Authors note: Hello everyone! Just wanted to let you now in this Uninvited fanfic, Anna actually never had a sister, but her mother is still dead; though the fire actually was an accident. Anna has also been back from the mental hospital for a month.

'Anna?' Stephen Ivers questioned his daughter. 'Rachel and I have to talk to you.' He said joining Rachel on the sofa. Anna made a confused face and sat on the chair farthest away from them. 'We have some good news, Anna.' Rachel piped up with a smile on her evil face. 'What is it?' Anna said unenthusiastically. 'Were getting married.' Anna didn't say anything, she just looked shocked. So he continued. 'It's going to be on October first.'

He said looking at Anna for a response. 'And you call that GOOD news?!' Anna said storming out of the room and up the stairs to her room.

She ran into her room, forgetting to shut the door. Anna sank onto the floor, crying.

Before even a few minutes in her room, Rachel came up. She stood in the doorway. 'Anna.' She said gently. Anna just stood up and walked into her bathroom, slamming the door. Rachel walked over to the door; Anna could see her through the blurred glass.

'Anna? Please let me in so we can talk. I don't want this to be a bad thing for you.'

Rachel told her.

'Rachel, please go away.'

'Anna, I know you're said about what happened to your mom.'

'Yes! I am! Oh, by the way, I know about the affair you and my dad were having before my mom died!'

Rachel was taken aback. 'Anna, remember what I told you about, how we all have things in our past that were ashamed of? And that sometimes it's best to just let go?'

'Well, whatever. I don't care.'

'I don't want to be the evil stepmother, Anna. I want to be the nice one who you can talk to.'

'I will never talk to you about my problems, Rachel! You're not my mother!'

'I'm not trying to take the place of you're mom, Anna. I think you're mom would be happy that there was another woman looking after you, especially someone she trusts.'

'Who said my mother ever trusted you?'

'Well, I was her nurse, Anna.'

'Rachel I don't want to talk to you right now. Leave me alone.'

'Okay, Anna. Will you come down for dinner tonight?'

'Definitely not.'

'Well, I'll come up anyways to ask you.'

'It will be wastes of you're time.'

'I'll see you later, Anna.' She said gently then left.

Rachel walked downstairs. 'How did that go?' Stephen said putting his arm around his new fiancée. 'Not well. I have a feeling this will be hard.' Rachel said.

At around six, Rachel knocked on Anna's door. When she didn't hear her voice, she walked in and found Anna asleep on her bed. There was a Kleenex box under Anna's arm, and a mound of tissues surrounding her. Rachel got rid of them quietly then left.