A/N All right. This is one of my old stories that I went through and edited. I wrote this probably a few years ago, so if anyone has been reading my other story, you might see a difference in the writing style, but nothing too drastic. I have changed some things around in this story as well. All of the scouts along with Darien and Andrew go to the same high school together. The girls are all 16 and sophomores while the guys are 17 and juniors. This will be a Sere x Dare story, but there will also be some Sere x Diamond action too. This is just my crazy version of what I picture if after the fight with Beryl, everyone except Serena kept their memories.

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What If : A Sailor Moon R Twist

Chapter 1

A New Day Dawns

D Point

The cold arctic air blew across the frozen, barren landscape. The area seemed to be totally uninhabited. No sound was to be heard except for the howling of the brutal winds. Suddenly the ground shook as a bright flash of light lit up the northern horizon.

At the center of this brilliant light show was a fierce battle between good and evil. A sinister looking woman standing nearly twenty stories tall was directing dark energy at a small girl in a white dress who held a wand in her hand and was trying to deflect the attack with her own silver energy.

It seemed that the battle was in favor of the dark witch and she was about to overtake her opponent when the young girl suddenly called out, "Please my friends, I need your help. I can't do this alone."

Five shadowy figures suddenly appeared behind the girl. The four smaller ones went to each side of the girl and laid their ghostly hands on top of hers on the wand. The remaining taller figure came up behind her and placed its hands on her shoulders.

Several calls were heard over the crackling of energy.

"Mercury Power"

"Mars Power"

"Jupiter Power"

"Venus Power"

The power of the four planets flowed into the crystal set in the wand and intensified its energy. The girl felt the power of Earth flow through her from the figure behind her and heard his voice say, "You can do this Serenity. And remember, I'm always here for you."

Taking a deep breath, she focused all that energy together and released it in a mighty blast toward her nemesis. The evil being was completely swallowed up by the attack and was destroyed.

The white dress faded from the girl's form to be replaced by a sailor fuku, and then changed into a school uniform as she collapsed. Drained of her life force, she was barely able to whisper, "Thank you everyone. I wish I could have had a normal life this time, but I wouldn't trade you guys for the world."

The crystal flared to life in a burst of pink light as it covered the landscape. As it traveled, it encompassed a raven-haired girl in a red fuku, a blonde in an orange fuku, a blunette in a blue fuku, and a brunette in a green one.

The light then penetrated down into an underground cavern where it also covered a black haired young man in navy blue armor and a black cape with red lining.

When the light faded, all six bodies were gone.

Tokyo-The next morning

Ilene Tsukino was setting breakfast on the table when her daughter Serena walked in dressed in her school uniform. She was so startled to see her daughter out of bed on time that she knocked over a glass of orange juice.

"Wow mom, are you okay? You look freaked." Serena asked her mother.

Ilene stammered. "Y..yes honey, I'm fine. I just surprised to see you up and around so early."

Serena rolled her eyes. "Well school does start at 8:00, and I wouldn't want to be late. What did you expect me to do, lay in bed until 7:45 and then have to dash to school at the last moment?"

'Well that's what you've been doing for the last three months.' Ilene thought to herself, but wisely kept her mouth shut. Up until three months ago Serena had been a decent student. She wasn't genius level, but she had brought home good grades. She never had any trouble getting up in the morning either.

Suddenly one day that had all changed. Her grades began falling and she seemed to be exhausted all the time. At first her parents had been concerned that it was her new friends that she had started hanging around with influencing her, but they all seemed to be nice girls that seemed to do well at school. So Ilene and Ken had decided it must just be a phase that Serena was going through. Thankfully, maybe that was over.

Ken walked into the kitchen, straightening his tie, and came to a complete stop at the sight of Serena sitting at the table eating her breakfast. He shot a questioning look at his wife, who shook her head as a warning not to say anything.

"Good morning." he said, taking his seat at the table.

Serena looked up and smiled. "Morning dad."

Sharing another confused look with his wife, he took a sip of his coffee.

Ilene walked over to the door to holler up the stairs. "Sammy! You better get down here soon, or you won't have time to eat."

Thumping sounds came from upstairs before a lanky preteen boy with shaggy, sandy blonde hair appeared at the top of the staircase.

"I'm up, I'm up." he grumbled "Why aren't you yelling at that idiot Serena this morning? She's the lazy one."

His jaw dropped as he heard his sister's voice come from the kitchen. "Speak for yourself you little maggot. I've been up for a while. Well I'm off. I want to get to school early and see if they have a book in the library to help me on my biology report."

With that, Serena picked up her book bag and her lunch her mother had packed her before walking to the door and slipping on her shoes. She waved goodbye to her family and closed the door behind her.

There was a stunned silence for at least thirty seconds after she departed.

Ken shook his head. "She didn't run screaming out the door."

"She remembered her lunch." Ilene whispered.

Sammy was dumbfounded. "Serena…in the library…No way!"

They all looked at each other as if to ask, 'What the hell just happened?'

That same morning, at almost the exact same time that Serena was leaving the house, four other girls jumped awake, surprised to find themselves obviously alive and safe in their own beds.

They all sat stunned for a few moments, reliving the last things that they remembered. They had been at D Point, battling the doom and gloom girls, trying to clear the way for their princess to go forward to challenge Beryl. They had all fallen one by one until Sailor Moon had been the only one left.

'Sailor Moon'

'Princess Serenity'


They all flew from their beds at those thoughts, anxious to find the others and their princess and make sure she was all right. Apparently she must have won the battle, or they wouldn't be here. But had she survived? And what of Prince Endymion, had she freed him from Beryl's evil clutches.

Pajamas were quickly exchanged for school uniforms and the fours girls left their homes with only one destination in mind. Serena's house.

Darien jerked upright in his bed, sweat covering his body. He felt like he had been asleep for a very long time. He had confusing images running through his head. Him kneeling at Beryl's side, him holding a sword over Sailor Moon's head, about to strike a fatal blow. He also could picture the same girl on her knees in front of him, her blue eyes wide and pleading as she held a locket out to him, begging him to come back to her.

Then came the memory of the giant crystal being hurled at them, and the remembered pain of shards of that crystal embedding themselves in his back after he had shattered it with a well aimed rose. He had thrown himself over the girl to protect her from the flying debris and had taken the brunt of the hit.

He remembered lying there, feeling the life drain out of him as he was wrapped in those warm arms. He could even hear her voice speaking to him.

'Please Darien, you can't leave me too. The girls are all gone, and I'm afraid to do this all alone.'

He had felt her tears on his face and had opened his eyes to look into the watery, cerulean depths of her eyes before saying, 'You can finish this. Beat Beryl and then you can go back to living your own life again. Drink all the milkshakes you want and find a cool boyfriend. You won't have to deal with me picking on you anymore.'

Then he was sinking into darkness. The last thing he remembered was her shaking voice. 'But I don't want anyone else Darien. I love you.'

His head shot up. "Serena"

He ran to his closet and threw it open. He grabbed a clean uniform and hastily dressed before grabbing his bag and running out his apartment door.

He hit the sidewalk at a dead run, ignoring the looks that he was getting from other people who were making their morning commute. He still wasn't sure what was happening and how he was alive and back home, but every nerve in his body right now was screaming that he needed to see Serena for himself and make sure she was okay.

He made it to Serena's neighborhood somehow without causing injury to the other pedestrians and headed for the white, two story house on the corner. He was brought to a halt as he reached the front gate and collided with several other bodies. They all landed in a tangled heap on the ground.

It took a few minutes for everyone to right themselves, and when they did they stared at each other in complete shock. The four girls were silent for a moment before they all spoke at once.





"Oh my gosh!"

Suddenly they were all hugging each other and squealing loud enough to shatter glass. Darien clapped his hands over his ears to preserve his eardrums from damage. He waited a few moments for the decibel level to drop a bit before clearing his throat to get their attention.

Four wide-eyed stares turned in his direction. No one said a word for several seconds. Darien was beginning to feel a little self conscious under their scrutiny until Raye finally broke the silence.

"Darien, is that really you?" she asked quietly.

Darien shook his head. "Of course it's me. Who else would I be?"

Lita stepped forward cracking her knuckles. "Oh I don't know. Maybe the same brainwashed negaverse creep that's been trying to kill us for the last two weeks." She took a swing at him and he dodged it quickly.

Mina grabbed Lita's arm before she could aim another punch. "Wait Lita, I think that's really Darien."

"She's right." Amy had pulled out her Mercury computer and was scanning him. "All traces of dark energy have disappeared from his body."

"Well this is a fun reunion and all, but I want to find Serena and make sure she's okay. Then maybe we can figure out what happened." Darien said.

"Right" they all agreed, making their way up to the Tsukino's front door. Ilene answered a few moments after the doorbell had been rung and smiled at her daughter's friends.

"Good morning" she greeted them. "If you're here to walk to school with Serena, I'm afraid you're out of luck this morning."

"Oh" Amy replied. "Is she not feeling well today?"

Ilene giggled. "Oh no, quite the opposite actually. She got up and left early this morning. She said she had to go to the library before class. Amazing isn't it? She hasn't shown any interest in her school work in three months."

"Yeah amazing" they all echoed. They made their goodbyes and began walking down the street toward the school.

"You don't think she's actually at school, do you?" Mina asked.

Raye snorted. "Meatball Head? Come on. She wouldn't know what to do with a book if she had one."

"That's kind of unfair." Amy replied.

"Well Serena and studying don't exactly mix, do they?" was Lita's response.

Darien had been quiet through this debate, but now he asked, "What exactly happened to you guys yesterday? I'm assuming Serena won, but seeing how I was dead at the time, I'm not sure what happened."

They all spent the rest of the walk to school talking about the events of the battle against Beryl, at least the part that they knew. When they reached the gates of the school, they all began looking around for that familiar golden head with an odango hairstyle.

After searching for several minutes, they were still unable to locate her.

Mina sighed. "You don't think she gone to our places looking for us do you?"

"It's possible." Amy said.

Raye scowled. "That would be just like her. Her running around in circles looking for us while we're running around in circles looking for her."

Lita laughed. "Yeah, sounds like a classic Serena move to me."

Darien suddenly became aware of a slight magnetic pull that was urging him toward the library. It was similar to the feeling he got when he sensed Serena transforming into Sailor Moon. It was how he always knew where to find her.

He began walking away from the group.

"Hey, where are you going?" Raye hollered after him, but he ignored it and continued toward the library. He was vaguely aware of the others following him.

He entered the building and allowed the pull to direct him to a back corner of the room. He breathed a sigh of relief when he saw the blonde head bent over a book.

"I don't believe it." Raye muttered next to him. "Meatball Head is actually studying."

"I guess miracles do happen sometimes." Lita whispered with a grin.

Serena rose from the table where she was sitting and replaced the book on a shelf before gathering her things together and putting them back in her bag.

Amy spoke quietly. "Perhaps we should wait for her outside. This might not be the best place for our conversation."

They all agreed and went back outside to wait for Serena. A few minutes later she emerged from the library and began heading for the main school building.

"Serena" Mina shrieked as she ran over and threw herself on the petite blonde.

The other girls were right behind her, and soon Serena was lost in the middle of a large group hug.

Serena laughingly extracted herself from her friends. "Hey guys, what gives? You act like you haven't seen me in years. I may not be genius material, but I'm pretty sure we saw each other yesterday."

Raye had tears in her eyes. "Don't play that dumb blonde routine now. What the hell happened yesterday?"

Serena blinked her large blue eyes several times. "Yesterday? I don't know. What did happen yesterday? It was an ordinary day as far as I can remember."

"What?!" came their unified response.

"Well yeah." she said. "We came to school, went to the arcade for milkshakes, and went to Raye's and studied for a while. Then I went home, had dinner, finished my homework and went to bed. Sounds pretty typical to me."

Mina began babbling. "You mean you don't remember freezing your ass off in the Arctic Circle and fighting off the bad guys and saving the world with the power of the silver crystal?"

Serena laid a hand on Mina's forehead. "Are you feeling okay? I mean I know I play a lot of video games, but I think they've gone to your head."

"You mean you don't remember anything about the negaverse or the sailor scouts?" Amy questioned.

Serena's brow wrinkled in thought. "Negaverse…" she mumbled, "no nothing. Now the sailor scouts I do know. They're that group of girl super heroes that have been running around the last few months." She giggled. "I like their outfits. My dad would have a stroke if I wore a skirt that short."

She suddenly stilled as she saw who was standing behind her friends and listening to their conversation. Everyone looked back and forth between the two, anticipating what this meeting would be like.

After several moments of silence, Serena walked up to Darien. He held his breath as he looked into her emotionless blue eyes. He couldn't read by her face what she was feeling. He hoped that seeing him would snap her out of this dream world she seemed to be in at the moment.

That hope was shattered as she poked him in the chest and began yelling at him. "What are you doing listening in on our private conversation, you jerk? I can't say I'm surprised though. It seems to be your ambition in life to make my existence a living hell. Well, I'm not putting up with it anymore."

Darien took a step back at this unexpected attack. He raised his hands in surrender. "Hey Serena…"

"Oh, so now you know my name!" she interrupted him. "After months and months of putting up with your 'meatball head' and 'klutz' comments, you finally figured out what my name really is. Well screw you Darien Shields!"

Darien felt a physical ache in his chest as he heard the pain filled words fall from the same lips that less than twenty four hours before had professed her love for him. He knew that he had been horrible to Serena in the past. He wasn't one to confront his feelings, and picking on her had been his way of dealing with the emotions the tiny blonde stirred up in him.

He was staring at her, trying to think of what he could say to her. It was obvious that she didn't remember any of their time together, in their alter ego forms anyway. Hell, she didn't even remember that she was Sailor Moon, much less that he was Tuxedo Mask. And the fact that she was a reincarnated moon princess and that he was her prince would probably send her on a downward spiral right now. He brought his attention back to her as she began speaking again.

"You know, I've never understood why you have such a problem with me. Is it just because I don't bow down and kiss your feet like everyone else, or did you just randomly pick me out of a crowd and think it would be fun to get your rocks off by being a dick to me?"

She was in a high temper now. She was visibly shaking and tears of anger were flowing freely down her flushed cheeks. Darien's heart broke at the sight of her tortured eyes. Without thinking he stepped forward and took her in his arms.

She let out a small gasp before she fainted dead away. Darien carried her unconscious form over and laid her out on a bench as the others crowded around.

"Amy, what's wrong with her?" he demanded as the blunette took out her mercury computer and began scanning her.

"She seems fine." Amy responded. "I think she just passed out. What I can't figure out is why she can't remember anything about the scouts or the moon kingdom. It just doesn't make any sense."

A voice came from a nearby tree. "I may have the answer to that."

Two cats jumped down from a branch to land next to the group.

"Artemis, Luna, you know what's wrong with her?" Mina asked.

"We believe so." Luna replied. "Now bring her with you and let's go to the control room. There's something you need to see."

Luckily it was still early, so the school grounds were fairly empty. That was a plus since it would have looked suspicious for six students to be sneaking off campus. Especially when one of them was a passed out girl being carried by a male upperclassman.

Sticking to the back streets, they were able to make it to the back door of the arcade in just a matter of minutes without raising any eyebrows along the way. Darien's best friend's family owned the arcade, and Andrew had been clued in to the secret identities of the sailor scouts and Tuxedo Mask for a while.

Thankfully he had left the door cracked open for them and they slipped right in, heading straight for the hidden entrance to the control room that was located under the arcade.

"Hey guys" Andrew greeted them. "Glad to see you made it back in one piece, and you even drug my pathetic best friend back from the dark side."

His smile faded however when he saw Serena's limp form in Darien's arms. "What happened to Sere?"

Darien shook his head. "We're not sure Drew. She was acting strange this morning. Well actually she was yelling at me, and then she passed out. Luna and Artemis think they might have a clue as to what happened."

Andrew was shocked. "Serena was yelling at you. I know you guys have a history of getting on each other's nerves, but she was really messed up when you disappeared. She moped around for days and wouldn't crack a smile. She even passed on free milkshakes. So I can't imagine her going off on you after she literally went to the ends of the earth to bring you back."

They had all made it downstairs now and Darien laid Serena on a couch before turning pain filled eyes on his friend. "She doesn't remember me." he whispered.

"What!" Andrew exclaimed.

Darien nodded. "All she remembers of me is my picking on her and our fights. She doesn't remember being Sailor Moon or anything about the scouts."

"Wow" Andrew said softly. "What happened to make her forget all that?"

Luna spoke up. "That's what we're going to show you now." She went over to a bag and retrieved a round object from it. They all gasped when they realized that it was Serena broach that she used to transform into Sailor Moon. Luna pressed the release button and it opened with a snap.

Nestled inside was the Silver Crystal. In it's dormant state, it looked like any other crystal. But this crystal held an unbelievable power that had been passed down through the moon kingdom for generations. As the reincarnation of Princess Serenity, it's power now belonged to Serena.

"Luna where did you get that?" Mina asked.

"Let me tell you my story." Luna replied. "Late last night Sailor Moon came crawling through her bedroom window. She was barely able to stand she was so exhausted. I asked her what had happened and she said Beryl was destroyed. When I asked her if everyone else was okay, she just smiled and said 'They'll all be fine.' Then she removed the broach and collapsed on the bed.

Then this morning when she woke up I tried to question her again. Well she freaked out over the fact that I'm a talking cat. She couldn't remember anything at all about fighting the negaverse. I thought that perhaps Beryl had done something to her to erase her memories, so I tried the Luna mind meld. Well that was a big mistake. She looked like she was close to having a nervous breakdown, so I reversed it and left her alone.

She got up and left for school and I noticed that she had left the crystal behind. Well I didn't want to leave it just lying around, so I brought it with me.

"Good call, Luna." Mina said as she took the broach. Walking over to the still form lying on the sofa, she pinned it to the bow on her shirt. "She may not be aware of what the crystal is, but she needs to keep it with her."

"So what do you think happened to make her like this?" Amy asked Luna.

Luna shook her head. "It would be easier for me to show you. When I tried to revive her memories, something was shielding her mind. The mind meld backfired and I actually saw her memories of her fight with Beryl. So any of you that want to see, come over here and I will do a mind meld and show you what I saw."

With the exception of Andrew, they all scrambled to take a place in front of the black feline, anxious to see how the princess had beaten the queen of the Negaverse.

Luna's crescent mark on her forehead glowed brightly as beams of light shot from it to touch each one of the teenagers in front of her. They all closed their eyes to focus on what they were seeing in their minds.

The picture was slightly fuzzy at first, but soon they could see the figure of a giant Beryl towering in front of them. They could hear her booming voice as it sneered down.

"Pitiful little moon princess. Do you honestly think you can beat me? Your mother failed before, and now you will too."

Beryl gathered dark energy and sent a blast toward them. They saw small, slender hands raise the crescent moon wand, the Silver Crystal set firmly in its place. Serenity's voice rang strong and true as she called out, "Cosmic Moon Power"

The crystal began to glow, and a beam of light energy shot forth, battling with Beryl's dark attack.

They watched the power struggle between the moon princess and the evil Beryl that lasted several minutes. The princess was losing ground fast, and it seemed hopeless for Serenity until they heard her voice pleading to them for help.

The blue power of Mercury, the red of Mars, the green of Jupiter, and the orange of Venus seemed to converge on the crystal, strengthening it. Then the golden glow of the power of Earth seemed to pass through her body as she sent the final assault against Beryl, vaporizing her in an instant.

They felt her exhaustion as Serenity turned into Sailor Moon and then finally into Serena as she fell to the ground. They opened tear filled eyes as her whispered wish echoed in their heads.

Nothing was heard for a few minutes except for the muffled sobs of the girls. Darien sat there thinking over everything he had just seen. She had fought with her very life to protect this planet and everyone living on it. She was just a sixteen-year-old girl, but was willing to give up everything to save the world. If anyone had a right to a normal life, it was her.

Amy wiped the tears from her eyes. "So the crystal granted her wish?" she asked.

Artemis nodded. "It would appear that way. She wanted a normal life, so it erased everything to do with the negaverse and the moon kingdom from her memories, but she valued your friendship, so it allowed her to remember you."

"Well what can we do to change that?" Raye asked. "I mean if another enemy attacks, we may need her and the crystal."

"No" Mina stated. "We are her guard. We will take care of any threats that come our way."

Lita pounded one fist against her other palm. "Right, we're not the sailor scouts for nothing."

Amy had her computer out again and was scanning both Serena and the crystal. "It seems that the crystal didn't erase the memories. They're just blocked. I have a feeling that if we need her, Sailor Moon will rise again."

"So what do we do with her now?" Raye asked. "If she wakes up here she'll be totally freaked."

Darien stood and crossed over to where his sleeping princess lay. He bent down and picked her up again. "I'm going to take her home. I'll tell her mother that she started feeling sick and then fainted. That way when she wakes up she'll be in a familiar place."

The rest of them stood also. It was still early enough to make it to school if they hurried. They all left the arcade and split up. The girls and Andrew all headed toward the high school, while Darien cradled his precious bundle in his arms as he headed for her house.

Each of the girls glanced back several times as they watched the reincarnated earth prince with the princess.

Lita sighed. "Do you think things will work out between them?"

Mina laughed. "Of course they will. I'm the goddess of love remember. Those two can fight it all they want, but they are soul mates."

"I don't think Darien was fighting it too hard." Amy giggled. "Did you see the way he was looking at her?"

"Yeah" they all collectively sighed.

Raye grumbled. "Well that scattered brained meatball head better wake up and realize that he loves her before some other girl comes along and snatches him up."

"Someone like you?" Lita asked slyly.

Mina perked up. "Yeah, didn't I hear that the two of you went out for a while?"

Raye shook her head violently. "No, we just went out a couple of times. It was nothing romantic." she paused for a moment. "Even though he is sinfully gorgeous. But he loves Serena, and I would never intrude on that."

"We know that Raye." Amy joined in the conversation. "Anyway, you have someone waiting for you to notice them too."

"What?…Who?…" Raye asked confused.

"Chad" the other three girls announced with knowing grins.

"Ewww" Raye screeched. "As if! He's just a friend."

Mina giggled. "If you say so."

In the future

Inside a massive palace that looked as if it were carved out a giant piece of black crystal, a young man sat on a throne. He had long silvery white hair and striking lavender eyes.

He idly swirled a glass of red wine in his hand as he intently studied the image that appeared in a large crystal in front of him. His grip on the glass tightened as he saw the dark haired teenage boy walking down the street with the unconscious blonde in his arms.

In a fit of rage, he hurled the glass across the room where it shattered against the crystal wall. Tiny fragments of glass littered the floor and the remnants of the wine ran down the wall to pool like blood as it reached the bottom.

"Sapphire" he called out in a commanding voice.

A dark haired young man entered the room. "Yes, my brother."

"How are we progressing on getting into the Crystal Palace? I grow weary of this waiting." he demanded.

Sapphire met his brother's gaze. "Diamond, I won't lie to you. We have little chance of making it into the palace. It's true that the king and queen are both incapacitated at the moment, but the sailor scouts have erected a barrier that is virtually impenetrable."

Diamond growled. "This wouldn't have happened if my orders had been followed. The queen was not to have been harmed." He walked over to a hologram that showed the image of the queen of Crystal Tokyo. His eyes seemed to glaze over as he gazed at the golden haired vision of loveliness in front of him.

Sapphire shook his head. His brother had been obsessing over the queen since he had first seen her. It had infected him like a disease and had begun to consume his every thought. It was causing Diamond to lose his focus on their mission.

"The queen rarely ever left the palace. No one could have guessed that she would have come running out that day, much less be hit by the attack." Sapphire commented.

Diamond clenched his fists. "But she did. Now she's lying lifeless inside that palace encased in crystal and more unreachable than ever."

"Well if her guardians fall, she'll be defenseless. The king was also hit in the attack and he is useless. So he will be unable to defend his wife if we manage to get in." Sapphire reminded him.

Diamond sneered at that thought. King Endymion, what a joke. How had he ended up with such an angelic creature as his wife? She deserved someone more than that weak, pathetic excuse for a man. She needed someone strong to stand by her side and adore her as the goddess she was.

"Serenity" he whispered as he continued to be lost in the sight of her delicate features. "I will set you free, my love."

He shook his head and pulled himself away from his daydreams. Turning back to Sapphire he asked, "What of the princess? Do we have any idea what happened to her?"

Sapphire shrugged his shoulders. "It's anyone's guess. The girl disappeared sometime during the battle and has not been seen since. I wouldn't be too concerned about her though. She's just a child and is of no threat to us."

"Hmm…" Diamond muttered. "I wouldn't be so sure about that. The Silver Crystal also vanished at the same time, so the girl may have it. Being a descendant of the moon kingdom may give her the power to control it."

"I seriously doubt that." Sapphire contradicted. "She's still young, and she's also half earthling. I don't think the crystal would respond to her."

Diamond felt sick to his stomach at the thought of Serenity giving birth to another man's child, but the girl resembled her mother very much in looks and personality, so he wasn't so quick to dismiss her as a potential threat.

He turned back to the crystal that showed the image of the teenage boy with the girl in his arms. They had reached a house and lady with long indigo hair was letting them in. He watched the boy carry the girl upstairs into a pink bedroom and lay her gently on a bed.

His eyes widened and a sinister smile began to spread across his face as an idea began to form in his head.

"I think I have a new plan, Sapphire." he said to his brother with a chuckle.

Awareness began slowly returning to Serena's body. She wasn't exactly sure what had happened, but at the moment she felt safe and secure. She had a feeling of being wrapped in a warm cocoon, and it would be so easy to just drift back off again.

She vaguely thought that she heard her mother's voice, but didn't really pay attention to it. She was satisfied to just stay in her little dream world and imagine a handsome prince coming to sweep her off her feet.

She was a little disturbed however, because for some reason her dream prince seemed to look like Darien. No way! She couldn't stand that jerk. But for some reason she had images of her in a flowing white dress, dancing in the arms of a tuxedo clad Darien Shields. She gave an internal shudder. Scary thought.

She shuddered for real when she felt herself being laid down on something soft and lost that warm feeling she had been having. She gave a slight moan in protest.

A hand smoothed her hair back from her forehead. "Serena, can you hear me?" a voice asked.

She slowly opened her eyes and it took a moment for the face above her to come in to focus. She let out an ear splitting screech as she recognized the figure bent over her.

She rolled quickly away and sat up, looking around wildly. It finally clicked to her that she was on her bed in her room. But how she had gotten there was a mystery.

"What are you doing in my room Darien?" she screamed at the boy standing by her bed.

He seemed at a loss for words for a second. "You fainted at school, so I brought you home."

Her brow furrowed as she thought back on the events of that morning. She had been at the library working on her biology report and then ran into her friends outside. They had been having a strange conversation when she had noticed him standing nearby.

She pointed a finger at him. "That's right, you were eavesdropping. I remember now. Of all the pathetic, lowlife things to do. I ought to…"

"Serena!" her mother admonished her, coming into the room. "Is that anyway to treat your rescuer?"

Serena seemed to choke. "My rescuer? I would be better off with a fire breathing dragon than with him."

Ilene saw the hurt look that crossed Darien's face and felt sorry for the boy. She knew that he and Serena had had a long time rivalry, and now knew that her assumptions were correct. This young man had feelings for her daughter, and she was pretty sure that Serena felt the same way.

"Well be that as it may young lady, Darien was nice enough to carry you home after you fainted. I'm sure with the scene you're making now, he's wishing that he had left you lying on the ground. How did I raise such an ungrateful daughter?" Ilene ranted.

Serena blushed at her mother's comment. She knew she should be grateful to Darien for not leaving her, but it was hard to be in debt to your worst enemy.

She took a deep breath and muttered, "I'm sorry mom, you're right. Thank you for bringing me home, Darien. You didn't have to, you know."

He waved her off. "It was no problem. I better run now, I'm already majorly late for school."

He picked up his bag and threw it over his shoulder as he made his way from the room. Her voice stopped him when he reached the door.

"You're still a jerk though, just thought you should know." she called out to him.

He turned back to her with a grin. "And you're still a klutzy meatball head."

For once she didn't yell at him for that. She just gave him a small smile before lying back down and letting her mother help her get comfortable.

Darien let himself out of the house and began to walk down the street with a love struck expression on his face. She may not remember what they had shared in the past, but maybe they could still have a future together.

The blonde girl in his thoughts was now lying under the covers in her soft bed. Her fingers were tracing the edges of a broach that she had found pinned to her uniform shirt. It was very pretty. She yawned and set it on the table next to her bed. She liked the way it looked on the bow, so she set it where she wouldn't forget to put it on when she got up.

Rolling over, she thought about the events of this morning. Even though Darien was no knight in shining armor, she was grateful to him for helping her. Maybe he wasn't such a bad guy after all. She remembered the dream she had been having before she woke. Maybe they could be friends after all.

She dozed off, never knowing of the hidden eyes that were watching her sleeping form. The owner of those eyes thought to himself, 'Yes, this could be the perfect time to strike.'

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