It was a sunny day in late august. Anna was sitting in the pews of a church. All around her were friends, family, and her father and Rachel's friends. She was wearing a dress, she didn't know why. She looked up, her father was wearing a suit, and he was standing at the front of the church. Why was he there? Then Anna heard the wedding march. She looked questioningly at her father. She looked down the aisle and guess who was walking down it? Rachel.

Anna woke up in her bed. Her heart was pounding. 'Thank god. Thank god. It was just a dream, Anna. Everything is alright.' She thought to herself. But no. everything wasn't alright. The nightmare she just had was going to be a reality! Just then Rachel walked in.

'Anna, sweetie, your awake! I was just coming up to check on you. How are you feeling?' Rachel said sweetly. 'I just went back to hell, how do you think I'm feeling.' Anna asked. 'Its not hell, they just want to help you.' Rachel said sitting beside Anna on her bed. 'Can we talk, Anna? I think we should. Without fighting.' Rachel asked. 'Fine.' Anna mumbled. 'Alright, so I know you're mad about me marrying your father. And I know you know that your father and I were having an affair. And I'm sorry about that. But I love your dad. And even if you don't think he loves you, he does.' Rachel said. 'he clearly doesn't love me, because if he did, he wouldn't have cheated on my mom. I cant believe he could be so shallow to do that. Cheat on his sick and dying wife? And you knew that too Rachel. So you are just as bad as he is.' Anna said. 'he does love you. When you were away, he was so sad, and he wanted you back. He missed you.' Rachel said. 'No, he didn't really miss me. He just wanted me back so you two could get married and start some kind of god damn family. That is never going to happen, I don't understand why I couldn't have just died in the fire with my mom, and not have had to deal with this shit.' Anna said, he voice shaky. 'Do you really think that? Anna, I don't want to be your mother. I want to look after you. I know I cant replace her.' Rachel said, standing. 'I'm going to get your father. He wants to see you, sweetie. If there's anything you need at all, let me know.' She said leaving.

When she left, Anna didn't know what to think. Rachel tried so hard to be nice, Anna did not want Rachel to be her step mother. How could her dad do this to her? She didn't know, but she was going to just stop talking to them completely.

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