of his mind. He would tell Kenny exactly what he should do with himself and where. He was tired of being walked on, and tired of Kenny playing with his heart strings. The next time that door opened he would push the blond right back out the door. He was no longer welcome in this house.

Butters fell asleep to these thoughts running through his head.

The next morning he woke to the sound of keys jingling to unlock the front door. Butters rushed down the stairs in time to see Kenny open the door. His eyes were surprised for a moment before he smiled.

"Hey beautiful. What are you doing up so early?" Kenny asked as he stepped in the door.

"Where were you last night?" Butters asked, his arms itching to push him back.

"Out," Kenny replied. Before Butters could yell at him to get out, Kenny produced an orange teddy bear wearing a light blue shirt.

"What the hell is that?" Butters asked.

"It's a bear. I saw it at the store last night and saw that it was our colors. I couldn't help but get it. It reminded me of us," Kenny said, "I got it for those nights I can't be with you. I don't want you to get lonely" He held out the bear.

Butters reached for it cautiously, afraid something might happen to him if he touched it. But nothing happened except for Kenny's smile. The same one Butters fell in love with.

"I love you," Kenny whispered, still smiling. Butters looked from the bear to Kenny, who was blushing in embarrassment. That's when he noticed the bear wearing something on its paw.

An engagement ring.

Butters put two and two together. The bastard must have read his thoughts and was now proposing so that he wouldn't leave him. Everyone knew Butters had all the money.

"Marry me?" Kenny strangled out, still embarrassed. The thoughts that had been running through his mind last night came back to Butters mind. Part of him wanted to say no and push Kenny out the door. Let him go to his beloved Cartman.

Butters took a deep breath.

"Of course Ken. I love you too," and slipped the ring on his finger.


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