How to keep your girlfriend when you are a world-known superhero

A Holiday

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Day 2 – Hot Sex

Rated NC17


"Holy hell, I'm freezing." I mutter under my breath while we're walking towards our hotel.

It's going to take another half an hour, maybe a little less if we're going to walk faster. I bite my lip and look at Pepper who seems serene.

For the love of God, I've got a constant hard-on because of her since this morning and she's so fucking quiet. It makes me feel utterly guilty that I am so damn horny and tensed up.

Calm down. There's enough time for that later.

"Would you mind skipping the dinner?" I whisper more to myself than to her. She hears me though, but makes no attempt to say something.

"Aren't you cold?" I ask, my voice trembling just a bit. It's fucking cold in New York. That's why.

"You're a furnace, as usual." She smiles and I feel just a little bit better. "So I'm not cold."

I'm happy because someone's having fun here. Good Lord, if we won't move faster I'm afraid that my dick is just going to freeze. Popsicle – I am amused. Dicksicle or cocksicle. That sounds better.

A stupid idea lightens up my face.

"Hey, Pepper?" I ask softly. She looks at me, making me grin.


"Do you like popsicles?"

Pepper laughs and pokes me into my chest, right beside the arc reactor.

"What? I feel like my popsicle is going to freeze like – immediately if we don't get straight to action."

I close my eyes and tighten my jaw when her hand brushes against the hot ridge in my pants.

"I can feel that." She murmurs and squeezes my dick firmly through my pants.

"Ohgod." I exhale in one whisper.

"Ten minutes. Can you wait that much?" She asks with a smirk and retracts her hand.

I groan in disappointment and nod absently. Ten minutes. For you I think I can wait that long.


"Why the hell is this penthouse so damn big?!" I pout and try to kiss her at the same time.

"You insisted to book it!" She smiles against my lips and unbuttons my shirt.

"Yeah, yeah, I know. But don't you—" She cuts me off with a slow and wet kiss that leaves me breathless.

"Stop talking and just kiss me."

I'm happy to obey.


I can't really remember how we ended up in the bed – naked. I can't even remember how sweet she tasted like until I lowered my head between her legs, my fingers caressing her strawberry-blonde curls before diving them deep into her wetness.

She gasps when my lips find her clit and her hands find their way into my tousled hair. Her mouth opens and a whimper escapes her when my tongue licks the spot I know that makes her come. My own breathing is shallow and erratic and my lips are trembling even so slightly when I hear her screaming my name – her voice raw and hoarse.

Not too long after I quickly raise my head from between her legs and press a kiss on her lower lip. I slowly mold my body against hers and I sink deep inside of her with a sharp gasp. I press my body into hers, not caring if she can't breathe. I just want to be close to her.

When I look back to her face, her eyes are closed tightly and her mouth is slightly open. My heart skips a beat when her hands wrap themselves around my shoulders and her mouth lands on my neck with a small sigh. I kiss her jaw softly and start moving – gently.

It doesn't take all that long for the tenderness to turn into passion and need. I make her call my name over and over again when I thrust into her hard. I'm somehow ashamed of making her cry my name like that, but also it makes my soul heal. It's like there's no one else in this whole world that could make me feel this way. And it's true.

There's no other feeling that could compare to this. I've never felt so much love and emotion when I was making love – having sex, actually, before.

She always leaves me breathless when she comes. I haven't seen nothing more beautiful than the sight of her – holding me as tight as she can, her mouth open and god… the way she gasps my name. I am so in love with this woman and I won't give this feeling away for anything else in the whole world.

My own need for her – for her love and constant presence in my life is always there. It makes me close my eyes and cling onto her while my whole body tenses against hers. There's no word to describe the way I shatter and go apart inside of her.

After it's all done I slide off her and take her in my arms. This time she's the one who whispers 'I love you' first. I whisper her back that I love her and that I don't want anything, except this.

She kisses me softly, her tongue stroking mine for a couple of minutes before we snuggle close and enjoy each other's presence.


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