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Here's chapter 5 and the final part of the Arrival Day- there are supposed to be 7 full days on this cruise.


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~Arrival Day- Part 4~

Alex's Point of View

"ALEX!" Justin burst into my cabin that I was supposed to share with Max, with a blond fat guy and a tall black guy behind him.

"What?" I asked, through a mouthful of pizza, that I had gotten from my fourth trip to the pizza bar. I was touching up my makeup in my mirror, just a tad, for a date Justin set me up with.

"Nico, Grady, some privacy, please?" He told the guys behind him.

"Oh, sure, man, no problem," Oh my... these were Nico and Grady from that idiot show So Random? Gross... I hate that show. Nico and Grady just act like idiots on the show, the Blond girl, Tawni, isn't funny- at all, Zora is barely in any of their sketches, and the only one worth watching is the new girl- Sonny, and she's got that giant thousand-watt smile that could blind you. Heh, at least it's better than Mack Falls, with that stupid Chad Dylan Cooper who's only still on the show because the show is named after his character. Who the hell does he think he is? The guy can't act for his life.

"Alex, I need your spell book," Justin breathed, closing and locking the door behind Nico and Grady.

"Why? where's yours?" I asked, crossing my arms in front of me, showing him I was serious.

"Grady threw it overboard by accident," he winced, probably at the memory.

I sighed and ruffled through my suitcase before I found it. "Okay, why do you need the spell book, though?" I inquired, tossing it to him.

"I need to make myself dumb, like, forget all the smart things I know," He told me, flipping the pages until he came across a spell.

"You sure about this?" I asked. Justin wasn't usually one to do things, especially when they're concerning magic, without thinking it through- being careless was my thing.

"Intelligicus Disappearicus!" He recited, doing some finger movements with it. (Sorry about the lack of originality- couldn't think of a better name for a spell that gets rid of smartness o_O)

"Justin? Hellooo? Justin?" I waved my hand in front of his face.

"Sister. Alex. Smell Good," he babbled, like a two year old, and started drooling over the pizza on the table.

"HUNGRY!" he growled, lunging at the pizza and eating it... without using his hands...

"Oh, god, Justin," I clapped my hand to my forehead in disgust. I looked at the clock... 7:10. He was late for his date with that Tawni Hart from So Random.

Somebody knocked on the door, and I got up and unlocked it.

"Hey, you must be Alex- I'm Isaac," the Mackenzie Falls actor smiled, flipping his hair and stepping into my room, closing the door behind him.

"Well, Isaac, how about for our date, we go spy on my brother's date?" I suggested, whipping out my camera phone.

"DOOR DOOR DOOR!" Justin screeched, running around the room, when another knock at our door was heard.

I opened the door, and who else to show up but Miss Hart herself? "Justin, you're late picking me up! Nico and Grady told me where to find you..." She whined... and why was she dressed like a business woman? Isn't she supposed to be like, the girliest of the girls?

"Pretttyyy," Justin threw himself at the blonde.

"Oh, Justin, you're such an animal," Tawni grinned and looped her arm through his. "I'm so excited for our date! Are we going to the Neptune restaurant, for dinner, first, or the aquarium first?" she asked him.

"FOOD!" Justin grunted, running with Tawni over in the direction of the restaurant.

"Hm... that might not be such a bad idea for our date," Isaac nodded, watching loony Justin and pretending to be smart-Hart.

Isaac and I dashed out of the room after them, with my camera-phone- this date was going to be VERY interesting... and who said I couldn't capture it on film for future use? *cough* blackmail *cough*

Chad's Point of View

"So... um, thanks for playing for me, tonight," Sonny smiled, putting away her music.

"Yeah, yeah, but don't get used to it," I smirked, making Sonny roll her eyes in annoyance. Hey, I've got an image to keep up, you know? If people found out that Hollywood's Bad Boy has gone soft, well, you might as well give me a puppy to rescue and call me a hero!

Sonny and I walked out from behind backstage, out to the front, to find Hannah and Lola-what's her name there, waiting for us.

"Hey, Sonny, um, I just wanted to say, I'm sorry," Hannah put her head down in defeat.

"Sorry? For what?" Sonny asked, obviously confused.

Just then, the little random from So Random came up behind Hannah on rollerskates. "Eeeevilll..." She sneered, before skating away.

"Ignoring that comment," Hannah began, "Well, I'm sorry for trying to come between you and Chad- you two should be happy together," She smiled.

I stared at Sonny, wide-eyed. I had completely forgotten about fake-dating. "It's totally fine, Hannah," Sonny smiled, hugging her and Lola in some kind of girl- group hug.

"So anyway, I was wondering if you guys wanted to go out for dinner with us? Lola and I found some dates, earlier, and I don't know, it'd just be a fun way to hang out!" Hannah suggested, motioning over to Skyler and Devon who were winking at them. Hannah and Lola going out with Skyler and Devon? Hm... weird. (A/N: Remember, at this time, Lilly/Lola isn't going out with Oliver)

"Chad, dude, you're going out with Sonny? Man, why didn't you tell us?" Skyler pouted, like a seven year old. I groaned... it hadn't occured to me to tell Skyler that I was Fake Dating Munroe over here.

"Yeah, Man, we're your best friends- I thought we told each other everything," Devon grumbled, with an angered expression.

"Okay, truth is, Chad and I are fake dating," Sonny told them, looking down.

"You are?" Hannah asked. "Well, why? for publicity? I dated Austin Raine for publicity once- it didn't work out, but I understand if-"

"It's because Chad thinks you're clingy," Sonny blurted out, before mouthing me a 'sorry'.

"Clingy? Chad, the last time I saw you, was 3 years ago, on Mackenzie Falls, when I guest starred. I was fourteen, okay? And so were you... you were probably just weirded out by girls. And, now that I've met Skyler," She looked over at Skyler with stupid wide goo-goo eyes. "I'm not going to act like some obsessed fangirl around you- I would have understood if you said you wanted me to leave you alone- I mean, I'm not evil!" Hannah chuckled at her own little joke, before smiling again.

"Thanks, Hannah," Sonny grinned.

"Oookayy, now enough with the sappy talk- who's ready to eat?" Lola jumped up and down, with enthusiasm. "I'm ready for some CHOW!" She yelled, excitedly.

"Wanna switch dates?" Devon whispered to Skyler, while Lola was acting all weird.

Skyler looked at Hannah, who was now leaning on him, a dreamy expression on her face. "No Way," he mouthed to him, smirking.

We got to the Neptune restaurant, which was located above the aquarium, and I groaned. Who else would be sitting at the table across from us but Joe Mucus and that Blonde chick... Bella? Stella, was it? They immediately noticed us, and walked up to us, smiling.

"Did we say you could join?" I spat, frowning.

"No, but we don't mind, do we?" Sonny gave Joe and Stella an encouraging smile and motioned for them to sit.

A few seconds later, four other people, Isaac, his un-famous roommate, Justin Musso or something, Blondie from So Random, and a black-haired girl walked in, and pulled up four seats to our table. Justin sitting next to Sonny, Tawni next to Justin, Isaac next to Tawni, and the other girl, who I assumed was Isaac's date, sat next to Issac.

WELL, this was getting to be a little crowded...

After we ordered, the waiter came by to our table with some breadsticks and sauce, before taking our menus.

"SAUCE!" Justin screeched, grabbing the little bowls of sauce and gulping them down.

"Well, he seems to have a very... er... active appetite," Hannah commented.

"Yeah, well that's my brother for you- always hungry," the black-haired girl clapped her hand to her forehead, in frustration, still filming Justin through her cell phone.

"I'm sorry, and you are?" I asked the girl.

"Oh, this is my date- Alex Russo- Justin's younger sister," Isaac cut in, while 'Alex' was filming her brother scarfing down the breadsticks.

Justin scooted closer to Sonny and sniffed her. Sniffing her? What the heck? "Yummy Hair, Smell Good," He stated, playing with her hair. Sonny scooted a bit closer to me, gripping on to my sleeve, a bit.

"Um, thanks- it's my conditioner- Apple Blossom," Sonny explained, staring while he sniffed her hair. He put her hair in his mouth, and Sonny pulled away, falling on me.

"Sorry..." She whispered, getting off me, a few seconds later.

"Don't be," I smiled, letting her lean on me.

The waiter returned with our food, a few minutes later. Everyone ordered spaghetti, and there was one plate for every couple... which was a little awkward for me and Sonny, since we were the only two that weren't, actually a couple.

"NOODLES!" Justin grinned, running his hands through the plate of noodles that he shared with Blondie. Everyone stared in horror, mid fork-ful, at his behavior.

"Worst. Date. Ever," Blondie rubbed her temples, in frustration.

Justin played with his noodles by himself, and didn't bother us, much to our relief. Sonny and I cautiously dug our forks into our Spaghetti, afraid of when he would spaz again.

Once, Sonny and I ended up with the same noodle, and everyone at the table grinned. Blushing, we spit it out, and Justin lunged for it.

Eventually, it was time for dessert, and the waiter set a large decadent chocolate cake, cut into 12 slices- one piece for each of us, in the middle of the table.

Justin flailed himself across the table, knocking Sonny smack into me, and Blondie straight into the wall, and he stuffed his entire face into the cake.

Shaking, Sonny smiled up at me, and relaxed in my arms. "So much for dessert, huh?" She asked, attempting to make a joke of it. Seriously, this Justin kid had some serious problems.

Everyone laughed, nervously, and Hannah stood up, silently motioning for us to leave. All of us, Save Alex and Justin, silently tip-toed out of the restaurant.

"Once again, Worst. Date. EVER! I try to act smart for him, and learn about Oceanography and barnacle reproduction, and he ends up acting like a caveman?" Blondie shrieked, running to her room in disgust.

"So, you guys wanna catch a movie, instead? I hear they're screening 'Flowers and Chocolate'," Hannah offered, intertwining her fingers with Skyler's.

"Flowers and Chocolate? Isn't that supposed to be a chick flick?" Devon asked.

"yep, a chick flick, where the girls are going to be crying into our laps, not wanting to let go of us..." Joe hinted in Devon's ear.

"Actually, you guys can go ahead, I'm a little tired," Sonny yawned.

"I could use a head start on my beauty sleep," I smirked, cockily, taking Sonny's hand, walking with her to our room, waving back to the others, as we left.

As soon as we got to our room, Sonny shuffled through her suitcase, and took out a pair of pajamas and went into the bathroom, coming out a few minutes later, in black and white cow-print PJs and her hair in two low pigtails. She collapsed on the bed, and I went in the bathroom to do my business.

After brushing my teeth and changing, I came out to find Sonny sound asleep. Ha... so peaceful when she's not trying to annoy the heck out of me. I smiled, and slipped under the covers next to her, slowly drifting off to sleep myself.

Hm... not a bad first day to vacation...

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