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Btw, Blue (girl) and Green (boy).

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Blue was simply frustrated.

All she wanted to do was fly to Celadon City and go shopping with her favorite spiky haired green-eyed friend. However, Green rejected her offer because he had something else planned. Something he didn't want to tell her.

She would've asked Yellow to come with her, but Green was going to be in Pallet Town for only a few days before he goes back to his Gym leader duties in Viridian. Blue just wanted to spend as much time as she can with him. Even if she did ask Yellow, she had plans with a certain red-eyed friend of theirs.

So Blue took all her anger out on the grass beneath her. Clenching the green blades, she pulled out a handful as hard as she could. "Green...Is...Such...A...Jerk...!!!" Blue continuously pulled fistfuls of grass while exerting her anger.

"Oh really?"

The blue-eyed brunette frantically looked up over her shoulder and saw Green standing ever so calm right there.

"Hello, Green..." Blue lowly greeted. She didn't feeling like talking to him, so she turned over on her side, lying on the grass and avoiding his glance.

Green took a seat on the ground, not so far from Blue. He leisurely laid back and gazed up at the sky. "So... Now you know what I do everyday," Green said.

So he turns me down just to look at the sky...?

"You must really hate grass, Blue," Green pointed out, taking note of the pile of grass.

Blue was still mad at him. "You wanna know why? Because it's green!!" she emphasized the "green" while throwing grass at him.

Green blew the grass off his face and picked one off. He examined the blade and recalls what Blue just said. "Say, are you in the mood to go shopping at Celadon? I can take you there," Green offered.

"Are you kidding me?!" Blue suddenly exclaimed. "First, you didn't want to go all because you wanted to go sky gazing. Now you're offering what you just turned down earlier. Well I say no!! What's so great about the sky, anyway?"

"Well, I like looking at it because..." Green trailed off before letting his gaze fall on Blue, who had her back to him. "Because it's blue..."

Blue's tight grip on the grass softened, letting the blades fall slowly, until there was a single blade of grass left in her hand. Holding it between her fingers, she snuck a peek at Green who was still sky gazing. A smile escaped her lips as she muttered to herself,

"Maybe the grass isn't so bad."

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