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Bright and early I left Friday morning before Jacob and the kids were up. I wanted to make the most of my time and knew Alice would be waiting me. She took the day off and Rose's flight was coming up at noon so I wanted to make it before it was time to pick her up. Especially with Atlanta traffic and the airport being on the south side of town. Alice lived in the north part near Buckhead.

It is amazing the weight that was lifted off my shoulders the minute I got on I-75 leading me to Atlanta. I took the convertible beetle so that I could enjoy the beautiful drive ahead of me. Not to mention I love this little car. It made me feel young again. The four hour drive thru the mountains of Tennessee was glorious as I blasted my Ipod. Instead of my usual Tom Petty or Aerosmith, I need some female strength and played some Beyonce', Lady Gaga and Katy Perry. I already feel the freedom and my hopes were high for the weekend.

I called Alice when I past the I-285 bypass to get directions. It was only ten in the morning and I knew Alice would be ready and waiting for me.

" Morning Ali," I smiled before she could even answer.

"Sounds like someone has more energy than even me this morning." Alice laughed

" Yes I do and I am ready to start my weekend. I am about fifteen minutes away I think. I just need directions from your exit."

" That is great. We have a little while before Rose's flight. We can get you settled and unpacked and head that direction. I can't believe I will have both here with me all weekend. It has been too long since I have had my two best friends to cause trouble with."

" Alice we are too old to get in trouble. What would I tell my kids? How would I explain it to Jake 'Honey, I know I'm married mother of three, but can you come bail me out of jail' I don't think so."

"Sweetie, we can do some much without going to jail. Atlanta has many hot spots to go to. I have our afternoon and night planned. You will be so surprised."

Surprised I am sure. Happy I hope so. Free... Hell yes!

I arrived at Alice's townhouse quickly. It was the first time I had seen it in person. It was beautiful. I wouldn't expect anything less from her. I wish my home to could like this. With three kids nothing is ever in place and there is no need to decorate too much. Alice was even more hyper than usual as was I. It was the first time we will all be together since my wedding. I quickly put my bag in my room and it was time to leave to get Rose.

We left in Alice's jeep. I know big shock. The tiny little pixie and her big jacked up Jeep. We always joked with her that she had a Daisy Duke complex.

As typical southern weather, it was getting humid and hot. But we were too excited to care. The top was off and we were going to get our third musketeer. I forgot how huge the Atlanta airport was and unfortunately we didn't know which terminal her flight came in. We waited about ten minutes before Rose call and said her was on her way. When we saw her come to the pick up area, we looked like a bunch of silly teenagers by the we were jumping and screaming in a group huge. Rose was as beautiful as even. Her long following blond hair and incredible figure had every male staring in our direction.

"Ok Alice now that we are all together, what is first on the list to do" I asked hoping the shopping would wait at least a day.

" First lunch at the best known hamburger place in town. No need to be healthy today. This is a special occasion. So first to The Varsity and then to see some of my favorite boys."

Rose and I just looked at each other. Knowing Alice that statement could mean anything. So I decided I didn't care. What happens will happen. " We are at your mercy, Alice. Just be gentle." I laughed.

"Hell yeah!" screamed Rose. So we were off to gain twenty pounds eating and hopefully staying out of too much trouble.