Twelve years. Twelve years since I had seen those eyes. I would know them anywhere. But why here, why tonight. Was this the sign I wanted?

"Bella. BELLA! Earth to Bella." Alice shouted at me over the loud club music.


Trying to figure out what my focus was on she asked, " We just wanted to know what drink you want now"

" Double shot JD. NOW!" My hands were starting to shake. My face already flushed from my other drinks. Just looking in those eyes and my arousal became strong. Oh God how could he still have this effect on me.

" Are you sure Bella it has been a long time since you have been out with us. Maybe just another glass of wine or something not as strong?" Rose now scanning the crowd searching for the reason my sudden boldness.

" NO, I want a shot."

I took the drink from Alice. My glaze never leaving his. I down it in one long drink. " Alice, Rose if I am not back in five minutes, find me please" I started walking to him gathering all the courage I could. At this moment I was no longer Bella Black, wife, stay to home mom, the pleasing family matriarch. I was Izzy Swan, confident,fearless,strong and single woman with only one thought in my head. How my night would go, how would this night change my life. I was about to find out.

Both Alice and Rose finally saw what or who had my attention. At the same time they both gasp, "FUCK"

As we closed the distance, his glaze never leaving mine. We were inches apart and in the sultry southern voice he said, "Izzy is that really you."

" It's me Jasper, it's me"