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The Bella Diaries

Just like a star across my sky

Just like an angel off the page

You have appeared to my life

Feel like I'll never be the same

~Corinne Bailey Rae "Like A Star"


Bella: 16 years old

Alice: 16 years old

Rosalie: 18 years old

Emmett: 18 years old

Jasper: 18 years old

Edward: 17 years old

Esme: 33 years old

Carlisle: 34 years old

Mrs. Brandon: 45 years old

Mrs. Masen: 47 years old

Renesmee: 2 years old

Cynthia: 2 years old

Month: August 2009

Bella POV

I was doomed. I was sitting at a table with my cousin Emmett and I'm pretty sure our high school career was almost over before it started. It was the first day of school and we had been doing fine until lunch. Emmett and I had picked a random table at the back of the cafeteria when four people came up to us with murderous looks on their faces. "Get up now. We don't have time for this." A blond girl said. Emmett looked at me and I looked at him. "Are you going to get up?" She yelled.

"That would be a no." Emmett said. "But you are welcome to join us, we don't care." The girl looked at Emmett with a purposeful look in her eye and put her hand on his face and began stroking is lightly.

"Please?" She crooned. "This is the table we've sat at since we were freshmen, can you please move." Emmett looked like he gave in a little and then grabbed her hand.

"I don't like being touched, and your petty flirting won't work with me, now can you please leave me and my cousin alone." He said flicking her hand away like it was trash. The two boys in the group glared.

"Don't touch her like that!" One with bronze hair said. "Get up and fight someone your own size!" I looked at them and sighed. Emmett stood up and crossed his arms. He was a good five inched taller than the one with the bronze hair and two inches taller than the boy with the blond hair.

"I'm sorry, but your not my size." Emmett said. I tugged on his shirt pulling him back down. "Whatever." He said sitting down in the chair. "As you were saying before?"

"She invited me to live in her house, but I don't want to be a bother." I whispered, knowing those kids were still there.

"But they are your family, and Charlie doesn't want you there." Emmett said, obviously not caring about the people standing there watching us. I looked at them and soon they started leaving. "Besides, Nessie needs a good home." He whispered.

"Don't call her that!" I yelled. Everyone looked at me and then I quieted down. "I don't want you to call her that, okay? That was his nickname for her." I whispered even more quiet. He smiled at me.

"Renesmee needs a new home." He finally whispered. "Plus, I'd love it if you lived with me." I looked at him and he smiled at me with the biggest smile. "Please?"

"Okay… I'll tell Charlie, since it's Friday, I'll move in like Sunday?" I asked. He nodded and pushed a tray of food towards me. "No Emmett, I'm not hungry."

"Eat now, you're never hungry anymore and you need to eat." He said. I sighed and took a bite of the pizza.

"Happy now?"

"Very." He said.

Rosalie POV

"I knew it!" I said. "No way that they're cousins." I said. Alice had slipped a cell phone under the table and we heard every word. "They have someone, probably a daughter named Renesmee and he wants her to live with him and his parents." I said.

"Wow Rosalie, I'm impressed, usually blonds are never this smart!" Edward said. I hit him on his chest.

"And she's anorexic." I said. Alice hummed and sighed a bit.

"She's pretty." She whispered.

"Okay little miss lesbian." Jasper said. "We get it, no need to go telling everybody." She hissed a bit.

"Don't get mad because I dropped your ass for a girl." Alice growled at him. I laughed, it was funny as hell when those two fought. Jasper glared at her. "Thought so dumb-ass, don't mess with me!"

"Okay pixie, stand down." Edward said. "We don't need any of this shit today." Edward mumbled. "And from the looks of things Alice, she likes the meat, not the fish." Edward said. Alice slapped him on his thigh. The bell rang and we got up leaving the cafeteria.

Alice POV

She was beautiful. Isabella Swan was a new girl and she wore everything covered up and she hang out with that big scary guy and according to Edward "She likes the meat, not the fish." God, I hated that prick. He's such a dumb-ass sometimes. I walked in English class today and sat down at my usual table, thinking Jasper's dumb-ass would sit next to me. I was surprised when Isabella sat next to me instead. "Is this seat taken?" She asked. I shook my head.

"No, it's n-n-not." I stuttered out like a fucking idiot. She was much more beautiful up close.

"Sorry about the whole table thing, I would have moved, it's just my cousin Emmett, he has a temper and he doesn't like being told what to do." She said. I guess she's still sticking to that cousin story.

"Is that guy, really your cousin? Because you don't really look alike."

"Are cousins supposed to look alike?" She asked. I shrugged. She smiled at me. "He's my… he's like my boyfriend's cousin, but boyfriend…he um…"

"What moved away?" I asked.

"Something like that." She said. She looked at the board and then pretty much ignored me for the whole entire class until the bell rang. "Nice talking to you…?"

"Mary-Alice Brandon, but you can call me Alice." I said.

"Nice talking to you, Alice." She said grabbing her backpack and leaving. I nodded and grabbed my backpack, heading off in the other direction that she went in.

At the Brandon House

I had just arrived home with everybody in my car when I heard a noise on the other side of our gate. We just had new people move in. Could it be? I looked over and Isabella was running towards a small little girl who looked just like her. "Hey guys, look over the fence." I whispered. They all climbed up and looked up it and saw exactly what I saw. And heard exactly what I heard.

"Momma!" We heard the little girl explain loudly. She ran towards the big guy who was Isabella's 'cousin'. "Uncle Emmy!" She yelled loudly.

"Guess it is her cousin." Edward said. "And that's her daughter."

"Aw, that is so cute, she's a mommy and her daughter is so cute." Rosalie said. We all turned to look at her. "What?" She shrugged. "I like children and I'll never be able to have any." She said. We all looked back at Bella and sighed.

"Her child is cute, but that just means two things, A) She's a meat eater and B) she's a whore." Jasper said. I jumped down from the fence and punched Jasper in the stomach, making him fall in one of the bushed. Rosalie and Edward jumped down and helped him back up. "What it's true. She's a whore and not a smart one like Jessica and Lauren who always carry around a spare condom, no she's a dumb whore." Jasper said.

"You don't even know her Jasper. You're a man whore and you don't carry around birth control pills." I said. I walked to my door and looked around. "Cynthia!" I yelled. My little sister came down the stairs.

"Hi!" She said jumping in my arms. She was only two years old. Jasper, Rosalie, and Edward walked in behind me. "Eddy!"

"Hey squirt." He said.


"Cynthia, baby, you look gorgeous." Rosalie said. Cynthia ignored Jasper and hugged me around my neck.

"Where's mom Cynthia?" I asked her. She looked around and pointed upstairs.

"Play next door!" She yelled. I looked at her.


"Play next door!" She yelled louder. "Play next door, play next door, play next door!" She repeated. I walked upstairs while she kept yelling that and went in my mom's office. "Mommy!"

"Hello my darling. Rosalie, Edward, you look nice today. Jasper… still preying on young girls I see?" My mother, like all of my family, hated Jasper.

"Hardy, Hardy, Har Mrs. Brandon, still as funny as ever I see." Jasper said.

"Mom what is she talking about?" I asked.

"Oh, the neighbors have a girl about Cynthia's age and she wanted to play with her, but the people who live their say only when her mom comes home." My mom said. She took off her glasses and ran her hands through her graying hair. "Darling, can you and your friends bring her over. I'm busy seeing how we'll pay the bills, oh yeah and your father just got laid off, again." I sighed and nodded.

"Come on Cynthia, let's go to the neighbors house." I said. I looked toward Rosalie and winked. "Now we can really see what's going on." I whispered to them. They nodded and we walked next door. The house was nice. Big and beautiful and made my house look like trash. We knocked on the door and waited.

The door creaked open slowly and a small head popped out. "Who are you?" The little girl yelled loudly.

"Renesmee, don't open the door." I heard Isabella's voice and the padding of feet running towards the door. Emmett and Isabella showed up behind her, Bella picking her up. "Hi, um… not to be rude, but what are you doing here?" Isabella asked.

"Um… my mother said that Cynthia, my little sister has a play date with the neighbor kid that's about her age. Um… she's two going on three." She nodded and looked at Emmett.

"Esme does Nessie have a play date?" Emmett yelled. I could see Isabella wince at the word Nessie.

"Um… yes, with… Cynthia Brandon." A gorgeous woman with dark caramel colored hair said. She looked around twenty years old. And that wasn't it either. She was wearing low hip hugging jeans and a wife beater with no bra on. Jasper and Edward whistled in shock. "Oh is that the cutie-pie?" The women asked taking her from my arms. "She's so cute."

"Um… who are you?" Jasper asked in what would be a flirtatious voice. The women didn't seem to notice.

"How rude of me. I'm Esme Cullen, Emmett's Aunt and Bella's mother in law." I smiled and looked at her with a nod. "If you want, you can come, I just made lunch for the play date and now I'm making a dessert."

"Oh, we wouldn't want to be a bother." I said.

"Nonsense, I have more than enough for everybody, including Emmett, beside's my husband won't mind, he won't be home for another… oh two hours or so. And Bella doesn't have to be home in three, so it's okay." I smiled and was about to say no again, when Jasper and Edward pushed me out of the way of the door and into the house.

"Sorry Isabella." I whispered.

"Bella, just call me Bella." I said. "Look Renesmee, you have a friend." She said setting her 'daughter' down next to my sister. She and Emmett went over to a coffee table filled with papers and began looking at them.

"What are you guys doing?" Rosalie asked. Bella looked up.

"Filling out some paper work."

"On what?" Rosalie asked in her oh-so-innocent voice.

"Life insurance policies and such. I just want to make sure Renesmee has the best in case something bad happens." I sat down next to them and Rosalie sat next to me. Jasper and Edward came back in with bowls of soup (I'm pretty sure it was soup) and sat in chairs.

"Is Renesmee your daughter?" Jasper asked. Bella looked up and nodded.

"Yes, Renesmee is my daughter, is that a problem?" Bella had a murderous glance in her eye. Jasper chuckled.

"I was right, you are a dumb whore." Jasper said. Bella looked up and Emmett shot up in his seat. "What… smart whore's carry around condoms." Jasper was always one for speaking his mind. Bella stood up and walked upstairs.

"Bella!" Emmett yelled after her. "Get out!" He yelled. "All of you, before I throw you out." Emmett yelled. And he meant it.

Bella POV

I stood up and ran to 'my' room. I couldn't handle it. I wasn't a whore. I stood up and grabbed the picture of my 'boyfriend' and stared at the picture a little bit. Esme came in (She was the only one with a key) and sat on the bed. "Look Bella, I'm really sorry, I just thought you should make some friends. We've been here for months and you didn't even leave out of the house, which made Emmett not leave out of the house."

"Esme, they know she's my daughter." I said.

"Well, if I looked out the window and they went to the house next door, I'm sure I could politely ask them not to mention at school."

"Do you think they really won't mention it if you ask them not to?"

"It's going to get out eventually Bells."

"Well, it's not like I'm not proud of her. And if they ask me, I'm going to say she's my child." I told her. "And the guys were checking you out, it was more than kind of gross." She smiled.

"What can I say Bella, I'm not wearing a bra and I just happen to hot. I'm a MILF." She said with a laugh. I laughed too.

"Is it okay to come in now?" Emmett asked.

"Yes, we were just discussing Esme's status as a MILF." I said.

"Oh ew, Esme, way to ruin a man mentally." Emmett said as he entered the room and sat in one of the chairs. "But really, we need to finish with those life insurance papers, we have to get them to Uncle's attorney soon." He said.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever man, don't remind me." Esme said. "Did you tell Charlie you're moving in?" She asked. I sighed and nodded.

"He said whatever to get the diapers out of his f-ing house." I whispered.

"Well you'll have a much better home here. We called the moving trucks and they can only do tomorrow, so um… if I can ask, do you need any help packing?"

"I haven't official started unpacking yet. All the stuff is still in boxes, I've been in pajama's the whole time remember. I've only opened up one box and that of clothes for me and mostly Renesmee."

"When can I call her Nessie again?" Esme blurted out. I winced.

"To soon." I whispered. She sighed. "Who's watching the kids?" I asked.

"Shit!" Esme yelled standing up and running downstairs.

"Let's go downstairs." I said.

"Hold on." He said. He looked around. "You really like this room, don't you?"

"It's so… him. Like the room you designed for me is nice, but this room brings me closer." I said with a shrug. "But we really need to fill out those papers." I whispered. He nodded and I got up off the bed.

Edward POV

"Alice, can you really blame him? Sure he's a dickhead for saying it out loud and in front of her that extremely hot MILF." I said thinking about that ass and those-

"She was one hot MILF wasn't she?" Jasper said in the same dream like state I was thinking off. "And god those tits! What I would do to that woman."

"Psh, dream on. You have a better chance of getting a plastic dick put in your mouth than getting with her." Rosalie said. Usually Alice would laugh, but she was looking out the window.

"She didn't even look that old." I said. "I bet she has a beautiful ass without those jeans on and honestly she probably saw us coming over and took off the bra just so we could stare at those wonderful tits."

"It's like they were carved from stone!" Jasper said.

"Do you dickhead have a filter on your mouth, or does whatever you think come out?" Alice said.

"No filter that I no of. But then again, when you used to ride me, you used to like that I didn't have a filter." Jasper said. I laughed falling off the floor and Rosalie was to. Alice turned around.

"I was faking motor mouth, I've gotten better orgasms from my mom's dildo!"

"Alice that is so sick and wrong on so many levels."

"You better Emmett doesn't come over here and make your face look sick and wrong." Alice said.

"So your saying I'm pretty."

"Yes, that's why I went out with you, you looked like an fucking girl and PMS like one to. You were my practice before I hit the big leagues."

"Why you fucking bitch!" Jasper yelled.

"Want more asshole, we can keep going."

"Okay, before you go all Lorena Bobbitt on his ass, we got to go Jasper, my mom is getting all fucking crazy because she thinks I'm drinking again." Rosalie looked at me with her head cocked to the side.

"Have you ever stopped drinking?"

"No." I whispered shaking my head. Jasper and I stood up. "Adios, amigos, see you two bitches tomorrow." I said giving the peace sign and heading out the door. Jasper was right behind me. I got in my car and started it. "I don't know why you fucking mess with her. She has more shit on you than you do on her."

"How does she though?"

"Don't you remember, you were so pussy whipped you didn't notice her staring at Jenna's boobs and when I told you, you said that she was 'the best pussy ever'."

"Oh shit, I told her everything."

"Dude, how did you forget that?" I asked him. Seriously, they went out for like a year. He sighed.

"Because, I'm still thinking about how good she fucking felt and- oh my god, the MILF." Jasper said. I looked up and saw Esme walking up to my car, which was still in the drive way. She knocked on my glass. I rolled down the window.

"Hi boys, I was just wondering if you wouldn't tell the school about Renesmee. Bella's not ashamed or anything, it's just something she wants to tell people on her own, you know?" I nodded. "Thanks boys." She said and she walked away.

"Ah, fuck I need a cold shower."

Alice POV

"There is obviously something very different about this Bella girl and I have a great idea on how we can get more information." Rosalie said. I turned around on my bed and looked at her. "We can start a journal, about everything we know about her. Add to it, and by the end of the year, we'll have… 'The Bella Diaries'."

"Why are you so interested in Bella?"

"She's a mom who lives in an expensive ass house with a MILF who's apparently anorexic and from the way she was talking, maybe bulimic."

"Why are we doing this?"

"Because you want to go out with her right? She may be a meat eater, but you can turn her to fish. You don't know."

"Fuck you." I whispered. She just looked at me. "There's like a two hundred page spiral notebook in my closet, the pink one." I whispered turning around on my bed. She walked to my closet and took out the notebook. She wrote in a girly script 'The Bella Diaries'. "So what do we right first?"

"Um… well what we know and what we think."

The Bella Diaries

*Bella has a child (adorable! ~Rosalie)

*Bella doesn't eat a lot

*She lives with a MILF (who's deliciously sinful ~Alice)

*Her cousin is very protective of her (Hot ~Rosalie)

*And she's sensitive (We don't know that ~Alice)

*She's anorexic or bulimic (We think)

*She's a whore (according to Jasper)

*She's dumb (again, according to Jasper)

"Girls?" I heard a voice said. I hid the book under the pillow as Esme came in. "I just wanted to ask you a question? Could you keep the whole Renesmee thing under wraps. Bella's not ashamed of Renesmee, she would just like to tell people under her own terms." Esme said with a smile. "If that's okay."

"Um… yeah, we weren't planning to tell anyways. Bye Esme." I said.

"Bye girls." She said closing the door.

"I'd seriously plan on turning to the fish if all lesbians looked like Esme."

"See this is why I turned, I get to look a beautiful fucking people and not feel weird at all." I said.

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