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Chap 4- Fallowing the Rules

Bella POV:

There are rules to life. Rules that makes everyday life possible. Like don't steal, don't hurt babies, don't touch the paintings in the museums. Rules are what makes the world go round. Now don't get me wrong, I like to break rules; like double dipping and sex in public places, but over all it's good to have the rules be fallowed.

Alice was fallowing the rules I had set for her when planning her wedding. She gave me the colors she wanted; a darker shade of yellow and a more rust color red. It would work out perfectly with her theme and I was grateful for that. Jasper had fallowed her rules and had written a list of names he wanted to invite. He was trying to stay with a medium size wedding. But I explained to them that successful weddings only came in two sizes, big or small. The general rule for weddings is that whomever you don't invite, will not be your friend afterwards and will bring stress to that relationship. The only way you can get away with that is by having a small, intimate wedding.

Once I told them this, their list doubled. They even invited the guy at Starbucks who always helped them when they would have their morning coffee. They wouldn't listen to me when I told them they went overboard, but at least they had everyone covered.

Edward was not fallowing the rules. Since meeting Alice at the brunch place, I went straight to work with trying to find a place that she might like to have the wedding. I hadn't told him this, but Edward and I would have to travel to these places and most likely stay for a night or two. I had tried to reason with myself that I don't need him there with me, but once I started listing the things I needed to ask and do, I concluded that the bastard would need to come with me. I'll start calling the hotels now to make sure we get separate rooms… on the complete opposite side of the hotel from each other.

I had told Edward that he needed to do some fallow up research on the places I had come up with. I needed to know who owned the land and what kind of history it had; because really who wants to get married at place that's owned by a former sex offender and had a brutal murder there?

But Edward had to be Dick again and did the research on the town's history on prostitution, it's time during the prohibition, and what kind of bars and strip clubs the town had. When I started to bitch him out about his research he just shushed me.

"Calm down there Pammy," he lowered his voice in 'calming' way. "I found clubs where the dudes strip, just for you."

I threw his 'research' file in his face.

Rose was another rule follower, dealing with a rule breaker. It happened about a week ago.

Alice was over at my place looking over every wedding magazine she had bought. There were ripped pages scattered all over the floor with figures in white. I was sitting on the floor, leaning against the couch with my laptop in hand. Alice was sitting cross-legged on my couch with magazines opened all around her. She had her short hair pinned back and her glasses perched on the bridge of her nose.

"I think I like these flowers," Alice said for the fifteenth time this afternoon. "I know I said I didn't want to go with roses, but these have only a couple roses in them."

"Alice," I sighed. "Flowers are usually one of the most expensive part of the wedding. You have to either really love your flowers and spend most of you money on that, or you can spend your money else ware and get what you just like."

I stretched my arms and legs out. It felt good after being bunched up for a couple of hours. "Speaking of roses, where is our Rose?"

Alice reached over for her cell phone. "She text that she was going to be here in 20 minuets, that was 15 minuets ago."

Right then the door slammed open. I had given Rose and Alice a key to my apartment ages ago, so I was use to these visits without a knock on the door.

"Hey!" I yelled out. "Watch the wall when you open the door like that!"

Rose strutted into the living room with a big ass smile on her face.

"Look at that Alice," I nudged her as she sat up on the couch. "I haven't seen a smile on her since…."

"I don't know," Alice picked up my sentence while trying not to giggle. "A day after finals our junior year, when she could finally nail her biology professor."

"Let's hear it Rose," I patted the seat right above me, since I was still on the floor.

"Move over ladies," Rose sauntered to the couch and gracefully lowered herself on the couch. "Do I have a story to tell you!

One of my clients rescheduled on me last second today, leaving me free to do my own thing for this afternoon. So what other reasonable thing could I have done, other then shopping? Well, there wasn't really anything I liked so I decided to just go take a walk and I ended up in the Zoo. You guys know how much I love those penguins. I was watching my penguins when I felt something tug on my skirt. And it's my Chanel fitted black skirt, so I was really not happy when I looked down and saw this thing looking up at me."

"When you say 'thing' you mean…" Alice trailed off for Rose to finish.

"It was a kid. A kid with dirty little hands and a dirty little face, just staring at me. The kid was cute, but you two know how I am with kids."

I nodded. Rose was not the maternal type. She never babysat when we were growing up, she never fondled over newborns whenever people we knew had just had a kid. Rose did not want to have any kids or be a mother.

"The world is too fucked up of a place to bring another kid into it." Rose would flip her hair and snort whenever we talk about kids. "And I'm too fucked up of a person to be a mom."

"Was it a boy or girl?" I asked.

"What does it matter?" Rose snorted.

I shrugged. "I just want a good visual of this."

She sighed. "It was girl, four or five. Like I said she was a cute little thing. Really pretty mocha skin, and big dark eyes. Happy Bella?"

I nod with a smirk. She kept going.

"So the little girl keeps tugging on my skirt and I didn't want her to stain it, so I kneel down and ask her what's wrong. She smiled then and told me she thought I was pretty and wanted to come over to tell me. Well I've got to admit the kid got me there. I mean, who am I to argue when she's so fucking right?

I looked around to see where the hell her parents are, and to get her to go away. But because my life is fucking awesome, there wasn't a single person around me. I told her we needed to find her parents, but she told me she didn't have any parents. What the hell? She was a freaking orphan! So now I'm thinking that she must have broken out of the orphanage or something and the cops are going to be jumping out at me any second.

Oh!" Rose jumped up as if remembering something. "The kid puts her hand in my hand, and want me to freaking hold her hand!"

"Wow Rose," Alice shook her head. "I know you don't like kids, but that is just ridiculous."

"I don't give a shit if the kid wanted to hold my hand," Rose defended. "Her had was dirty ok? That's how you get sick and crap.

As I was saying… the kid and I are walking hand in hand for a couple of minuets until I heard out a bunch of other kids voices yelling out for Kayla. The little girl pulled my hand and told me that her name was Kayla and that those were her friends that were calling out for.

Believe it or not, I didn't just let her go and ditch her right then and their. I'm better then that." She gave us a pointed look.

Rose continued. "Around the corner comes this hoard of kids, there was at least ten, and some of them were holding onto this big man."

This is where her smiles came back. "It's as if God had put together everything in what I want in a man all in one guy. He is perfect. So tall, taller then me and I was wearing heals. And he has muscles…oh God... he has muscles! Not disgusting body builder, fake muscles because he uses steroids and has a small dick, kind of a muscles."

I laughed. "I didn't know you could tell what kind of dick the guy has based on muscles."

"Come on, steroids equal small dick," Rose rolled her eyes. "And after The Tinny Weenie who got me drunk off of martinis, I'm skilled on this."

Alice and I started laughing hysterically. Right after college Rose found a guy who was built. She thought he was amazing with all the muscles he had, but after the great, or rather horrible disappointing reveal of his dick, Rose bolted from his apartment and right to her computer to do research on steroids. She could practically be a certified expert.

Rose shook her head and kept going. "He's a big guy, and he has the cutest dark, curly brown hair. Oh God, and he is just smoke'n hot! And when he looked over at me holding the kid's hand he had this big smile and he has fucking dimples. Oh God."

"I don't think you've ever said 'Oh God' this many times without having sex," I laughed.

"Seriously," Alice laughed right along with me. "If he's making you say this without even sleeping with you yet, just imagine."

"Normally I would tell you two to go fuck yourselves," Rose glared at us. "But I can't help but wonder the same thing. He hasn't even touched me besides a friendly handshake."

"Oh God," I moaned with a slight pant.

Rose ignored me. "He has big hands too."

"Oh God," Alice let out a slightly louder moan.

"Fuck the two of you," Alice glowered.

"Oh God," Alice and I yelled out together faking an orgasm.

"I hate the two of you," Rose tried to keep glaring at us, but I could tell she was holding down her laughter. "I come over here to tell you about possibly the greatest fuck of my life, and neither of you can take this seriously."

"I'm sorry," I took a deep breath to calm my laughter. "Ok, go on."

"Well," she huffed. "His name is Emmett and we have a date tomorrow."

"Look at you working fast!" Alice cheered. "So what does he do? Why was he there with all the kids."

Rose snorted and rolled her eyes. "You guys are going to love this. He works for the zoo, I don't know the details on that yet, and he volunteers at a children's orphanage. He was taking a group out to the zoo that day."

"Aww," I sighed along with Alice. "That's so sweet!"

"So you gonna fuck him?" I asked Rose with a sly smile.

"I'm gonna fuck him good," Rose answered back with a shit eating grin.

The rules in life would have had Emmett and Rose going at it like rabbits for the rest of the weekend. Only that's not how it went. The rules were not fallowed.

Like the day before, Alice and I were held up in my apartment looking over wedding magazines, only this time it was almost 9 pm. I had finally had Alice narrowed down to five different flowers and she was now deciding which ones she really wanted. Alice was perched on my couch again, only this time I leant my lesson from the day before and was curled up on my recliner.

We had Chinese food littered on my coffee table and even after how much we ate, there was still a bunch of food left.

"So what's the number you and Jasper are looking at for inviting?" I asked Alice without looking away from my laptop. I think I found the perfect place, but its max capacity is 200. I could probably sneak in a few extra 20; there were always guests that didn't show up…

"We're up to 316," she answered.


The door slammed open. "Hey!" I called out. "Watch the wall, will ya?" I sat back down and heard the front door slam shut. "Does that woman ever listen?"

"UGH!" Rose let out a loud shriek and stomped her way into the kitchen.

I looked at Alice. "What?" I mouthed.

"I don't know," she mouthed back.

Rose does not freak out, especially after a date. No matter how bad it gets, she doesn't act like this.

Rose marched into the living room and threw herself onto the couch with a beer in hand. She didn't even care that she was sitting on a pile of Alice's cutouts. But Alice and I knew not to say anything about it.

We waited for a couple of minuets to see if Rose was going to say anything. I finally spoke up when she was half way through her bottle.

"So… how was your date?"

She slammed the bottle on the table with a loud bang.

"It went just fucking great," she growled with sarcasm. "So we meet up at the restaurant, I let him choose the place. I can't remember the name, but it's not really fancy, and not exactly a sports bar either. But whatever, ok the guy is blue collared I respect that. Not that it really matters, I could have skipped the dinner and just jumped into bed with him. But you know I normally like to do a proper date the first night. So I decide to just suck it up and go out with him. He really is a nice guy. I'll fill you in on the details on that later. The date was actually… nice. We talked. But then the dinner is kind of coming to an end, but that's why I plan the dinner so early, so we can just fuck for the rest of the night.

I ask him over to my apartment for a cup of coffee, because it's clear that this guy isn't really the come out there and say it type of guy. He's a little hesitant, but agrees to come over. We talk, again, and actually drink coffee and finally he kisses me. And it's a really sweet kiss."

Rose finally lets out a small smile, but quickly starts frowning again. "And right as things are getting hot and heavy, meaning he doesn't have a shirt on and I'm just in my bra and skirt, he stops."

"What?!" Alice and I both called out.

"I know right?" Rose nods. "But I've had something like that happen before; where the nice guy says that we're moving to fast and I have to let them know I just want the sex. So I explain that to Emmett and he completely pulls away and puts his shirt back on."

"What the hell?" I shook my head. How can a guy say no to Rose?

"So I try to get him to tell me what's wrong and he says that he doesn't have sex."

"WHAT?!" Alice and I shrieked out.

"Yeah, I'm thinking he's castrated, or is actually a woman, or he's a religious freak, but he just shakes his head. He goes on to explain to me that the last relationship he was in, was ruined by sex, like that could happen, and that since then he decided not to have sex until he found the one he wants to spend the rest of his life with."

Alice shook her head. "So how long has he not…"

"Five years," Rose answered.

"Oh my…"

"Yep," Rose took another swig of her beer.

"So what happened?" Alice asked.

"He told me he wants to take me out on another date on Monday, then he left."

"So what are you going to do?" I asked quietly.

"I'm going to fucking break him!" Rose yelled out while lifting her beer.


Rules. You could almost say that just by sticking to our normal actions and personality is fallowing the rules. In that since Edward was fallowing the rules perfectly. He was still an asshole, and in some weird since that was comforting. I had to talk to him more then I would have liked, but we were actually getting some work done with Alice's wedding so at least I could focus on that.

It was on the night before my date with Gabe that Edward broke the rules.

I had this guy pegged. He's self centered, conceited, egotistical, and a complete jackass. That is what I expect from him and that is what he delivers. But no, he just had to break those rules.

We were at a small dinner that I always loved, they knew how to grease up their food just right, and they always put up with my weird orders. I had asked to get one of those ridiculously large, round booths that could fit ten people, and Edward and I had paper relating to the wedding all over the table. We sat on complete opposite sides, but that still didn't stop him from trying to talk to me, or really just trying to rial me up.

We had just finished eating when his cell started to ring. He smiled a different type of smile that I've never seen, and answered.

"Hey babe," his voice was also slightly different. It was softer, lighter.

I couldn't hear what the person said, and I was wondering who it could be that he was talking to. Who was it that made him act differently, almost even nice sounding?

"Nothing much, just eating lunch with Bella and helping with wedding stuff," he looked up at me when he said my name.

"Of course I'm helping," he barked out a laugh. "No, it's been pretty slow. This wedding planning stuff is hard."

He listened to the other person then grimaced. "No, this is not practice…. I already talk to you about that…. Because I don't think marriage is necessary… You already knew this… I really don't want to talk to you about this right now." He glanced up at me and genuinely looked uncomfortable. "Tanya, I really can't talk to you right now… I'm not being evasive…. Fine, I'll call you tonight. Love you, bye."

He hung up and shoved the cell back into his pocket. He didn't look at me and just stared at the paper he was reading before the phone call.

I could tell he wasn't reading it; he was just staring at the paper; probably hoping that I wouldn't say anything.

I could pretty much peace the conversation together myself. He was talking to Tanya, and he seemed almost like a normal boyfriend by not being an ass. He obviously talks to her about his life, otherwise she wouldn't know about me. She must have not have been jealous to hear about me having lunch with Edward, and that made me wonder what he had said about me to make her feel comfortable with us eating together. Not that there was anything for her to be worried about, but it's been my experience that chicks are crazy and easily jealous.

Was she just not easily jealous or did she just not think of me as a threat? In that case, what did Edward say about me? I'm a one hot woman, and any girlfriend should at least be a little concerned about their man spending so much time. Not that I'm going to do anything with Edward, ew no. But still… I really think I'm looking too much into this.

Instead I should look into the fact that is almost sounded as if Edward is not a fan to the idea of getting married. Interesting. Was he determined to be the forever bachelor, or does he have commitment issues?

It didn't look like Edward was going to be breaking this awkward silence any time soon, so I helped it right along.

"So that was the girlfriend?" I asked nonchalantly.

"What gave you that clue? Me calling her babe, saying 'I love you' or uncomfortable talk of marriage?" Edward was irritated, and I was enjoying the fact that he was the pissed off one and not me.

"It could have been your mom," I shrugged.

"I don't call my mom 'babe,'" he snorted.

"I just don't know much about you," I kept prodding. "And all I really have to work with is how much of a jerk you are, so you must have mommy issues. You see it's not really much of a stretch to think you called your mom 'babe.'"

Edward just glared at me, and didn't say anything. He knew what I was doing; the same thing he always does to me. And he also knew if he gave me any ammunition, I would use it against him for the rest of our time together.

"So you don't want to get married…." I trailed off.

Edward let out a painful sounding groan and looked up at me. "No, I don't want to get married. And it has nothing to do with my parents, because they were high school sweethearts who got married right out of high school. They have a perfectly normal, still loving relationship. I just don't want to get married."

I nodded as if I understood what he was saying. "So you just haven't found that… drive, the force to get you to want to marry?"

"Exactly," Edward yelled out in a relived breath.

"So you don't love Tanya?"

"Yes… No!" Edward shook his head. "I love her, there is no doubt about that. I just don't want to marry her."

"Because she doesn't have that drive?"

"You are messing this up. That's not what I said," he growled.

I let out an exaggerated sigh. "I'm just trying to work with what you gave me Edward."

"You are so annoying."

"Pot calling the kettle black," I snickered.

"Well in that case," he straightened up. "How is Blondi doing?"

"Gabe is doing fantastic," I grinned smugly. "We have a date tomorrow night, and he just sent me a text saying how excited he is to see me."

"That's just great," Edward slumped into his chair. I could tell he was annoyed that he didn't have anything to bug me with. "So Blondi is fallowing your precious rules then."


Gabe was fallowing the rules as if he had the official rule sheet right in front of him. He text me everyday, telling me how excited he was, or how much he couldn't wait to see my lovely face again; that's a direct quote right there.

Gabe had all the right moves, and really is Mr. Perfect. He said he wanted to take me to dinner, then dancing. I immediately thought we were going to a club or something, and was picking out my tightest, lowest jeans when he told me the name of the place. This was actual dancing; without the rubbing up and down each other. I was a little disappointed when I heard this, but I figured it would be fun to try something new.

Now put me in a dark nightclub, and I could out dance anyone. I could grind, I could sway, I could dip; I could do it all. But put me in a slightly fancy room where you have one hand on his shoulder, while he held your hip and you both clasped your other hands together… well, someone could potentially get hurt.

Part of the reason why I liked the club so much was because there really wasn't any foot movement. It's all on your body and how you can make it move. This would be us going in circles, and me not knowing what the hell I was doing.

But all worries ceased when Gabe came to pick me up. (I had given him my address, and felt like I could trust him not be a crazy, stalker guy.) Anyways, Gabe showed up with fitted black slakes, nice button up baby blue shirt, and looking hot as ever. He had a bouquet of red roses, and gave me a swift kiss on my cheek.

Tonight I would kiss him for real, so help me…

"You look even more beautiful then I remember," Gabe surveyed me and I felt like I should do a twirl just so he could check out my ass too.

I was wearing a red strapless cocktail dress that flowed out at the end giving it a Spanish flair. My hair was curled and bunched to the right side of my neck, like a low side pony tale, but a there was a matching large, red clip on flower to continue with the Spanish theme.

We walked down to the sidewalk where three cars were presented. The first, the one I was hoping was his, was a green convertible BMW. The second was a bright red hummer. The third, was a silver Volvo. Please God, do not let his car be the Volvo.

I fallowed Gabe to the… Volvo! What the Fuck? Is he a soccer mom or something? Who the hell drives a Volvo? Well if he had to have a flaw somewhere I would rather it be the gay little car.

We got into the car and Gabe took my hand and gave me a tentative look. I wanted to tell him that he could through me on the hood of this car without asking, but I thought that it might be a little haste.

"I hope you don't mind classical," Gabe nodded his head towards his Ipod connected to the sound system.

"No I love classical," I paused to listen. "Chopin is amazing."

"You listen to Chopin?" he gave me such a hopeful look that I felt like I had to say yes, and I did say yes.

Yes, was sort of the truth. Alice, being the library whore she is, was also obsessed with classical music. She always listened to it when she would study in high school. Sure I bitched and moaned the whole way through, but technically I did listen. I don't have anything against classical music, but I can only listen to that stuff for so long.

Once we got to dinner we talked about his mom, who was going into surgery in a week or so. He told me that his dad died when Gabe was 23, I told him I was sorry for his loss. And if you want to have sex right here right now, to make it all better, then I'm gamed.

We didn't talk much about him. Gabe quickly turned it around and asked me to talk more about myself. I gave him the Cliff Notes version, because I really didn't want to bring dinner down with my sob story. But the topic quickly hopped to Alice's wedding, and I explained how I was planning it for her.

"That is an immense honor," Gabe noted.

I nodded. "It really is, but the thing that takes away from it is Jasper's cousin. His name is Edward and he is a complete douche bag. He told Jasper he want to help with the wedding too, but really all he does is cause me more trouble."

Gabe frowned and leaned closer. "Then you should tell Alice about this, if he is really that bad you shouldn't have to deal with him."

"She knows how much I don't like him, but it means a lot to Jasper." I rolled my eyes. "I'll just be relieved when this wedding is done."

Gabe reached over and grabbed my hand, making small circles with his thumb on my wrist. "You are an incredible friend to be doing this for her."

And that is how I creamed myself, or at least pretty close to creaming myself. This man is amazing. He was able to look me in the eye, say something as perfect as that with honesty behind his voice, all the while never letting go of my hand.

Oh I wanted to jump him.

But I had to wait. One reason being we were still in a public place, and voyeurism isn't really a second date thing. The second reason being that we still had to go dancing, and I was up to any reason to have my body closer to his.

We had to go back to the Volvo, and I cringed a little when I saw it. Such a stupid car for such a great man. Oh well, if he keeps looking at me like that, then I'll be able to put up with the car.

On the drive to the dance place, or where ever the hell we're going, the conversation began lull. I'm not one who needs to fill the silence with noise, but that's only after I've known the person for while- meaning years. You have to really know a person in order to sit in silence with one another. I do not know Gabe, despite all my Facebook stalking.

Finally Gabe spoke. "You know it's really amazing that we can be in such a comfortable silence together like this," he grinned over at me, and just like everything else from this evening, I could tell he really meant it. If only I could.

Instead I lied. "Oh yeah," I nodded my head. "It's amazing."

And we went back to our one sided comfortable silence.

I didn't have to suffer too much longer though, he pulled up to a ritzy looking place that had dressed up men and woman going in. We headed on in and there were tables all along the dance floor. Gabe explained that we could have eaten here, but he really wanted to take me to the other restaurant. Instead we ordered a few drinks and I took in the crowed.

This was definitely not what I'm use to. First off all of the woman were wearing nice dresses and not the skintight, barely there material that it normally seen at a club. The men were also done up, wearing nice suits and had their hair done. The music was provided by a live band and played the kind of music Charlie listens to. Don't get me wrong, I like the oldies just a much as the next person, but how the hell can you dance to this?

Gabe could since my hesitation and asked me what was wrong. It took a little convincing, but he finally got me to talk.

"I'm just a little nervous," I explained feeling like an idiot. "I'm worried I'm not good… at this type of dancing."

Gabe smiled gently at me and took my hand. "I'll help you, but if you want to leave please let me know."

"No," I smiled back at him. "I want to be here."

It was one of those meaningful moments that I always see in my movies. Moments where the two main couple look into each other's eyes and have a… well a moment.

After a drink, Gabe grabbed my hand and pulled me onto the dance floor. I hardly knew what to do with my hands, but Gabe grabbed my right hand with his left, and placed his right hand right on my hip. I've seen enough movies to know that my other hand went on his shoulder. I was so distracted with the feel of his hand on my hip, that I was stunned when he started pulling me along the dance floor.

I stepped on his foot a couple of times and I could have died from embarrassment. It took almost everything I had not to start cursing up a storm when I step on his foot a third time. But Gabe being perfect, cupped my chin and kissed my forehead. What I really wanted him to kiss was a little lower, and then way lower.

Around the third song I was getting the hang of this not dancing like a slut thing. By the fifth song, I was really having fun. Gabe was an amazing dancer and guided me like a pro. It was surprising seeing this tall, muscular man dance as well as he did. When we went to take a brake I asked him where he learned how to dance like that.

"My mother put me in ball room dance lessons when I was 10," Gabe grinned at the memory. "I was growing really tall, really fast and I didn't have much control of my limbs. So my mother put me in ballroom dance classes so I could learn how to control my arms and legs. I actually became good at it, and it made my mom happy so I went to a few other classes like salsa and waltz."

"That's amazing." This guy was amazing! He took classes because his mom said so he could make her happy. He's loving and caring too!

Without my consent, my body forced out a yawn. I tried to hide it, but Gabe saw.

"Tired?" he asked with his charming fuck-me-now smile.

"No, I'm fine. I'm…" yawn again.

Gabe stood up and placed way too much money on the table. (He's a good tipper too!) "Come on."

On the way back to my apartment we talked about the band, the music, the other dancers and couples. I was just thankful that it wasn't quite again.

Although this kind of dancing and going out was nice, it really isn't my cup of tea. But it seems like Gabe grew up around this kind of thing, and if I wanted this to keep going in the direction I wanted, then I needed to fake it just a little. A little white lie, and I wasn't even lying really. I mean, I did have a good time.

Hand in hand, Gabe walked me into the building, up the elevator, and down the hall to my door. This was it. This was going to be the first kiss.

I did the typical girl delays; halfheartedly look for my keys, dangle my keys, and look him in the eyes.

"Bella," Gabe sighed my name gently. He reached up and with two fingers brushed along my cheek. I had a much better idea of what those two fingers could be doing, but I didn't want to ruin the moment by saying anything.

I was leaning up against the door so when he took a step closer to me, it felt like Gabe was all around me and I didn't want it any other way.

"This night was," Gabe reached up and continued to stroke my cheek.

"Amazing," I finished for him.

He finally leaned down and pressed him lips onto mine. Oh his lips were soft, and so freaking smooth that I wondered if he used Chap Stick often. This kiss was too PG for my taste so I decided to take it up a notch by "gasping" a little, leaving my mouth open. His tongue lined my lips then finally entered my mouth. He was being respectful. He wasn't pushing me up against the door, he wasn't sucking on my lip, he was respectful. But he was a good kisser. It was enough to have me gasping when we finally pulled apart and he rested his forehead on mine.

"You are the most beautiful creature that have ever graced my tired eyes," he whispered.

I wasn't sure if I wanted to laugh, or to be a little freaked out by what he had just said. I swallowed my minor panic and smiled up at Gabe; hoping that he would just leaned down and kissed me again, maybe a little harder this time. That kiss really was amazing, but it was missing something. I looked at Gabe with hooded eyes, willing him, allowing him grab my arms without worrying he will bruise me, to kiss me without the polite lips and tongue, I want him to thrust into me without shame and only pure desire.

Before I could invite him in, Gabe reached down and gave me a soft kiss on my lips; barely enough to get me worked up again.

"I'll call you tomorrow Beautiful Bella." He brushed my cheeks one last time before walking off.

After watching his fine ass make the final turn down the hall, I unlocked my door and slammed it shut.

First thing's first; go relieve my frustration with my favorite vibrator, the rabbit. Then when my voice is steady, and my fingers stop shaking, I'm calling Alice and Rose. Who the hell calls someone a "beautiful creature"? I'm not a fucking horse. I need to talk it out with the girls.

I stripped down to my bra and underwear, and reached for Mr. Rabbit when I saw the missed call on my cell. I called my answering machine as I pulled out a new set of batteries.

"You have… one new voice message." The mechanical voice woman finished.

"Hey Pam." I groaned and shook my head as I kept putting in the new batteries. "It's your own personal Dick." I heard him snicker and I slammed the batteries shut. "I've been doing some wedding research…"

"Oh that's a shock," I mumbled to myself.

"I know," Edward's voicemail continued. "It's a shock."

I frowned.

"But I've been doing research and I think I found a good place. It's a bit further south then what you were asking for, but this is the only place that doesn't have some rapist/ cult/ random gang violence thing going on. Small towns are pretty fucked up, you know?"

"You're telling me…" I sighed. Whenever I had to deal with a wedding in a small town, I always had to do my research. And as Edward had put it; they are fucked up.

"Anyways," Edward's message kept going. "It's the best I could find, so please save your bitching."

I rolled my eyes.

"And get out all of your eye rolling now, because you do it way too much and it's starting to get annoying."

I froze. It was only a luck guess.

"So ya, call me tomorrow so I can give the info. Hope your date was fun, and please don't ware out whatever vibrator you are about to use. It's not healthy."

"To erase, please press…"

I turned off my cell and threw Mr. Rabbit back into the drawer. It was a lucky guess. They were all just a lucky guess.

I wasn't turned on anymore.

SO Gabe drives a Volvo, I know that's Edward's car, but I want Gabe to be the "Edward" the unrealistic guy who girls may drool over, but really that relationship wouldn't really work. So does anyone else have suggestions for Edwardisms? The "beautiful creature" is an Edwardism. I'd love to hear from ya'll.

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