I stand in front of the cradle that holds you my newborn son, you sleep, unaware that one of your descendants will destroy the Sith and avenge your aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents. And that's the way I want it to stay.

I think about how much of my life has changed in the past two years.

Two years ago I was a new priest of Ashla/Bogden and the last male Skywalker alive on Eras and, at the time, I had no thoughts of marriage on my mind. Not to say that you are not wanted Little One. Your mother and I love you dearly and wouldn't trade you for anything. Even if it meant that the Order had never been exterminated.

All that changed when the Sith attacked. We thought that the Jedi were going to come. We had no army or fleet. But they didn't answer our plea.

I had been sent to protect the Hall of Healing dressed as a third year student. I was disappointed with my assignment but someone needed to protect those who were in no condition to protect themselves. Besides my mother is a healer there.

I fought bravely against all the Sith that tried to past me. Some tried to get pass me but the doorway was too narrow. "None shall pass!" I screamed at them. Their bodies began to pile up around me and I began to run out of maneuvering room.

A Sith finally threw me through the door and into the Hall.

I was waiting for them again. But there were too many of them for me and the healers to fight off. They slaughtered the patients that they could reach and killed the healers mercilessly.

I was injured and fell next to the lifeless body of a healer. My heart froze when I saw that the healer was my mother.

An idea came to me and I pulled my light in into myself and made it appear as if I was dead. You might find my act cowardly, but the Whitesuns had taught us that sometimes you had to use trickery to survive and live to either report or fight another day.

I felt them leave, believing that they had exterminated all life in the Hall. I waited for a while before getting slowly to my feet and leaving the Hall.

It broke my heart to see the classrooms in ruins and the data cards smashed. And my heart bled every time I found the body of a friend.

Finally I made my way to the Entrance. It was there that I heard a conversation that changed my life forever.

"They are all dead milady." A Sith informed another. "Good, now this pathetic order can't destroy us when victory over the Jedi is within our grasp." The Sith Lady paused for a moment. "Has the water been poisoned yet?" "Yes, milady." "Then let us take our leave of this place." she snapped.

I nearly flew from my hiding place to slay the two Sith but her words that member of the Order of Ashla/Bogden would snatch victory over the Jedi from the Sith made me stop.

They had missed me. It could be my blood that stops them. I thought.

Instead I waited for all of the Sith to leave before I began to search for survivors in the Temple. I didn't find any so I deleted myself from the archives and entered my best friend Jerod Shadowfinder in my place.

He wanted to join the Order with me, but his abilities were better suited elsewhere; like helping plants grow.

I could feel the life begin to die from the poisons in the water. I silently cursed the Republic and the Oath Breakers for allowing the Sith to destroy yet another world that our people have called home.

I headed back to my room and slept fitfully.

I awoke to feel the warm light of the sun on my face. It seemed to mock me with its bright, life giving rays. I closed the blinds.

I checked the spaceports for a ship but found none that were space worthy and it would take too long to fix them.

Finally I found a hidden ship. I was already to go. I packed some of my things; holos of my family and friends and supplies, but I felt that I should wait.

So I waited. The next day I felt a student nearby. I waited for awhile before making my way to her.

I found her weeping by the body of a Sith and a shattered window not far from the Halls of Oaths. She was so happy to see me. She told me her name. I recognized it. She was the grandchild for the High Priest and Priestess.

I wondered if she knew.

I caught her up with what had happened, but I kept the reason for the attack to myself.

She wished to curse the Sith for what they had done and to curse the Jedi for breaking their oath. I wish to curse the Republic as well as the Oath Breakers, but I didn't tell her.

I watched her enter the passkey to the Halls and followed her in. I had to still the urge to read about the many curses that our ancestors had placed on other beings and organizations heads throughout our history.

We prepared ourselves for the ceremony to lay the curse. Even though we serve the Light we believe that we cannot ignore the Darkness inside of ourselves. In a curse we unlock all of our Dark feelings and our eyes turn yellow.

It is important for you to understand that we, while very peaceful, can become hateful. We are responsible for the destruction of several races and the banishment of one race. We have then ear of Ashla/Bogden. Unless They whisper that what was asked will be done we wasted our breath.

Before she could start I silently cursed the Republic to end up in the hands of the Sith. And I added that unless the Oath Breakers that survive lay low they too shall die and never succeed in anything.

I know that you must be thinking that we are cruel and evil Little One, but when you see the bodies of family and friends scattered on the floor and those who were not killed have been taken to be sold into slavery and that almost nobody cares but you; you'll understand.

After she finished her curse I could only stared at her. How did she know what the Sith had been talking about only days ago? But I felt a heavy resolve settle in me. The Skywalkers will destroy the Sith! Even if they have to join them to do so.

I have heard a rumor that a Jedi Master woke in the middle of the night to scream that they would fall by the hand of a dead world and a scattered people.

We sealed the doors to the Halls of Oaths. Only to be opened by those of our blood.

While she gathered a few things I erased her from the list of students and placed another in her place. Her name was, or is, Kylie Windwalker. She came from the same part of the city as your mother and had a similar backround.

We boarded the ship, changed out of our robes and replaced them with Ashlan freighter uniforms.

I hid our robes in a family crate; so that only members of our family can open it. It will be passed down from generation to generation.

On the way to Coruscant I drew a picture of a tall young man with dark blond hair and blue eyes that don't belong to a human. I could see hints of Ashlan blood in him. But he was no pure Ashlan. We Ashlans have black hair and bright green eyes with sun kissed skin or silver hair and gray eyes and we are tall; I stand just over two meters and your mother is 1.85 meters. I estimate him to be about your mother's height.

However, there was no doubt that he would be the one to destroy the Sith and the Oath Breakers. Even is Ashla has to breathe life into him Herself.

When we reached Coruscant we lied. We told them that we hadn't seen the massacre of our people. It wasn't a true lie Little One. Your mother hadn't seen anyone from the Temple die and I hadn't witnessed the other things.

We let them think that we had been away from Eras at the time of the attack. It was the only way to stop the word of our survival from getting out.

Lots of people told us that they were sorry that our families and friends were dead. Many of them were just saying it to look good.

When your mother was getting ready for our wedding ceremony I told Darklighter about what Mika and I wanted, that we had cursed the Sith and the Oath Breakers, that I had cursed the Republic and I showed him the drawing of the young man.

He was afraid. He told me that we should not have done something so rash. I replied that we did the Will of Ashla/Bogden.

He didn't believe that it was Their Will so I dropped the matter.

Later a Sith murdered him and his entire family.

On our way to Bosta I braided your mother's hair so that the braids would tell her story. Don't worry Little One, only an Ashlan knows the meaning of the braids.

I am still amazed that they believed our story. That we were two newly made freighter pilots who had returned upon receiving a distressing call for help.

Well your mother and I are just happy that you're here safe and sound. You appear to have her gray eyes and you undeniable have my black hair.

Luke, bringer of light. The name suits you. You are a light in the darkness.

One day my son you will stand where I stand and tell all of your children. Because we must not forget what happened on Eras. Because if we do forget than Eras will have never been alive and the Ashlans will disappear from living memory.

Corray Ly-pah

I try to meditate and find peace.

It should be easy, the Sith are gone.

But for some reason all that I see behind my closed eyes is the ruined Temple of Ashla/Bogden, one time home to Order of Ashla/Bogden, the faces of the High Priest and Priestess asking why we left them to die and a young man with sad eyes.

I remember when the call from Eras came. The council was split in its decision. The Sith wouldn't dare attack the Ashlans because those that attacked them payed for it. Besides, the Sith had threatened another world. I spoke in favor of sending aid to the Ashlans. However I became the only person that felt that we should send help.

I knew deep down that if we didn't help than something bad would happen.

I was right.

The Sith slaughtered the entire Order. The children in the nursery, the sick and healers in their hall and the students. They left no survivors on Eras. The citizens they didn't kill they sold into slavery.

What is more heartbreaking is that we allowed it to happen.

About two days after the destruction of the Ashla/Bogden Order I was meditating when a Vision came to me of two young Ashlans standing in the ruins of the Temple dressed as students. Tears filled their green and gray eyes but their faces were masks of anger. You will pay! They mouthed at me.

I was afraid. I thought that they would take out their infamous lightwhips and use them on me.

Then the two students vanished to be replaced by a young man wear dark Jedi robes. He had Ashlan blood but his eyes were blue and his hair dark blond. Why? His eyes asked. I couldn't answer him.

Then the Ashla/Bogden Temple morphed into the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. Bodies of younglings and older students were everywhere with a knight here and there. It was then that I noticed that many of those in the room had been killed by a lightsaber.

The young Jedi stood before me again and stared at me. "How did this happen?" I yelled at him. "It happened because the Jedi allowed it to happen." He replied. "Your days are numbered Oath Breaker." A new voice said. I turned to see a cloaked figure, another Ashlan. "One day this will happen!" The Ashlan vanished like smoke only to be replaced by a black cloaked being radiating evil, I knew at once that it was a Sith. "If you hadn't allowed the destruction of the Ashlans then we would stay dead."

I jolted out of my meditation, heart pounding.

For a time I had lived among the Ashlans. When I first became a Knight the Council sent me to Eras to keep an eye on them. The Council was worried that the Ashlans were using the Dark Side so they selected me to do the job.

I felt like a spy. These people trusted me; and if I reported something that the Council didn't like than I'd be signing their death warrant.

I had learned many things about how they used the Force and their beliefs. The strangest belief was that the High Priest and Priestess could 'summon' Ashla/Bogden. The reason that I found it strange was that if the Force could take a form why would It and why to them and not anyone else.

It was there that a young Healer Priestess told me about Blood Curses. I was fascinated. She went on to tell me that they had cursed five races, four were completely gone and the other doomed to wander 'til either their destruction or the end of time.

After the end of my sixth year among them the Council called me back to Coruscant. To my chagrin I told them about the Blood Curses. They were deeply unsettled by them. I wonder if that factored into their decision not to help them. I hope not; because that would mean that I'm partially to blame for their demise.

I gave up trying to meditate and retired where my vision was replayed. I screamed for all in the Temple to hear that the Jedi would meet their end by the hand of a dead world and a scattered people.

My nights became sleepless, filled with images of dying Jedi, war ravaged worlds and the Ashlans.

Five days after I started to dream two young Freighter Ashlans arrived on Coruscant. I wanted to meet them but the opportunity never presented itself.

That was twenty years ago, the Sith have been defeated, never to return. However I am still haunted by my vision.

The Council has decided to send me to some world whose name I can't pronounce to settle a dispute. I have requested to be frozen in Carbonite for the journey. I rather be blind for awhile then sleepless on arrival.

With a heavy heart I report the loss of the transport ship Soulful and the loss of everyone on board. My padawan and I have searched the entire system as well as the neighboring ones. It is my opinion that she went down with all hands. The Jedi Order has lost a valuable member today. May the Force except Master Corray Ly-pah into Its embrace and give her the peace of mind that she never had in life. Master Bo Rand