Growing up, Bella always loved movies best known as 'romantic comedies'. There was always a formula to it: meet in a weird yet romantic way, get together, then something goes wrong, then the guy does something to prove his love for the girl and says some kind of really romantic speech. When Bella's best friend, Alice, announces that she's engage, Bella get roped into the planning the wedding. Around that time she meets Mr. Right. He's everything a girl can ask for and everything is going perfectly and he is fallowing the formula like all the movies... Now if only the groom's stupid cousin, Edward, would stop making fun of her and actually help her with the wedding like he supposed to do.

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It's Just Love

Chapter 1- New People

Bella's POV:

"Katherine Heigl is the new Meg Ryan," Alice announced while shoving another spoonful of peanut butter cup ice cream into her mouth.

I was wrestling to get a chunk of cookie dough out of its plastic prison when my head snapped up. "Bite your tongue!" I gasped in mock outrage. "You know for a fact that Reese Witherspoon is the new Meg Ryan, who actually has real talent." Sorry Meg.

"I don't know Bella," Rosalie walked out from Alice's small kitchen with her container of chocolate icing. "This movie is pretty funny," she nodded her head to the TV where 27 Dresses is playing.

"Oh please," I rolled my eyes. "It's a decent movie, but it's not Meg Ryan movie worthy."

"Come on Bells," Alice laughed. She knows how defensive I get with my movies. "Knocked Up was funny as hell!"

"Yeah but seeing a baby coming out of her ho-ha," Rose shivered. "Made me swear off sex for a while."

"Rose, you swearing off sex is like Hugh Hefner swearing off of 18 year old girls," Alice shook her head.

"And if I remember correctly, you lasted what?" I looked at Alice with a shrug. "Five, almost six days before you called Bill for some fun time?"

"Ok, fine you're right," Rose frowned. "But I made him double up."

"And this further proves why Katherine Heigl is not the new Meg Ryan." I finally managed to tear a peace of cookie dough. "Meg would never do something like that."

"Didn't Meg do some nude scenes?" Alice asked in a too innocent voice.

"Hey, there is no need to bring up dirty laundry," I raised my hands in a sign of surrender. "Let's just watch the movie where James Marsden finally gets the girl, poor bastard."

It was our weekly ritual: Watch a chick flick, eat our sinful treats, and get into some random argument just because we know how to push each other's buttons. We have been doing this since we were 11 when we all saw French Kiss in theaters. That was the start of our ritual to watch a chick flick once a week, that was the start with my girl crush on Meg Ryan, and that was the start on my obsession with romantic comedies.

Alice and Rose always made fun of me, but over time they could see that I did have a weird obsession with romantic comedies. And where regular friends would probably have had me locked up somewhere to get my head examined, those two stuck beside me and took me for who I am.

They sure as hell better take me for who I am, because I don't deal with all of their crap just because I think it's fun. Allow me to explain.

Rosalie Hale, aka Rose. Call her Rosie and get ready for punch you would never expect from a tall blond beautiful woman who made Victoria Secret's models jealous. I'm not even joking with that one; we met a Victoria Secret model once (can't remember which one, but she had an accent) and I swear that girl was jealous of our Rosalie.

Growing up next to her stunning beauty could have been a major ego killer, but I have learned something which I think should be made into a self help book; not all gentlemen prefer blonds.

Take Jacob Black for example. He was the hottest boy in our high school growing up. It's almost painful thinking back at how stereotypical he was. He was tall, dark, and handsome quarter back of our state winning football team, prom king, and student counsel president. The boy had it all, and I thought for sure he was going to take up Rose with her advances. But instead he asked for my number, and became my first boyfriend.

It was a learning experience for all of us. Rose realized that not all guys are going to like her; I realized that I am one sexy lady, and Alice realized exactly how vain her friends really are.

Rose's vanity was one thing Alice and I both had to deal with, and over time Rose became better with it.

"Only because I had to!" Rose would say if you were to address her with this issue. "My two best friends are fucking hot as shit; and apparently I'm not all guy's favorite cup of tea."

Maybe it was because she needed to prove something to herself, or because she was just an actually addict, but Rose was and always will be a sex fanatic.

I wouldn't go so far as to call her a slut. But the girl was active, and had a very good system working out for her. She had a little black book (which I deemed as tacky) and wrote every guy she's slept with details. I don't know what the number it's up to, but she seems to have a constant rotation going where she'll call a guy up randomly, give him the code for 'get your ass over here, this is a late night booty call' then after a week or two dump him for the next guy.

Alice and I told her many times that she was watched too many episodes of Sex and the City growing up, and had taken her idealism of Samantha to a whole new level.

I think it was because her first time was such crap, that she became determined to be a sex pro. She even made her job. Rosalie Hale is our resident sex therapist.

I don't know how she does it. I wouldn't be able to deal with over weight soccer moms complaining that their balding, beer gut hanging husband can't get it up.

But she thrives on that kind of crap, and she always knows about good new positions… if only I actually had someone to practice with.

While Rose was on one extreme of a life full of sex and promiscuity, Alice was on the other extreme end of monogamy.

Alice has been with Jasper for about three years now. And where Rose is the shameless flirt, Alice would barely even talk to another man whom she thought expressed interest in her.

"Flirting is Cheating's skanky cousin," Alice would say with a nod. "Now that I have the love of my life, I don't need to flirt with other guys."

I remember the day Alice came crashing into my apartment, telling me about the amazing guy she met at work. Alice worked in the local library. She loved history and reading and all things that libraries embodied. She would never admit it, but I know that she thinks one day she's going to go on a crazy adventure like the librarian in the movie The Mummy.

So anyway, it was on a slow Wednesday night, Alice was covering for a friend and she was restocking the shelves with books while on the ladder that was needed for her. (Alice was the shortest in our group. Barely five foot, and a small little frame with short, cropped black hair.) So she really needed the ladder to reach the top shelf.

She couldn't quite reach, and with another step, slipped from the ladder and started to fall backwards. The fall its self wouldn't have killed her, but she would have gotten hurt big time if a certain someone didn't catch her.

Alice swears that she knew he would be the one from the moment she opened her eyes to see who her savior was, and there hasn't been a single day that's gone by where they haven't seen each other.

Alice was always the voice of reason when Rose and I had our arguments. Yet I would be the voice of reason whenever her and Rose would get into arguments, and yes, you guessed it, Rose would be a voice of reason whenever Alice and I argued. None of us argued very much, but when it did we always worked it out.

We all grew up in Skokie; a small town just north of Chicago and have been friends since we were in the fifth grade. I remember that day clearly, and made me smile each time.

I didn't have many friends because my parents and I had just moved at the start of the school year, and kids were just plain mean. One day on the playground, I was eating whatever snack my mom had attempted in making for me.

From the corner of my eye I saw a group of girl surrounding something. I didn't like these girls, and tried to leave them alone most of the time; but there was something about the way they were laughing that made my stomach not feel quite right.

So I got up and saw that they were all laughing at a small girl with long black hair who was sitting on the ground crying. I recognized her as a girl in my class who seemed to also not have any friends. I remembered her name was Alice; like in the movie.

The mean group of girls were taking her lunch apart, laughing at its contents. My mom's friend, who use to visit all the time back in Phoenix, was a vegetarian; and I quickly picked up the fact that this girl's family was also a vegetarian and that these girls were making fun of her.

I felt my insides tighten. My dad was a cop, and with that came the since of justice that he had instilled in me from day one. What these girls were doing was wrong, and I had to stop them.

Right as I was about to step inside the circle, I saw a pretty blond girl come up next to me. She was also in my class, and I had heard that she was a bully. She was frowning and I could see she was clenching her fist.

Not caring about the blond girl I pushed my way to the center of the circle.

"Hi, you all need to leave her alone," I remember saying in a stern voice.

The main girl, Jessica something, just looked at me and laughed. "You want to protect your friend, New Girl?"

I shrugged. "Go away."

"Make me," Jessica pushed me.

Another thing I learned from the chief of police, my father, is when someone pushes or hits you, you hit back harder; and if I was going to fight, I better win. He taught me how to fight, well him and the rest of the police station. (I would spend my weekends with my dad at the station, and the guys there kind of took me under their wing and gave me a few tips on how to fight because apparently I was going to be a heartbreaker amongst the guys.)

Anyways, I didn't like being pushed. So I punched her. She screamed and started pulling my hair while I started swinging. Another girl, one of Jessica's friend (Lauren I think) ran to my back and started slapping my head. But before I could even register any pain, Lauren was ripped off from me. I turned to see the blond girl punching Lauren while I fought off Jessica.

While I had Jessica on the ground, I looked up to see one of the older girls tackling the blond girl who had just helped me. Right as I was about help out the blond, the little girl who was being picked on climbed onto the big girls back and started to pull her hair. We continued to fight for a bit more before teachers came over to stop us.

Sitting on a bench outside the principle's office, I looked over the blond haired girl, and the small little girl who we had helped and smiled. They of course smiled back, and we became inseparable since then.

I always like to think of myself as the middle of the group, the one who balances things out. We three were very different, yet when placing us together it's very easy to see how we manage to pull off our friendship.

While Rose was the tall blond, and Alice the petite one with jet-black hair, I was average height and had some killer hair. Another thing Rose was always jealous of; she had amazing hair, but she used extensions, while my mahogany hair was full, thick, and rich all on its own.

We mainly stuck together. In high school girls called us bitches for never wanting to hang out with anyone else, and the guys would drool at thoughts of the three of us doing dirty things. It didn't help that at homecoming of our junior year, we did a dance that might have added some fuel to the fire. Rose and her crazy ability in talking us into things…

We all went to the University of Chicago, and rented an apartment all four years together. It's different being friends with a person, and then being friends and living with them. I can see how it ruins friendships, but luckily we were all stubborn and demanded that we all remain friends.

It was, crazy, and we have a hell of a lot of stories, but the moment we graduated and found jobs we moved into our own apartment. (All within a block from each other.)

I stretched my arms, and felt like my stomach was about to explode. One of these days I'm going to get food poisoning from eating raw cookie dough but I always felt like it was part of the excitement of eating it; kind of like Russian rulet. How sad that I only get my thrills off of cookie dough now.

"Alright girls, I'm off!" I announced while I stood up too quickly, making me light headed.

"Me too!" Rose checked her watch. "Cool, it's only ten, I can still call Jerry."

"Really Rose?" Alice raised an eyebrow. "Does 27 Dresses really make you that horny?"

"Fuck no," Rose laughed. "But I need to burn off that tub of icing I just ate, and Jerry always was…"

"OK," I interrupted. "No need for details."

"Sorry sweetheart," Rose shrugged. "But she who does not fuck, is out of luck."

Alice piped up, knowing her lines. "So you have to hear the gory details, at least the ones she tells."

I rolled my eyes. They came up with that clever little rhyme when Alice had just slept with Jasper for the first time. Rose was trying to get every little detail out of her, but Alice being the more conservative one in this bunch, wouldn't say anything. Rose kept trying to persuade her by telling us about her last encounter and the more shots we took, the more detailed she became...

I was on a particularly bad sex dry spell, and was getting pissed hearing about Rose's personal life and just told them both to shut it.

A tequila inspired Rose and Alice came up with that little diddy right on the spot, and they still use it on me every time I'm not getting any.

"You guys are clever," I muttered with annoyance and sarcasm dripping from my voice. "I'm out of here, I need to stop by the office in the morning."

"Aww, poor baby," Rose cooed. "This is been the second time this month? I'm so sorry for you."

Rose was right. I worked as an editor in a small publishing house and I mainly worked from home. A few times a month I would actually go down to the office and catch up with my boss in person, but really this was a cushy job for me and I loved it.

I was a wedding planner for two years, but when I realized that it wasn't like how Jennifer Lopez portrayed it, I quit and became an editor. Although I was a pretty good wedding planner.

The next morning I was in the mood to look extra pretty. I curled my hair, and put on some makeup that went perfectly with a very pretty, yet sexy, yellow dress I had bought the week before with a black belt, black headband and black flats.

It was a warm August day, and really the office wasn't that far, so I decided to walk. (Really I just remembered how much crap I ate last night and figured walking would ease my guilt a bit.)

I was in a surprisingly good mood this morning, not something I normally am when I got talk to my boss. Ben was a good boss, but really, who ever likes talking to their superior?

I stopped at the cross walk, waiting for light to give me the right away when my cell started ringing. The song, "Every Rose has its thorn" by Poison started to play. I like Poison, but hated this song. So did Rose for that matter, but I thought it was too funny not to have it as her ring tone for when she calls me.

I let out a frustrated moan, because of my rush to get to work on time, I had thrown my cell in my purse, not putting it in its proper place. With my hand scavenging my purse, and my eye not focused, I wasn't prepared for the young teenage boy come run up beside me, knocking me into the street.

I am a very clumsy person. It's something that I have managed to grow out of, but when caught off guard, I will fall straight on my ass. This is not the case however. I stumbled into the street, and let out a triumphant "ha!" for not falling down, before hearing the sound of a horn and seeing a car coming barreling my way.

I closed my eyes, ready for the impact.

I felt the impact, only not where I thought I would come from, and not nearly with as much force that would have thought would come from a car, but it was still enough to knock me to the ground.

With my eyes still clenched closed, I did a survey of my body. Well, I wasn't feeling any blinding agonizing pain, but that stuff can be delayed. Nothing felt broken, and I couldn't feel the sensation of bleeding.

But I did feel something else. There was a weight on me, and that weight has a pair of strong, warm, arms wrapped around me.

Not wanting to open my eye, fearing that I may see some injury I couldn't feel, I turned to my other senses. I could hear a crowd forming, and people muttering. Someone was calling 911, but then I could hear another man telling them not to call just yet, as I didn't look injured.

Thank God for that. I didn't want to be injured, and I didn't want the embarrassment of an ambulance coming for me.

I could also feel/hear something. It was a breath, from the weight on top of me. It sounded like a man, and he was panting right into my ear. It kind of tickled, and kind of turned me on.

I need to get laid if a breath from a stranger is turning me on.

"Are you alright?" a creamy voice whispered into my ear.

"Yes," I managed to say, but still had my eyes closed.

I felt him shift, and the weight was suddenly off of me; I felt a little lonely without it.

"Here, let me help you up," the sexy voice man said.

I opened my eyes to see a hand. I fallowed that hand up to the arm, then shoulder, neck, and… gulp.

He was gorgeous.

And that is not really a word I use to describe men.

He had blond hair that was slicked back, but managed to do in a hot way, and not in a complete creeper kind of a way. He's features were chiseled, and he had a strong jaw. Hazel/blue eyes stared at me in concern, and I know it's totally inappropriate with him just saving my life and all; but I couldn't help but imagine what he looked like naked under that business suit. He was definitely ripped.

It took me a moment to remember why he was offering me his hand, but then that whole almost getting hit by a car thing popped back into my mind and I took his hand.

"You don't feel like anything is broken?" he asked.

I just shook my head while I continued to stare at this beauty; my mouth slightly hanging open.

He grinned at me, and I think I just came a little.

Finding my voice, I cleared my throat. "You… you saved my life?"

He nodded this time, but he still had that orgasmic grin on his face.

"How… why?" I'm sure I could blame my ability to not form a sentence on almost getting hit by a car, and not because I was staring at this…. Gah! There are no words for him.

"I was standing across the street," he nodded his head in the direction. "And I was watching you." He smiled again.

I felt myself smile back.

"I saw you get knocked into in the street, and I couldn't let the world be deprived of such beauty."

Do people say those kinds of things? I thought that was just in books or in the movies… my kinds of movies.

Oh my. This is it. My movie.

"Thank you," it was barely more then a whisper, but the smile on his face grew.

I skipped into Rose's apartment later that afternoon; the wide smile on my face was enough for Alice and Rose to stop whatever conversation they were in.

Rose's office was very professional, and yet very sensual. The desk was made from a dark wood, and the furniture was burgundy matching the burgundy drapes which are usually pulled aside to let in the sun.

Alice and I loved coming here to hang out with Rose. Rose had become pretty successful, and had her own personal assistant (or personal bitch) who pined over her, but whom Rose never slept with. I didn't feel too bad for Nick. He was a good assistant, and I think he got off of Rose's bitchy nature.

It was a win for everyone.

"What's with the smile?" Rose asked me, with a smile matching my own.

I collapsed into the guest chair with a content sigh, and just beamed at my two friends.

"I was almost hit by a car," I grinned like crazy.

"Oh honey!" Alice jumped up from her chair and wrapped her arms around me. "Bella what happened? Are you all right? Did you go to the hospital? Why didn't you call me?!"

I hugged Alice back, but pushed her away slightly. "The key word here is almost."

"And why are you smiling like when you found out Gerard Butler was single?" Rose studied me.

"I met a guy," I grinned as I thought about the blond haired man. "He saved me actually." I explained to them what happened and by the end of it Alice was jumping in her seat.

"Bella, that is just like a movie!" she cried.

"I know!" I laughed. "He walked me to work, and we talked the whole way. His name is Gabriel, but he goes by Gabe. I call his my own personal angel, not to his face of course, but you guys know what I mean. He is 32, a little older then what I normally go for, but hey it's only 7 years. He works at a law firm! And he is really successful. Oh, and he is really tall, 6'4 I think."

"Did you get his credit record too while you were at it?" Rose asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Fuck you, you're just jealous that I met a hunky, hunky man who is going to take me out to dinner this Saturday!" I started to giggle and do a little happy dance with Alice.

Ever since she met Jasper, she became determined to have both Rose and I as happy as she is.

"Oh Bella this is so amazing!" Alice squealed. "Do you have anything to wear, maybe we should go get you a new date dress for good luck. We should go tomorrow."

"If she wants luck she's just got to get a good dress that shows her boobs," Rose shrugged.

"Alice, we can go shopping, but not tomorrow. Incase someone forgot, it's your three year anniversary with Jasper tomorrow, and he is taking you out for a romantic evening." I smiled.

"Oh right," Alice had a dreamy expression on her face. One thing I loved about Alice, is that you could see the wheels working in her head. People always told me that they could read my face like a book, but you could read Alice's thought process.

"Oh! I forgot to tell you guys something," Alice piped up in an after thought. "Remember how I told you Jasper's cousin is moving to Chicago?"

"Oh yeah," Rose nodded her head. "The guy who wrote a hit commercial song for, what was it? Pepsi?"

"It was for Coke," Alice nodded.

"I thought you said he was a lazy bum?" I asked with a laugh.

"Well, 'bum' is not the right word," Alice scrunched up her nose. "He made a lot of money off of Coke with that stupid jingle, and now he doesn't work. Well every once in a while he'll write something for another commercial, but really he doesn't do much."

"Sounds like catch," I rolled my eyes.

"You both have to be nice," Alice pointed a finger at Rose and I. "As you're both coming to dinner with me and Jasper and his cousin this Friday."

"We don't really have a say?" Rose asked.

I understand her. There have many times where Alice forced us to do things we don't want to. And I have several scars of what happens when we do or don't go along with Alice, either way it's not always safe.

"It's just dinner guys," Alice whined.

"I'm in," I shrugged. How dangerous can dinner really get?

Rose glared at the both of us. "Fine, I'll call Dave to let him know to come over later." Rose reached for her blackberry then paused. "Unless Jasper's cousin is hot."

"Rose, you are not allowed to sleep with family," Alice frowned.

"Fine," she sighed then went on to send a text message.

"What's this guy's name?" I asked. "If I'm going to be lying about 'all the great things I've heard about' I should at least know his name."

"Edward," Alice nodded with a pout. "I really wanted to go shopping."

"On Friday before dinner, we'll go shopping, I swear!" I grabbed my purse. "Sorry to cut this short, but I have some Facebook stalking to do."

Gabe and I had exchanged information, and I had found him on Facebook with a picture of him smiling at something that I couldn't see. He had pictures of his younger sister, and older brother, mom, dad, a dog. There was even a picture of him holding his baby niece, and he looked like a natural holding her.

He read the same books as me, listened to the same music, and… ok, not the same movies. Gabe seemed to be into foreign films, but that's cool. He was very intellectual, and everything I could have asked for.

I didn't ask to be his friend on Facebook that night; I may be desperate, but I didn't want to look it.

So it was perfectly ok that I was sitting on my couch staring at my cell instead of the TV, willing him to call me.

It would have been too go to be true. A guy who calls you the same day he gets your number. Fucking three-day rule.

I was muttering to myself about my hatred for three-day rules while I was trying to get my oversized t-shirt that I used as a pj over my head when I heard my cell. And being the dumb-ass that I am, I left it back in the living room.

"It's Gabe!" I cried out to no one in particular and started to run with the shirt still over my head and tangled with my arms.

See, I get pushed into oncoming traffic, and I manage to not fall; I run threw my apartment to answer my cell where the sexiest man I've ever seen is potentially calling, and I fall… just a foot away from the couch where my cell sat mocking me.

With a frantic jump I grabbed my cell, and answered.

"Hello," I panted.

"Hello Bella? It's Gabe," responded sex on legs.

"Hey," my breath was still heavy and I was trying desperately to calm it down.

"Are you alright?" asked Gabe. "You sound…"

"Oh, I was working out." Good one Bella, I thought to myself. It shows that you weren't waiting for his phone call, and that you're athletic.

"I'm sorry," he sounded truly apologetic. "I'll call you another time."

"No," I said too quickly. "I mean, I just stopped working out and… have time. How are you doing?"

"That's just what I was going to ask you?" he chuckled. "You were the one who almost got hit by a car today."

"You see I got lucky there," I put on my flirty girl voice. "A very handsome man came and rescued me."

"Really? Sounds like a good guy," he played along.

"A very good guy," I smiled. "He even asked me out."

"Well then," his voice was rich and low. "I should count my losses, because I was planning to take you out."

We spoke for a few more minutes, nothing too serious, just some playful conversation.

He saved my life, he asked me out, he called me on the same day he got my number, and he was checking up on me? 

Ladies and gentlemen, I believe I just found Mr. Right!

My good mood was intact all through Thursday. Gabe text messaged me a few times, and I Googled him. Interesting… he helped with a really big law case I read about last year.

Alice canceled our shopping trip, and I decided to go on without her. Good thing too, I found a bunch of really hot dresses, and the prefect dress to wear for the date tomorrow night.

The dress I was wearing tonight is one of my new favorites. It was a little more on the sexy side, and Rose told me that I should wear a boob shirt for the date, so I probably should have saved it for tomorrow, but I really wanted to wear it.

The top part of the dress was a halter with small black and white stripes, where the fabric was bunched up between my cleavage. The dress was an empire waist, and the black material was skintight and showed the curve of my hips like Lombard Street in San Francisco.

As I got out of the taxi I started regretting not having bought the boob tape to keep my dress in place. I wasn't even wearing a bra. Well, it's nothing Alice and Rose haven't seen before, and even Jasper did see me naked that one time when he walked into my room. I still gave him crap for that, although I didn't really care. It was just funny seeing him apologize to Alice and not be able to look me in the eye for the rest of the night.

The only one who hasn't seen the twins was Jasper's cousin. Well, hopefully we'll keep it that way, and if there's an accident, I'll just count that as his 'welcome to Chicago' gift.

Alice had text me earlier, saying that we're going to Spiaggia, a nice restaurant with over priced food. But the chef is pretty popular, so I'll eat.

Looking at my cell I see that I'm 15 minutes early. Rose was always ten minuets late in a social outing, and Alice couldn't be early to save her life. With a sigh, I decided to stay outside and enjoy the slight chill in the air.

There weren't many people outside. (Come on people, winter is going to be a bigger bitch. Suck it up, and just enjoy it!)

I felt a breeze in a place I shouldn't feel. Looking down I saw my left boob hanging out.

With a quick sidestep, I dogged into the slight ally at the side of the building where it seemed to be deserted.

Fucking dress. It's so freaking cute, but I really should have just bought the boob tape.

I cupped my breast, and started fiddling with the dress, trying to see if there was some marital that could help me out here. I tried a few attempts of a few weird tucking the boob into the actual dress, but it wasn't working out.

I let out a sigh, well I was just going to have to make sure my boobs don't try to make a guest appearance.

With my hand still cupping myself, I heard a chuckle. My head snapped up.

There standing at the entrance of the ally was a man standing in the shadows leaning on the wall.

"Well, I guess it's a dinner and a show." He let out another laugh. "Or in this case, a show then a dinner."

I turned my back to him, and tucked my boob back into the dress. Embarrassment and anger waged a war inside of me. Anger won out.

"What the hell do you think you're doing there?" I turned back towards him and placed my hands on my hips.

The stranger laughed again, and it pissed me off how nice his laugh sounded. "Whoa there Pam Anderson," I could manage to see his crooked smile through the shadows. Oh great; a guy who laughs at his own joke. Plus, I'm nowhere near her size. They weren't small; I always thought they were respectable.

The pervert brought me out of my mental ramble.

"Anyways, you were the one out here molesting yourself in a public place." He shrugged as if that was a perfectly good reason to just stand there and stare at me.

"You're disgusting," I spat. "I was trying to fix my dress."

"So that's what you were doing?" he leans back into the brick wall.

"What did you think I was doing?" I threw a hand up. "You know what? Never mind, I don't want to know. Just go."

"Well I can't just leave," he paused, and I saw him smirk. "At least not without tucking a few ones onto your dress."

I let out a frustrated breath. "Are you seriously calling me a striper? Fuck you. You could have coughed earlier so I wouldn't have been flashing you."

"Now why would I have done that?" he took a step forward, but was still in the shadows.

"You are such a pig," I huffed.

"And you are an exhibitionist."

"I'm done here."

"I thought we were just getting started."

I didn't realize, but we were taking steps closer to each other. He took one last step and I felt like the part in Beauty and the Beast, where the Beast stepped out of the shadows and revealed how horrible he really is. Well, I wish I could be so lucky.

The jackass was good looking, more then good looking; he was down right sexy. He had this dark brown hair, but when he stepped into the light it almost looked copper. His face was masculine and strong and his stupid fuck smirk seamed to make his features all the more appealing.


"I'm late," I whispered; suddenly uncomfortable with how close we were.

"Well," he also whispered. "Maybe you should take a pregnancy test."

That broke the silence spell. "You dip-shit! I meant for dinner. I'm late for dinner." I took a few steps back, held on to my black clutch purse. "Goodnight, and I hope that I never see you again."

"Well, that's understandable. Don't worry, I wont take it personally." He shrugged casually.

"No, actually I mean it completely personally," I started to walk off to the entrance of the restaurant. "You are a complete asshole."

"We'll always have Chicago!" he called out, and then laughed at his own joke.

How dare he semi quote my favorite move?! And now whenever I see Casa Blanca, I'll think about the time I was caught in an ally fondling my boob.

But really, he should have made his presence known earlier and not have watched me the entire time - oh, and then to go on and make fun of me like that?!

If there was ever a person I never wanted to see again. It would be him.

I realized that my little… exchange, had taken up more time then I thought. Alice, Jasper, and Rose were already sitting at the table. Jasper had to lean down to hug like always. He was a tall Texas boy who had just above shoulder length hair, and always a pleasant smile on his face. He was a good guy; quiet and completely whipped, but a good guy.

I gave everyone their hug, and a kiss on the cheek and sat down with a big sigh.

"You guys will not believe what just happened," I shook my head. "It was the worst/most embarrassing thing that ever happened to me."

"Oh wait, hold that thought," Alice jumped to her feet. "There's Jasper cousin. Edward! We're right here!"

We all stood up so we could properly greet this Edward person. I was fiddling with my dress, making sure not to have a repeat wardrobe malfunction; I looked up and felt my heart drop and my face burn red.

"Pam!" The stupid, pervert, jerk from the ally opened his arms and wrapped me in a hug. "How are the twins?" he asked quietly in my ear. "I heard one of them got out."

I pulled away from him.

Great, now everyone here has seen my boobs.

Fucking dress!

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